‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’ Episodes 6 & 7 Recap and Ending Explained- Who is Joseph England?

At the end of Episode 5, we see Imogen receive a call from a stranger who claims to know Angela Waters. She decides to meet him. Faran is ousted from “Black Swan”. Tyler is killed by A. Imogen asks Tabitha about Tyler. Both decide to open up to each other. The events of episodes 6 and 7 of “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin” reveal more about Angela Waters. The girls get closer to the buried secret while discovering more of their own.


Spoilers Ahead

Episode 6: Recap Summary

Tabitha opens up to Imogen about being sexually assaulted. Imogen asks her if she can accompany her to meet Joseph England, the guy who called earlier claiming to know about Angela Waters. Tabitha agrees.


It’s Monday. Faran tells the costume designer to add more fabric to her corset so that she can hide a scar on her back. She then finds out that Madame Lorraine, director of the repertoire at American Ballet Theatre, has been invited to see Swan Lake. She will also be in class the next day to critique anyone who performs for her. Faran thus makes up her mind to do so. She notices Kelly and approaches her to apologize, only to be rebuked by Kelly, who tells her that she is still in the play because Kelly told their teacher, Madame Giry, to not throw her out. This only fanned Faran’s anger.

Ash asks Mouse out on a bowling date the next night. Mouse is overjoyed. Noa is offered a spot on the school’s track team. But she doesn’t accept it. Back in Pittsburg, Corey Bryant, Faran’s mother, receives a mysterious gift box inside which there is a tattoo machine and a message. The year is 1999. Young Corey takes Angela Waters to a tattoo parlor and makes her get a tattoo on her arm under the impression that she will get it too. After much pain, when Angela finally comes out of the cabin after getting her tattoo, she finds that Corey has left the place. Corey snaps out of her thoughts and gets back to work, visibly shaken. Faran tells Henry about her scoliosis and that she had corrective surgery when she was eight years old.


Imogen and Tabitha arrive at Joseph England’s address, a train yard. He tells them that he loved Angela Waters, although they were only friends. But that was only until she was snatched from him by some really mean girls. She couldn’t keep up with them mentally and took her own life on the Y2K night. Her mother, Rose Waters, lost her mind and came to the school one day with a knife and almost attacked a table of boys until a teacher stopped her. She was then sent to an asylum, The Radley Sanitarium in Rosewood. She “could very well” be still there. They decide to go to the Sanitarium to find out more.

While at practice, Kelly and Greg are talking about Tyler and Tabitha when Greg tries to kiss her. He tells her that “maybe” she doesn’t miss Karen and always liked her. He tries to get physical with her, but she shoves him away. She then tells him to leave. Unbeknownst to her, A is on the stage behind the curtains looking at her. Meanwhile, Noa tells Shawn that the reason she didn’t agree to join the team is that her mother, Marjorie, had been fired from her job for stealing drugs. And she has to be there for her. Although Shawn doesn’t like how much she is sacrificing for her mother, Noa makes it clear that she will not turn her back on her mother. Back at Mouse’s home, she tells Steve, on a video call, that their interaction has to end. They were supposed to meet once, and it was done (on Halloween eve). She then disconnects.


Tuesday arrives. Noa asks her school nurse, Simmons, if she can put in a word for her mother at Millwood General Hospital. Simmons tells her that she will talk to her friend Cathy, who is the charge nurse at that hospital, and see if she can work something out. Imogen and Tabitha tell Noa, Faran, and Mouse about Rose Waters and Radley Sanitarium. The place was shut down some years earlier and turned into a hotel. So if they need to know more about Rose Waters, they have to go to Rosewood. However, Faran backs out as she has her dance presentation in front of the ABT recruiter, Noa has to keep an eye on her mother, and Mouse has a date with Ash. Ultimately, it is only Imogen and Tabitha who will have to go to Rosewood.

Noa returns home and tells her mother that she can resume work at the hospital if she does rehab for 30 days. She agrees, but only after much persuasion. Faran’s performance in front of Madame Lorraine of the ABT goes very well and she is impressed; more so after finding out that she has scoliosis, thanks to Kelly, who said it with the intention of demeaning her in front of everyone. Imogen and Tabitha arrive at the hotel but find out that the only person who can give them any information about Rose Waters will arrive the next day is a guy by the name of Eddie Lamb. They decide to spend the night at the hotel. Back in Millwood, Shawn arrives at Noa’s house and tells her mother Marjorie to not drag her daughter down with her. Faran, Corey, and Faran’s father, Zeke, are in a restaurant celebrating Faran’s successful dance presentation. Corey tells Faran that she should probably get her scar looked at now. She has booked an appointment for a consultation with a plastic surgeon. And though Zeke is against it, Faran decides to “look into it.”


