‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’ Ending, Explained: How Was The Mask Man Related To Angela Waters?

At the end of Episode 7, all the girls receive a message from A that reveals a picture of Tyler lying dead in a bathtub. The last three episodes of “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin” steadily pick up pace as the girls begin to see how the different puzzle pieces fall into place and many shocking truths reveal themselves one by one.

Spoilers Ahead

Episode 7: Recap And Ending

As afraid as the girls are, Imogen and Tabitha tell Faran, Noa, and Mouse about their incidents. And an assured way to find out the guy or guys responsible is the blood drive. If any of the boys’ blood samples match with Imogen’s baby’s DNA, they will take that concrete proof to the authorities. As for the 6th signature, Tabitha and Imogen decide to meet Jonathan England again and ask him more about Angela Waters. Meanwhile, Sidney, Tabitha’s mom, receives a threat in the form of a message saying, “Silence Kills.”

Imogen and Tabitha visit Jonathan and show him the 6th signature. He doesn’t recognize it. And when Imogen questions him further, he merely warns them to “drop” whatever they are doing or “it’s going to be very bad” for them. Both the girls leave in fright. Noa asks her mother, Marjorie, for help with their blood-drive plan. She agrees. Back at home, Imogen tells Tabitha that she will look into her mother’s yearbooks to see if she can find a match for the 6th signature.

Thanksgiving is around the corner. Henry asks Faran out for Thanksgiving. Tabitha is told by his teacher that she will need her mother’s signed permission before she can shoot on her chosen topic, i.e., a rape-revenge story. Noa asks Shawn if he thinks that since both Tabitha and Imogen’s incidents happened after parties where there were football players, could any one of his friends have done it? Shawn straightaway says no. When Tabitha asks her mother to sign the permission form, Sidney asks her how she came to choose the topic. Tabitha tells her that her story is inspired by the story of Angela Waters. Sidney doesn’t say anything but signs the form. That evening, Imogen goes to meet Kelly to ask for her help with their blood-drive plan. Kelly volunteers at nurse Simmons’ office, and the girls want in too. They needed the blood samples of the boys. Kelly agrees.

Faran has been wearing her brace for longer than prescribed so that she can resume her dance classes. Mouse confronts her mother, Elodie, about her father, but she isn’t willing to say anything. Mouse then searches for her birth certificate and finds out that her father’s name is Aaron Stevens. However, Imogen isn’t able to find a match for the 6th signature in her mother’s yearbooks.

Tuesday arrives. The girls volunteered for the blood drive, thanks to Kelly. Tabitha is told by the school principal that she cannot work on her “inappropriate content.” Imogen asks Chip to join her as a volunteer at the soup kitchen. Chip gladly agrees. Faran is dejected when she is told by Madame Giry that their next play has been pushed to next year. Noa asks Shawn if he can ask his teammates to donate blood. Shawn tells her that most of them won’t since they take steroids to help them play better and don’t want it to be reflected in the blood reports. However, Shawn will be “the first in line.” Noa later comes up with the idea that the girls will have to sneak into the boys’ locker room and “swipe DNA” off of their things like mouth guards, etc. If a match comes from the locker room, the guy in question would be a football player. And if the match is from the blood drive, it will be another boy in school. So the girls get to work, picking up samples from the boys’ locker rooms, i.e., from razors, boxers, mouth guards, etc. Sidney tells the other mothers about Imogen’s digging into the case of Angela Waters. They tell her to “snoop” and find out how much Tabitha and Imogen really know.

Mouse decides to meet her real father. Tabitha makes up her mind to make a film on the topic she chose and not be troubled by her principal’s words. At the soup kitchen, a heated conversation between two people reminds Imogen, who is there with Chip, about the time her mother had an “intense energy exchange” with an old woman at the very place, who, she tells Tabitha later, might just be Angela’s mother, Rose Waters. It means that Rose might have returned to Millwood, her hometown, after coming out of the asylum. They decide to look for the Waters’ residence, where they will find many answers. Unbeknownst to them, Sidney had been listening from the other side of the room.

Wednesday is here. The blood drive begins. Among all the din, Imogen manages to access Nurse Simmons’ computer and find the address of Angela Waters. After the drive, the girls give the samples to Noa’s mother, Marjorie, who works at the hospital. She tells them that the results will take about two weeks. With two weeks to wait and Thanksgiving the next day, the girls, including Kelly, decide to “have fun” at a club. At the girls’ party, Tabitha’s mom, Sidney, who is at home, cannot help but worry about the time her daughter looked worn out after returning from a party in the woods. She starts going through Tabitha’s things.

After the party, Kelly returns home only to be questioned by her father, Tom Beasley (Sheriff Beasley). But she smartly walks off. Tabitha, too, is questioned by her mother. Sidney believes that Imogen has churned her up. However, when Tabitha tells her to “talk” about her secrets, she remains quiet.

