‘Physical’ Season 3 Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Do Sheila And Greta Go Their Separate Ways?

The fourth episode of Physical Season 3 ends with Sheila having another bulimic spell. Kelly Kilmartin played her, and it was too late for Sheila to understand that. Sheila was surprised to see John at her doorstep. Physical Episode 5 will probably begin from the point at which the last episode ended. It will be interesting to watch what Sheila plans to do from here on.


Spoilers Ahead

Sheila And John

John Breem arrives at Sheila’s hotel room. She finally started realizing the consequences of her one drunken night with Kelly Kilmartin. That woman turned out to be worse than the hallucinations that kept talking down to her. Sheila finally understands the mistakes she has made and is trying to salvage the situation. She lets John in, and he asks if she is doing fine. This is probably the first time someone has asked her this question. She is compelled to reveal that she spiraled the previous night, which implies that it will never happen again. John opens up about his marital woes.


John and Mary’s crumbling marriage makes for a confusing narrative. The change in Mary’s attitude towards John was thrown at us suddenly. The transition from wanting to make her marriage work to hating her husband was not smooth. Sheila suggests taking her to a psychologist who will have a logical explanation for Mary’s concerns. John, for the first time, is willing to look beyond his devotion to the church to help his wife. He takes the suggestion seriously. John seems to admire Sheila for the persona she has developed. We believe John might end up divorcing his wife and will eventually pursue Sheila.

Greta is freaking out over Sheila’s wardrobe malfunction at the expo. She is livid because Sheila embarrassed herself, which could cost them the brand deal with the diet cookie company. Greta is not trying to understand the game Kelly Kilmartin played. She believes that Sheila is trying to sabotage herself and Greta because of her health issues. Greta acted a little selfishly, and she was unwilling to hear Sheila’s point of view. For the first time, Sheila was on the back foot, and we felt bad for what Kelly put her through.


Danny’s Sister Deb

Danny had spoken to his sister in the previous episode to get her to help him take care of his daughter, Maya. Deb was in a bad state professionally and personally and jumped on this opportunity. She arrives at his home, only for Danny to feel overwhelmed by his sister’s habit of just taking over the space. Danny had not met her in a decade. Deb blames Sheila for it. We think Deb means well by showing up for her brother, but she also brings up uncomfortable topics. Deb does not think twice before criticizing Sheila and making Danny sound like a pushover. They seem like typical siblings who are brutally honest with each other. In this case, Danny refrains from talking about her personal life and the childhood they shared. Deb pushes him to go out and put himself out there, but the man is too scared, thanks to his broken marriage. The way she inserted herself into Danny’s household, Deb might be here for a long time.

Sheila’s Demons Resurface

Sheila is as worried about the business deal as Greta is, and she promises to make things right. Sheila is under a lot of stress, which is visible through her body language. Her inner voice is triggered because of this situation. This voice had disappeared for a while, but it seems it is back to denigrate Sheila’s life choices.


Sheila tries to distract herself through an aerobics class, but Kelly’s hallucinations and her inner voice make for a horrible cocktail that is making her anxious. At the convention, she runs into Carlos. She is genuinely happy to see him. Sheila never expected Carlos to show up for her because, throughout her marriage, Danny was never there for her. This quality of his led to Sheila leading a different life. We think Carlos can be a good influence on her, but we also know this relationship might not last.

Did Sheila And Greta Go Their Separate Ways?

Sheila, for the first time in years, feels comfortable in the company of a man. As discussed before, Carlos’ love for food and his honesty make Sheila weak in the knees, which we think is good. He is the only person who has been able to make her eat, even though he is unaware of her bulimic episodes. Sheila ends up talking about everything that happened to her from the previous night up until now. She feels comfortable talking to Carlos about her misguided moves, and he does not judge her. Sheila is not scared to be vulnerable as she shares her issues.


We feel they are headed on the right path, but again, Sheila’s demons are strong enough to sabotage this relationship for good. She was willing to suggest psychiatric help to John for his wife at the beginning of the episode, but she is not willing to speak to a therapist herself. We believe the hallucinations and vile inner critic are projections of what she thinks of herself. To deal with that, she needs to speak to a professional so that she can move on with making her business a success. Sheila thinks she has it under control, but that’s far from the truth. It is affecting her decision-making skills.

Greta walks in with the news of the business deal being saved due to her great negotiation skills. Greta is also introduced to Carlos, and she is taken aback by the presence of a man. Her reaction to Carlos seems confusing because we remember her asking Sheila to pursue him. Sheila, on the other hand, reveals her intention to walk away from the business deal with the diet cookie company because it does not represent her life goals anymore. She wants to carry on Body by Sheila and focus on expanding it. Greta is shocked to hear Sheila’s plans for the business. She is more worried about her financial status than standing by her friend.


We finally think Sheila is making a sound decision, and Greta should have trusted her instincts. Greta quickly mentions Kelly’s name and her sudden interest in her business acumen. Greta is being manipulated by Kelly, just like Sheila was. This time Sheila tries to stop her, but her friend is more than happy to take the business deal to Kelly Kilmartin and work with her. It seems that Greta has walked away from Sheila, and they are on the verge of breaking up their business. This schism happened quickly, and we couldn’t have seen it coming. Kelly Kilmartin finally got what she wanted. Hopefully, Greta, at some point in this season, will realize the mistake she made.

Episode 5 of Physical Season 3 ends with Sheila spiraling and being confronted by her hallucination, which is Kelly, who questions the decisions Sheila has made so far, and Sheila is trying to resist it. We think Sheila cannot do this on her own anymore, and just like before, she takes the escapist route rather than confronting her demons. She tries to strangle the imaginary Kelly. This proves that Sheila is in dire need of help. She leaves the convention in the hope that her face is enough to run the show. Her life from now on is filled with uncertainty. Hopefully, Sheila will find something to fall back on.


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