Mouse and Ash are on their first date at a bowling alley, where Mouse comes across Steve. She confronts him about following her there, but he denies it. He even introduces himself to Ash as Mouse’s “dad.” Mouse takes Ash and leaves the place. Noa returns home and finds her mother waiting for her. She tells Noa how her boyfriend came to their house and told her how much of a “burden” she was to Noa. She also says that she has got a new job at a pizza joint and doesn’t want to go to rehab anymore. At the hotel in Rosewood, Tabitha decides to check out the place. A guy asks her for coffee, but she denies it after doubting if he too will try to take advantage of her. Back at the hotel, Imogen asks a worker about Eddie Lamb. When Tabitha returns, Imogen tells her that she spoke to Eddie Lamb, who reveals that he was an “orderly” at the asylum. He knows about Rose Waters and will be meeting them the next day for breakfast. Kelly, who has been practicing all alone in the school auditorium, is attacked by A but doesn’t kill her after she admits that she is Kelly and not Karen, as an answer to the text he sent her.

Wednesday comes. Faran comes out of the appointment and tells her mother Corey how, according to the doctor, the surgeries can be quite painful. So she has decided to not have them. When Corey tries to persuade her, Faran snaps at her for always trying to better Faran’s appearances. Corey thinks that she has always tried to forge Faran, but all that she has really done is torn her.


Imogen and Tabitha meet Eddie Lamb at breakfast. He also brought the asylum log book. They found that many people visited Rose Waters, but they all signed in as A. Waters. Each signature is different. Eddie tells them that five girls visited her and nods to the picture Imogen shows him, that of their mothers. When the asylum was hit down, some patients were sent to another place while others, including Rose, were released and “bussed out of town.” He reveals that Angela Waters was raped before she killed herself. Later,

At Millwood High, Faran finds a file in her locker. In it, she finds reports, one of which says that her doctor had advised against her scoliosis surgery, but it was her mother who requested the doctor to proceed with the surgery. After some time, she is offered Kelly’s role in Black Swan and she takes it. But this time, she doesn’t want her costume altered to hide her scar. Shawn apologizes to Noa for confronting her mother, but Noa admits that she cannot continue “enabling her.” At the Rosewood hotel, Tabitha finds six different signatures of A. Waters as opposed to their five mothers. They decide to return straight to Millwood High so as to not miss Faran’s performance.


As Corey makes her way into the Millwood High auditorium, she comes across a board that carries pictures and notes from the cast of Black Swan. She is taken aback when she sees the picture of Faran with her bare back carrying the scar turned towards the camera. Her note reveals that she knows her mother went against the wishes of the doctors to opt for a surgery Faran didn’t need “in an unrelenting quest for perfection.” She rushes out of the school and leaves in her car. Noa approaches her coach and asks if she can join the track team. She was called the next day for training. Mouse notices Steve among the audience but stays put without saying anything. Faran’s performance is a hit, but celebrations have to wait as she finds out from her father that her mother, Corey, has been in an accident.

Episode 7: Recap Summary

Present Day. Mouse’s mother Elodie, receives a message that contains a Millwood Carnival invite along with a message asking her to meet someone in “the Hall of Mirrors.” (– The year is 1999. Teen Elodie kisses Angela Waters inside the Hall of Mirrors, but when Davie (Imogen’s mother) finds them like that, Elodie immediately blames Angela for attacking her. [This, along with the fact that Elodie presently lives with a woman, proves that she is gay.] (– Elodie burns the invite, clearly shaken to her core.


Imogen comes into their room and tells Tabitha that Faran’s mom has been discharged from the hospital. They decide to tell the others about Angela Waters and what happened to her. Monday returns. Faran and her mother, Corey, who is in a wheelchair, have a heated debate about how she opened up to everyone about her scoliosis and how her mother went against her. Yet, Corey states that she stands by what she did. Faran is visibly wretched and leaves the room.

Imogen and Tabitha tell the girls about Angela Waters’ rape, and the fact that their mothers visited Rose Waters in the asylum proves that they were guilty of something. They think of all the possible people who could be the mysterious A, like Tabby’s manager, Wes, Karen and Kelly’s father, Sheriff Beasley, and Angela Waters’ father (if he is alive and around). But they cannot tell anyone, as A is still keeping tabs on them. Later on, Madame Giry tells Faran that she will be dancing for Giry’s next dance drama. She also gives Faran the news that Kelly has withdrawn from dance class. Later on, Faran approaches Kelly in the library, who blames Faran for the attack on her the previous night. Faran is taken aback to know that Kelly too was attacked. She knows it is A who attacked Kelly. But before she could ask Kelly anything, she leaves.


