‘Platonic’ Episode 8 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Lucky Penny Brewing Sign The Deal With Johnny Rev?

Sylvia is without a job. She has no idea how she will face Charlie. And the fact that she was sacked because she ruined her boss’s painting sounds ridiculous, although it is supposed to be serious. One cannot really wrap their head around how to react to such an incident because there are only so many people who are or have been fired because they accidentally tore up their boss’s portrait. Even Mr. Bean managed to get out of the situation. But then again, not everyone can be Bean. Most of us are just beans. Episode 8 of Platonic shows how Sylvia deals with her issue. Meanwhile, Lucky Penny Brewing is about to finalize its deal with Johnny 66. How will that turn out?


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What is a person supposed to do after getting fired? What should one do after getting fired? What can one do after getting fired? I kept asking myself all these questions as I saw Sylvia return home to her family, who are overjoyed because she finally has a job. Her son has made a slideshow addressing her as his hero. As overwhelming as it is, the slideshow has pictures of many successful women but not her. It ends with the words that women are the same as men. In a surreal way, how Sylvia’s son equates equality is also how society does too. Only the same job proves that men and women are the same, or, dare I say it, equal. If only we realized that men and women were never socially unequal, the debate about gender equality could go on and on anyways. But more than that, what’s important is respect. Because only respect can triumph over inequality, whenever and wherever it resides. However, this isn’t an issue in the show. Rather, the slideshow might just be the salt in Sylvia’s wound, as it is perhaps the only thing that separates her from her husband, Charlie.


Charlie has a job. She doesn’t; well, she used to, but not anymore. And what’s worse is that Charlie got her the job. And now she has no way to tell him that she lost it, so she has to pretend to be going to her office. Will isn’t happy with how she is dealing with it and prefers that she tell Charlie the truth. He wouldn’t mind at all. But are we sure of that? After two days, she tells Charlie about it, but his reaction isn’t the one she wanted to hear, i.e., he can see “both sides”. This is how we function. During hard times, more than wanting our partner to understand, we want them to tell us what we want to hear—something that will make us feel better. But in this case, on top of Charlie’s “understanding”, Katie too sides with him, trying to make Sylvia understand that what he said is just him trying to be reasonable. This is more than Sylvia can handle. But Katie is her best friend, and best friends have the right to take a dig at you no matter your mood.


Thankfully, Sylvia gets her chance to cheer up because Andy is taking Katie to San Diego for a meeting with Johnny Rev, CEO of Johnny 66, the company that Lucky Penny Brewing will soon be signing a deal with. This means that Will should be going too, which in turn means that she too can meet Johnny Rev. But he is not, and that’s only until she manages to persuade him. While all this time he didn’t care about the financial aspect of the bar, Sylvia seems to have managed to give him the idea of taking a stand and showing that he is an indispensable co-owner of Lucky Penny Brewery. Next stop: San Diego.


While at work, Charlie comes across pictures and videos of Sylvia and Will having fun at the latter’s bar. That would have been fine had the dates not been the days on which she was supposed to be at work. Stuart and the others come to his aid to analyze the situation. They have a deep discussion, which almost seems like some branch of an intelligence agency trying to connect the dots that concern an incident. Well, the matter is serious because one of the many doubts is whether Sylvia and Will are having an affair. Maybe not, but when Charlie finds a photo of Will holding Jessica, who is their pet lizard, that’s when the issue starts to appear serious because Jessica was Will’s pet first. And the irony is that Charlie loves Jessica.

Does Johnny Sign The Deal With Lucky Penny Brewing?

The meeting with Johnny Rev of Johnny 66 is a pretty big deal. While Andy and Reggie were scared that Will was there just to ruin the deal, he became the one to make a positive impression on Johnny Rev. Rev invites them for supper at his place and makes a pass [tries to kiss her] at Sylvia despite her already stating that she is married and has kids. The excuse Rev gives for his action is that since Sylvia is there with her friend, she might just be up for grabs. Will doesn’t take this lightly but has to be quiet because their deal is at stake. Unfortunately, things get out of hand when Rev takes another dig at Sylvia during the supper. This time, Will doesn’t hold back, and ultimately, he and Rev get into a fight. It ends with Rev telling them to leave his premises. Well, there goes the deal. Also, Omar’s head is stuck inside a closed helm, another outcome of the fight that Andy and Omar somehow managed to stop.


The only silver lining, which is practically of no use in this case, is Andy’s proposal to Katie. Sylvia and Will aren’t really sad that the deal couldn’t go ahead because Johhny Rev was a pervert, and it’s a good thing that he isn’t a part of Lucky Penny Brewing, no matter the potential losses that the bar might incur. But money can be earned back after it is lost; reputation cannot. After a long and tiring day, Sylvia returns home late at night and finds Charlie awake. And he knows about Gandalf. Who is Gandalf? Gandalf was Will’s lizard before Sylvia changed the name to Jessica and brought it home. Platonic Episode 8 ends with a shot of Jessica’s, aka Gandalf’s, face.

So Charlie knows not just about Sylvia spending time with Will under the excuse of going to the office but even more. Maybe he found more videos of the two together. If only Sylvia had listened to Will and told Charlie about the job, she wouldn’t be in this situation. That she was fired is one of the many things she seems to have hidden from him, and it is high time she comes clean. Can she do that?

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