Happy Thanksgiving. Mouse arrives at her father’s address, who does not recognize her but sends her off. Imogen goes to visit the Waters residence. Noa, who is at Shawn’s place for Thanksgiving as her mother is working, goes to Shawn’s room under the impression of using his washroom to see if she can find any drugs. And she does. Meanwhile, Tabitha receives a message from A that says, “SILENCE KILLS.” She then hears a voice downstairs and finds that it is Tyler’s father, who has come to know where his son is. Tyler has been missing for days, and his father questions Tabitha, in front of Sidney, for attacking Tyler at the Halloween party. But before he could say anymore, Sidney threatened to call the police if he didn’t leave immediately. Tabitha, who knows that Tyler is dead, stays quiet. Mouse returns home and texts Steve.

Imogen arrives at the Waters residence, which is apparently empty, but the main door is unlocked. She enters the house and starts looking around. She finds a cage as well as A’s mask. She is frightened to her core and is about to run out of the house when Jonathan enters. Seeing her, he brings out a knife and attacks her. Imogen somehow manages to hide inside a room where she also comes across a corpse that seems to be Angela’s. She gets hold of a vase and hits Jonathan in the head when he enters the room, and he passes out. Imogen then escapes. Back at Tabitha’s home, she finally tells her mother, Sidney, that she was raped after the party in the woods. Kelly and Greg are having a moment inside a car when Kelly tells Greg to call her “Karen.” Imogen meets the girls and tells them about her experience. They all decide to go to the Waters’ house and bring an end to A. However, upon arriving at the location, they find no one. Angela’s body is also gone. Thinking that Jonathan has taken it to his train yard home, but they go there only to discover him hanging. They also find a note with the words “Angela Waters did not die in vain,” as well as Imogen’s mother’s senior yearbook. The handwriting in the note matches that of the 6th signature. So apparently, it was Jonathan who visited Angela’s mother in the asylum. He became A to punish the girls’ mothers for what they did to Angela. But for Tabitha, “it never is” this simple.

Episode 9: Recap And Ending

All the girls bring their mothers together and tell them everything that has been going on. With the nightmare apparently over, they ask their mothers about what they did to Angela Waters. The tattoo incident, the filth-on-the-door incident, the Hall-of-Mirrors incident, and the smoking incident are all revealed one by one. All of them ultimately decide that they will move on. “Everything stays in this room.”

Marjorie tells Noa that she has decided to detox at home, so she wants Noa to stay at Shawn’s for a few days. Tabitha tells Sidney that Imogen was raped too and that they think that it is the same guy. Noa confronts Shawn regarding his use of his “performance enhancers,” aka steroids. Shawn promises her that he will stop taking it. Imogen tells Tabitha that what if A killed Jonathan and staged it to look like a suicide only to throw the girls off track? Imogen decides to meet the coroner and ask him about her mom’s death. Kelly has a heated debate with her father that ends with her dropping an F-bomb on him. Mouse and Ash decide to “parent-trap” their moms. Chip joins Imogen on her check-up with Nurse Simmons to be “supportive.” Later on, Faran tells the girls during recess that she is doing choreography for her own interpretation of the Adam and Eve story, with Henry and Kelly as the dancers. A few moments later, Kelly walks in Karen’s clothes and sits on Greg’s lap.

Tabitha approaches Wes with her rape-revenge screenplay and asks for his equipment and camera. Greg gives her a nod. Imogen visits the coroner, who tells her that the only way to “double-check” if she did kill herself or was murdered was by performing an autopsy. But this would require her to file a petition for exhumation with the County Sheriff, i.e., Sheriff Beasley. Henry tells Faran that Kelly kissed him during practice, and Faran decides to confront Kelly about it. Mouse and Ash’s meeting with her moms is intense, and Ash tells Mouse if she can ask her dad to go out with them, not knowing that the person whom she calls dad is not really her father. On her way to see her mom, Noa encounters a guy who has been a long-time supplier of her mother’s drugs. He tells her that her mother owes him. Noa tells him to leave then and there, which he does. Tabitha returns home late and tells a worried Sidney that Wes dropped her off. Sidney thus begins to have doubts over Wes and the way Tabitha has been spending quite a lot of time with Wes.

