‘Seven Orifices’ Episode 2 Recap: Does Sugaya Enter The Orifice?

The second episode of Netflix’s Japanese fantasy series Seven Orifices is out, and Ozawa’s followers are continuing the tradition of narrating their lives before entering the orifice. The beginning of this episode tells us that the sheep were the first living creatures to enter the orifices. However, the first human to enter the orifice was a live streamer and illustrator. When the orifices appeared all over Japan, he thought about trying his luck at fame and recognition by venturing into one of the orifices. I can’t say he was well prepared, as taking garlic and a cross are in no way the best choices of weapon when you’re walking into a gigantic dark void which nobody’s ever been to. This episode introduces us to Sugaya, who is scheduled to enter the orifice next.


Spoilers Ahead

Who is Sugaya?

Sugaya lives in Mr. Ozawa’s lodge with his other followers. As he’s the next person to enter the orifice, he starts to tell the others how his life is best described by his unfulfilled love story. Sugaya’s father was a real martial arts enthusiast, and he pushed him to join a karate class. Sugaya was a meek kid who had to learn karate from an overtly strict Sensei. He never really managed to work his way around the dojo and mostly got spanked by the Sensei for not doing the moves right. 


How did Sugaya meet Ms. Mori?

Sugaya’s Sensei used to hold training camps in the summer, where kids used to stay in the training room, eat meals prepared by the Sensei, and shower in the public bathhouse. Little Sugaya didn’t know how this camp would impact his entire life ahead of him when a little girl snuck in under his futon. The girl was scared of the dark, and going to the bathroom by herself was her biggest fear. She held Sugaya’s hands, and they slept while holding hands with each other. She found it creepy to sleep alone near the bathroom, and Sugaya was her safe space. Young Sugaya was too much of a child to understand any of it, and he briefly remembers that this was the time he fell in love for the first time. Since they were in different schools, Sugaya never got to meet her again, even though he really tried. He even convinced his mother to switch his karate class to another time, hoping she’d be there. After a year of no luck, Sugaya gave up on karate and took up basketball in junior high. 

Does Sugaya find Ms. Mori again?

Years later, Sugaya went to the USA to study. While shopping for his landlords one day, he found a fellow Japanese who invited him to an all-you-can eat party. Sugaya very conveniently goes to the party, thinking he’ll get some good food. He meets a girl in the bar who guesses a few facts right about him, and he completely botches his attempt. Sugaya is interested in getting to know the girl better, and he decides to do exactly that. They get along pretty quickly, and the commonality in their backgrounds soon reveals that they both went to the same karate school. They talk about sports, cigarettes, and all sorts of things, and they become close with time. Their meeting spot would often be a smoking room, even though Sugaya quit smoking. One day, Ms. Mori calls Sugaya over to her place for dinner, and she offers him a joint to smoke. As soon as he lights the joint, Sugaya gets transported to the good times. The herbs started doing their magic on him, and Sugaya thinks both of them are spinning on their chairs and soon going to fly. After this lovely evening they spent together, Sugaya came back to Japan and lost touch with Mori. 


How do Sugaya and Mori accidentally reconnect?

Eight years have passed since Sugaya saw Mori, and he finds Mori in the women’s washroom in Cairo airport. Desperate to take a dump, Sugaya rushed into the women’s washroom without looking at the sign. He sat with his legs up on the toilet seat to avoid getting caught, and he saw Mori when they both were washing their hands. Sugaya holds her hand while they walk out of the restroom and notices the ring on her finger. She was on vacation with her fiancé, but they finally exchanged numbers. 

Was Mori in love with Sugaya?

A year has passed since they exchanged numbers in Egypt, and Mori finally asks to meet Sugaya in a restaurant. Sugaya thinks it took her a long time to reach out to him, but Mori laughs it off. They take the same bus back home, and Sugaya clarifies that he had feelings for her even though he didn’t say it. Mori also confesses that she found him hot when they first met in the States. Sugaya bluntly said that he liked her, and Mori’s eyes screamed, “You should’ve told me.” He says that he was engaged as well when they met in Egypt, and he gets to know that she also got married a month ago. Mori holds Sugaya’s hands for a while before getting off the bus, and that’s the last time they saw each other. Sugaya tells the group that he thinks both of them knew about their feelings. One of the men asks Sugaya if he likes his wife more or Mori, but he dodges the question. His story ends on a sad note, as his child isn’t very healthy and is destined to die very soon. 


Does Sugaya enter the orifice?

It’s time for Sugaya, as he finds himself standing in front of an orifice on Friday, December 8th. One of the followers of Ozawa pointed out earlier that many of the people who hadn’t actually gone into the orifices were still in touch with Ozawa, and Sugaya might be one of them. Nobody knows where he went, but it’s most likely that he chose not to enter the orifice. His whereabouts aren’t recorded after December 8th, as there’s no record of him returning either. The person who convinced Sugaya to join the organization conveyed to him that his wife and child are well, but he chose not to come out of his hiding. If you ask me, he made the wiser choice. It’s always better to walk away from something that has death written all over it and hide rather than try to look brave. 

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