‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’ Episodes 4 And 5: Recap And Ending, Explained: What Happened With Tabitha?

At the end of episode 3, we saw Imogen, Tabitha, Noa, Faran and Mouse pay their respects to Karen at her grave. As they turn to leave, they see the masked killer looking at them from a van. “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin” Episodes 4 and 5 show Halloween approaching and how the girls spend it. And while they think that they have seen the last of A, he makes his presence felt more clearly.


Spoilers Ahead

Episode 4: Recap Summary

In the past, we see teen Marjorie (Noa’s mother) smoking and offers it to Angela (Waters), who hesitates. She smokes once, only to cough it out when a janitor catches them. Marjorie blames Angela for smoking, and she, having the smoke in her hand as proof, is taken to the principal. Marjorie later gives Angela a teddy as a token of apology.


Coming to the present; Marjorie finds a parcel in her cabin at the hospital where she works. She opens it and finds the same teddy that she gifted to Angela Waters all those years ago, along with a pill container containing some kind of drug. While the girls are on their last day of detention, Imogen receives a call from Don Thompson, who was a student from the same batch as her mom and Angela Waters. Imogen must have called him earlier but missed. However, Thompson avoids talking about Angela and disconnects. She tells the girls that she believes that A is somehow connected to the death of Angela Waters, and as long as they don’t find out what really happened to her, they cannot tell their mothers, who knew Angela, about anything.

Back at home, Tabitha’s mother, Sidney, tells her and Imogen that a couple has put an offer on Imogen’s house. Imogen decides to clean the house instead of having a moving crew. The next day, Tabitha receives a new project in her class where she has to recreate a scene from a particular film but in a new light. In the meantime, Faran sees Kelly switch her dance lockers with Karen’s (who is dead) during their ballet practice for their upcoming dance drama, “Black Swan.” After their practice, their dance teacher tells Faran to practice with Kelly to catch up, having lost much due to her detention. She doesn’t want to but nods. Noa practices running while Ash asks Mouse out for Halloween.


Imogen arrives at her house, lost in her memories of her mother. She hears a sound from the basement. As she comes down the stairs, unbeknownst to her, the masked man observes her from behind the stairs. While looking around, she hears people talking above, and so she heads back up. Once outside, she meets the couple who have put an offer on the house. Imogen tells them about the murder that occurred in that house. That night, Sidney approaches Imogen about the couple, asking her why she told them so. Imogen replies that she told them the truth, something that Sidney wasn’t telling her. Sidney tells her that she needs to move on.

The next day, Tabitha announces that she will recreate the famous shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s classic Psycho. Only this time, the killer will be female, and the victim will be male. Faran decides to play the killer, and they convince Greg, Karen’s boyfriend, to play the victim. That day, during practice, Kelly tells Faran something that Karen told Faran earlier, word for word. Noa is told by Sheriff Beasley that her record will be wiped clean only if she meets the requirements of her probation for a year. Imogen discovers an Ouija Board the next day while organizing her belongings at home. She decides to contact her mother and tells the girls about it. Faran finds out from Henry that Kelly has gotten a lot better than she was, almost as good as her sister Karen. That evening, the girls try to contact Imogen’s mother. The Ouija Board responds, and Imogen breaks down. Later that night, Sheriff Beasley makes an unscheduled visit to Noa’s home to search for drugs. He finds nothing and leaves. However, Noa asks her mother, Marjorie, about the bag that she has been holding onto tightly all the while. Noa asks her what’s in it and if she has started taking drugs again. She says that she takes some only for her back pain.


The next morning, Noa checks the bag and finds drugs that don’t belong to her mother. Tabitha plans her shoot with Chip, Faran, and Greg. Imogen, who is back at her house to continue sorting her stuff, finds her mother’s diaries, in which she used to write about her life. Tabitha and her production team arrive at their school that night to sneak in and shoot her scene. Noa, at her home, receives an anonymous text message about her mother. As the shoot starts, Greg goes completely nude, apparently for the scene, but Tabitha doesn’t like it at all and walks out of the building. We see her thinking about a bonfire somewhere, and that something happened to her there. She calms herself down and returns, only to find out that Chip has finished the shoot. She gets upset. Back at Imogen’s house, she finds some pages missing from one of her mother’s personal diaries.