Tuesday is back. Imogen arrives at Beasley’s office to get his signature on the petition. She ultimately manages to get him to help her, but he will need her mother’s “next of kin.” Imogen decides to go see her father. Faran confronts Kelly about her kissing Henry. Kelly apologizes to her, saying that things at her home are “intense.” Just then, Faran notices blood on her leg. She also notices a bloodied pair of scissors in Kelly’s locker and asks her about it all. But Kelly tries to avoid it. When Faran insists, she breaks down in front of her. She tells Faran about her father and how he resents that Karen is dead and that Kelly is alive. Faran makes up her mind to visit Beasley. Sidney receives a message from Tabitha saying that she will be late and that Wes will drop her off. This does it for Sidney. She immediately leaves home and arrives at the Orpheum Theatre, where Tabitha works. There she begins jeering at Wes without paying attention to what he or Tabitha are trying to say. Tabitha brings her out of the theater, wondering what’s wrong with her. Sidney thinks that it was Wes who attacked her, but Tabitha clarifies that it wasn’t Wes but one of the football players from school. She then tells Sidney about the blood drive plan. Once they find out who is responsible, they will go to the police.

Mouse, Ash, and Steve are at a bowling alley having a good time when Steve receives a phone call. He takes their leave to talk and returns a few minutes later, only to leave. Whatever he came to know from the call isn’t clearly good. Faran comes to Beasley’s office and threatens to “blow the whistle” on him and the “favors” he takes from the “boys” if he so much as raises his voice at Kelly. Back at the Orpheum, Chip tells Tabitha to stay away from Wes after Tabitha. He tells her that Wes is “a creep” and he doesn’t trust him, so “be careful.”

Imogen visits her father, who tells her how much her mother loved her. He signs the permission form for Imogen. Back at home, Tabitha tries to think about what her mom told her earlier: that “nine times out of ten,” it’s someone familiar who does such things. During the night of the party at Karen’s house, Chip was drunk and tried to kiss her, but she pushed him away. Chip then walked out of the building. Tabitha then remembers that Imogen was raped at the beach on the same night.

Wednesday returns. The DNA test results are back, and the girls find out that it is some guy from school and not the football team. One out of the 66 boys who donated blood is the culprit. Tabitha, who already had her doubts about Chip, asks Greg, who invited her to the party in the woods, if Chip was there at the party too. Greg says, “Maybe.” Mouse receives a call from Steve, who tells her that the police have found the dead body of his daughter Rachel, who was lost. He wants to meet Mouse. She agrees. On the other hand, Imogen gets a call from Sheriff Beasley, who informs her that someone has dug up her mother’s grave and taken her body. Imogen passes out.

Mouse arrives at Steve’s house to offer help. However, Steve gives her Rachel’s clothes and wants her to wear them, and even addresses her as Rachel. Faran returns home only to find out from her mom, Corey, that her father has been arrested by some racist cop who has probably abused his power. Faran realizes that it is Sheriff Beasley. Ash tells Mouse’s mom that Mouse hasn’t been answering his calls or texts. She also tells them about their meeting with Steve. Elodie tracks Mouse’s location on her phone. Noa returns home and finds his mom, Marjorie, talking to the drug supplier she came across earlier and forcing him out of the house. It was Marjorie who called him because she needed “help.” Mouse’s mom and Ash arrive at Steve’s house, and Mouse finally tells them how she and Steve have been “playing pretend.” Faran arrives at Kelly’s house and tells her and her mother about her father and his “favors” from the boys from the community service. Imogen wakes up from a nightmare and hears her phone ringing. It is from her father who reveals that her mother, Davie, had a lover in school who might be able to help her, someone by the name of Tom (Beasley, maybe). To reassure herself, Imogen looks into her mother’s senior yearbook and finds photos of her with Tom Beasley. Meanwhile, Kelly’s mother reveals how Tom forced himself on a girl just to “prove something.” The name of the girl was Angela.

Episode 10: Recap And Ending

It is December 31st, 1999. Rose tries to stop her daughter Angela from going to the party, but she can’t. Angela leaves. Faran returns home from the Beasleys and sees her father. It was one of Sheriff Beasley’s deputies who arrested him, although it seemed like a warning. At the Orpheum, Tabitha finds out from Wes that on the night of the party at the Woods, she, as well as Chip left the theatre early. But Tabitha doesn’t remember Chip leaving. She then receives a message from Faran saying that they need to meet.

Tabitha and Imogen tell the girls about Sheriff Beasley and his relationship with Angela Waters and Imogen’s mom, Davie. They decide to interrogate their mothers separately this time. They find out that Beasley dated Davie for a few weeks, but Davie broke up with him after the rumor of him having raped Angela spread. While talking to her mom about it, Faran receives a text from Kelly saying that she wants to meet. She tells her that her father has found out what her mother told them about Angela Waters, and she has been put on house arrest. Faran tells Kelly about A, Tyler’s murder; that it was A who attacked Kelly in the auditorium, and it was A who pushed Karen out of the rafters. She promises to Kelly to figure out a way to get her and her mom away from her father.