The Millwood Carnival is around the corner. Faran tells the girls about A’s attack on Kelly, something she believes she is the reason for. A must have found out about Faran’s doubt about whether Kelly is actually Karen, so he decides to find out the truth for himself. Later on, in class, Imogen pairs up with Chip to take care of an infant simulator for the rest of the week. Tabitha has to write, shoot, and edit a short based on one aspect of her life. Ash asks Mouse to come with him to the carnival, but her mom wouldn’t let her. She then tells Ash about the time when she was almost kidnapped at the carnival by a stranger when she was 5 years old when her mother saw her. The guy left her and ran off. He was never caught. From then on, her family goes out of town on the Carnival weekend. Noa is given a trainer to speed herself up to compensate for her pizza time thanks to her mother’s new job. While practicing with Henry, Faran encounters pain in her back. She then tells Henry about the pain, one that she has been having for the last 8 years since her surgery. Meanwhile, Tabitha lashes out at Wes and Chip for their misogynistic taste in movies, which they had thought of for their next double feature at the theater. Mouse received yet another text from Steve and decides to put an end to him. Sidney, Tabitha’s mother, asks Imogen, who is having a lot of trouble taking care of the infant simulator, if she has given any thought to adoption.

Tuesday is here. Imogen leaves her “fake baby” in front of a teacher and rushes to the bathroom, only to return and see that the baby isn’t there. She and Chip look for it, and they finally find it inside a small storeroom. But there is a message that says, “You’re a bad mother.” She asks Chip if he can give her a ride to the adoption center. Chip agrees. Madam Giry tells Faran to meet a doctor for her back pain. Tabitha goes to the police station to talk to Deputy Maroon about her summer experience. Maroon is the same officer who arrived at Imogen’s house the night her mother died. It was Imogen who suggested maroon to Tabitha. However, it is Beasley who finds her and calls her in. It is from him that Tabitha finds out that Tyler has been missing since the night she argued with him, “that ended in violence.” She tells him that she hasn’t seen Tyler since that night and leaves.


Imogen and Chip arrive at the adoption center, where Chip’s support, almost like a dad to Imogen’s baby, is appreciated by Imogen. Chip asks her out to the carnival. Back at home, Faran tells her mother that the doctor she went to, on Giry’s recommendation, due to her chronic pain, has told her to stop dancing for at least 6 months, among other things. It is due to Corey’s choices that Faran is in her present state. But Faran promises her that she will never let that happen again and will “get better the right way.” Noa’s new trainer gives her an inhaler to help her with practice. Mouse arrives at the store where Steve works and confronts him about his messages. She threatens to dox him. But Steve then reveals to Mouse her childhood carnival incident. Upon asking how he knew it, he tells her that her mother, Elodie, and he are in a support group at a community center for parents who have lost their children. Elodie showed him Mouse’s picture once, although she wasn’t lost. The group meets every Tuesday, which is the same day Elodie goes to her book club. A realization hits Mouse. As she rushes back home and starts to tear her pictures with Steve, she receives a message that reads that the man who tried to take her “WASN’T a stranger.”

Noa asks Shawn about the use of an inhaler, but Shawn tells her that it is completely normal. Mouse tells her mother that she will be going to the carnival as opposed to their tradition. The “stranger” is long gone, and there’s nothing to worry about anymore. Imogen tells Tabitha that she is going to the carnival with Chip. Tabitha decides to talk to Nurse Simmons from school about her incident rather than go back to the police station. Wednesday is here, again. Tabitha is about to tell Nurse Simmons about her condition, she notices a blood drive poster on a wall and decides to leave it for another time. It is Carnival night. Mouse is there with Ash, Imogen is with Chip, Faran is with Henry, and Noa is with Shawn and his friends. Tabitha has come with her mother, Sidney. Kelly is there with her mother, Martha, and father, Sheriff Beasley. Back at Mouse’s house, Elodie receives a message that reads, “If she is not honest with Mouse, her worst fears will come true.” Realizing that her daughter is in danger, she goes to the carnival.


‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’ Episode 7 Ending Explained – Why Does A Attack Mouse?

A has arrived at the Carnival. Ash and Mouse decide to explore the Maze of Mirrors, where they encounter A, who has a knife in his hand. Both somehow manage to find a way out of the maze, only for Mouse to run into her mother, Elodie. She then tells Mouse that the man who took her was her father. Mouse then reveals that it was she who sent Elodie the “worst fears” message. After Tabitha and Imogen return, Tabitha tells Imogen that she has decided to tell the girls about her incident. If the person who attacked her and the one who made Imogen pregnant are one and the same, and he goes to Millwood High, she has found a way to catch him. The next day, on Thursday, Mouse tells the girls about the family secret her mother Elodie revealed to her and that Elodie had been “kicked out” by Mouse’s other mom. But right before Tabitha and Imogen are about to reveal their incidents, all five girls receive a message on their phones. It is a picture of Tyler lying dead in a bathtub. A has killed Tyler.

With the blood drive happening soon, Tabitha must have thought of checking blood samples to find the father of Imogen’s baby. Moreover, there is also the case of Mouse’s father. Meanwhile, we do not yet know for sure if Kelly is indeed Kelly and not Karen. There is also the sixth person who went to visit Rose Waters at the asylum. It remains to be seen what A does next now that he has warned all his prey.


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