Meanwhile, Noa comes across the masked killer at her home, who tells her that he wants to punish the guilty, which, in this case, is her mother, Marjorie. Out of fear, Noa calls the hospital security and tells them that her mother has been stealing drugs from the hospital pharmacy and that they will find more in her purse. The next day, Faran tells Henry to check if Kelly’s leg has a scar by offering to give her a foot rub during practice. This, along with the other signs, will prove that Kelly is, in fact, Karen. Later on, Imogen tells the girls about the missing pages while Noa reveals her meeting the previous night with A and that he came after her due to something her mother did to Angela Waters.


Episode 5: Recap Summary

On Halloween night, in the past, teens Corey, Sidney, Marjorie, Elodie, and Davie [mothers of Faran, Tabitha, Noa, Mouse, and Imogen, respectively] make Angela Waters throw dog poop at someone’s house. As soon as she does it and turns around, the five teens escape in their car, leaving Angela all alone. The owners of the house are heard contacting the police.

In the present time, the girls decide to meet after school and search for Imogen’s mother’s missing pages at her house. Chip realizes that Tabitha is upset with how he shot the scene all by himself, and apologizes to Tabitha after school. Tabitha just listens to him and leaves. As the girls arrive at Imogen’s house and start looking for the pages, Faran finds some burnt pieces of paper inside the fireplace. They are the missing pages. Imogen breaks down, realizing how everything in her life is slipping away from her. She tells the girls that she doesn’t want to sell the house, but she cannot afford to pay off the mortgage.


That night, Henry tells Faran that she is right about Kelly’s feet having the marks. Mouse decides to meet her long-time elderly friend to chat in person for the first time on Halloween eve (the next eve). Faran tells her dance teacher about Kelly and that she thinks that it is Karen pretending to be Kelly. Her teacher “advises” her to “stop this line of inquiry.” Later on, at school, Imogen tells the girls that she has planned an epic Halloween party at her house where they will charge admission, slices, and shots, like a fundraiser to pay off the mortgage. Noa will invite her boyfriend Shawn’s football team. Mouse invites Ash. Faran invites Kelly. 

The party begins, and while all the girls are having a fun time inside with their friends, the masked man makes his way to the basement from the backyard. He then opens a box and takes out a pumpkin mask, the same one that the teen mothers gave to Angela Waters that she put on before throwing the dirty bag at the house. At the party, Faran sees Kelly kissing Greg, Karen’s boyfriend.


Meanwhile, Mouse is dropped off at Imogen’s house by her elderly friend, whom she addresses as “Dad.” She meets Ash at the party. Noa is with Shawn. Chip finds Tabitha sitting all by herself and joins her, telling her that they have been granted a reshoot for her scene. Faran confronts Kelly about kissing Greg and tells her right on her face that she is Karen faking to be Kelly. Kelly walks away, irritated and enraged.

Meanwhile, the masked man has been roaming around the whole house; Halloween Eve is adding to his disguise. Sometime later, the five girls get into an argument with Tyler and his guys that ends with Tabitha punching Tyler and breaking his nose. Tyler goes upstairs to wash it, where he is killed by the masked man. Back in the house, the girls decide to break up the party as it is getting late. The masked man puts Tyler’s body inside a van parked behind the house.


‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’ Episode 5 Ending Explained: What Happened With Tabitha?

The next morning, Imogen receives a call from a guy who claims that he knows about her mother, Angela Waters, as well as her family. They decide to meet. Faran receives a call from her dance teacher, who tells her that Kelly approached her and told her about what Faran said to Kelly at the party the previous night. Faran is ousted from her upcoming play and is told to not speak to Kelly anymore. Mouse puts a picture of her with her elderly friend on top of pictures that show her with her father (who is probably dead). Kelly gives her mother the news that she will be playing the lead in the upcoming play. Her mother addresses her as Karen. While she corrects her mother, who is apparently on meds, it is a fact that a mother will not fail to distinguish between her twin children. So was Faran right all the while? Is it really Karen disguised as Kelly? Imogen asks Tabitha about Tyler and whether something happened between them. Tabitha tells her that something did happen to her at a party in the woods during last summer.

The end of “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin” episode 5 leaves many loose ends. Something happened to Mouse’s father in which she was involved. Tabitha’s summer incident is yet to be revealed. Whether it is really Kelly or is Karen faking as Kelly is something we are yet to find out. Also, there is the meeting that Imogen has arranged with the stranger she spoke to on the phone about Angela Waters. As for the whereabouts of the masked man, it seems that Imogen’s basement is where he lives. “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin” Episode 6 will shed more light on all these.


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