Tabitha tells Imogen about Chip and how with him, it all fits. He was close by on both nights they were attacked. They decide to go to Chip’s house to look for evidence in his room, which will be empty as Chip is working late at the Orpheum. They arrive at his house, where they are welcomed by Chip’s mom. They gain access to his room but find nothing except “hardcore rapey horror movies.” But since Tabitha is “sickeningly sure” that Chip is responsible, Imogen decides to put another plan into play. They go to the Orpheum and meet Chip. One by one, they start questioning and pinning it on him until he finally admits it. The very next moment, A arrives on the scene. Chip is scared out of his mind and runs away. Imogen tells A that Chip hurt her and Tabitha in the same way Tom Beasley hurt Angela Waters. A then goes behind Chip.

The next day at school, they tell the girls that A is back. Then, all of them receive a text from A saying that they broke a rule and their final round is about to begin. They realize that A knows that Faran has told Kelly about A. Imogen tells them that they have to return to the Waters’ house to find any proof that will further help them understand everything. As the girls look for proof, each of their mothers is abducted by A. Imogen finds two sets of height markings as well as a photo of two kids. It is proof that Angela Waters wasn’t the only child. Just then, all the girls receive two texts from A, one after another. One says that it is time for their trial and has a picture of their school attached, and the other has a photo of their mom, unconscious.

The five girls arrive at the school. As they enter, they find postcards with messages that lead them to separate rooms. Each of the rooms has a person inside it (Chip for Tabitha, the drug dealer for Noa, Steve for Mouse, Madame Giry for Faran, and Davie’s corpse for Imogen) for them to have their revenge on. However, none of the girls take the step and return to the corridor. They then receive another text that tells them to come to the auditorium. “The trial begins now.” They find their mothers tied to chairs. A is also there. A few seconds later, Principal Clanton walks in. He reveals that Angela Waters is her daughter and A is her brother, Archie. The reason she took her own life is because of how the mother, led by Imogen’s mother Davie, who hated Angela after she told her that her boyfriend Tom raped her, planned to “erase her.”

Meanwhile, Kelly, who has received a message asking for help from Faran and is about to leave, is stopped by his father. While at dinner, Kelly confronts him and tells her mother how someone is punishing people for what they did to Angela Waters, the same girl who he raped. The same person killed Karen. So, Kelly’s father is partly responsible for Karen’s death. Kelly’s mom leaves the table and goes inside. Tom Beasley, on the other hand, brings out his revolver, and it seems like he is about to shoot Kelly. But before he could do it, Kelly’s mother stabs him. But since Davie killed herself, Archie will have to kill her child, i.e., Imogen. However, for the sake of her child, she is given a head start. Imogen runs out and decides to head towards her home, followed by Archie. Back at the auditorium, Kelly rushes in with Greg. Clanton shoots, and a bullet hits Greg in his shoulder. This gives Tabitha enough time to rush towards Clanton and hit him with a blunt object that knocks him out.

‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’ Season 1: Ending Explained – What Happens To Archie?

Archie arrives at Imogen’s house. But before he could find her, she pounced on him with a knife and managed to wound him. But Archie is too strong for her and manages to hit her multiple times. Imogen somehow manages to dodge his knife and is ultimately able to push it into his neck, stabbing him. Archie passes out. Imogen, too, falls to the ground. The girls arrive within a few minutes and find Imogen and Archie. Imogen’s water broke.

Imogen wakes up at Millwood General Hospital from a nightmare only to find out that she and her baby are both safe. Sidney and Tabitha are there too. Archie has survived the stabbing. Sheriff Beasley has also survived the stabbing by his wife. Both are at the same hospital. Imogen finally has her baby in her hands. The nightmare seems to have come to an end. We see Imogen visit her mother’s grave with her baby and her friends. On Christmas Eve, all the five girls and their parents celebrate together. Later on, Imogen and Tabitha find out from Faran’s mother that Chip, who had gone to jail, is back home as his parents made bail. Tabitha and Imogen decide to press charges. Tabitha decides to join Imogen on her trip to meet her baby’s adoptive family, which is also open to staying in touch with Imogen and giving her updates about her baby. According to Imogen, “It’s over.”

A nurse walks into Tom Beasley’s room and finds out that he has been stabbed to death. And Archie’s bed is shown empty. The doorbell rings at Chip’s house. He opens it and finds a masked guy. Archie kills Chip. The ending of “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin” Season 1 proves that things are far from over. Archie is free and will certainly come after the girls and their mothers. Also, we do not know what happened to Principal Clanton. If the girls have managed to keep him in their grasp in some way or another, they can use him as leverage to stop Archie from wreaking havoc. We also did not see Archie’s face. Again, didn’t Kelly’s mother receive any punishment for stabbing her husband? We did see her at the Christmas celebration. Her charges might have been dropped as she attacked her husband in self-defense as he had a gun in his hand. But it is still unclear if Kelly is really Kelly or Karen. “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin” Season 2 will have to clear it.

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