‘Physical’ Season 3 Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: Why Does Sheila Have A Bulimic Spell Again?

The third episode of Physical Season 3 ended with Sheila choosing her favorite flavor of diet cookie she would be endorsing. She also decided to date Carlos because she finds him honest. Considering her eating disorder, it’s impressive that Carlos managed to make her eat. Hopefully, in the upcoming episodes, Sheila will be able to overcome her insecurity, and we may get to see a healthier version of her brimming with confidence.


Spoilers Ahead

Sheila At The National Health And Fitness Expo

After signing the endorsement with a company selling diet cookies, Sheila and Greta become part of multiple sales campaigns that will cater to a section of health-conscious people who will be attending the National Health and Fitness Expo. The episode begins with the women reaching the expo. They are shocked to witness the cutthroat competition and how the health and fitness sector in the country has expanded exponentially. Sheila is at the event to make contacts that will benefit her own business. She is excited about being at the expo because she herself began her journey as an aerobics enthusiast, and now she has managed to gain substantial recognition in the field. Subsequently, Greta joined to help her organize one-of-a kind fitness classes in San Diego. Viewers remember that Sheila began everything in a shady manner, but now she does not want to remember those memories. She is only grateful to have become successful.


At the expo, Sheila and Greta are given a small booth to manage. As seen in previous episodes of the second season, Sheila is unable to resist talking with Kelly, even though she knows Kelly is just a figment of her imagination. These visions imply that Sheila might be schizophrenic. During the support group sessions, Sheila has only spoken about her eating disorder but never about the hallucinations about Kelly Kilmartin talking to her almost every day.

During the expo, it is revealed that Sheila half heartedly sells the diet cookies. Greta is standing beside Sheila, but she is unaware of the storm brewing inside her friend’s mind. Our protagonist, Sheila, will have to find a solution to her problems all alone and get rid of her visions, as she won’t be able to explain her condition to anyone.


Later in the episode, Sheila runs into Vinnie Green’s wife, Marika. If the viewers remember, Vinnie wanted to bring Sheila on board, even though his wife was not keen on this business alliance. Marika and Sheila have not been on good terms ever since. During their conversation at the expo, Marika accidentally mentions that Vinnie is sick, but fortunately he is responding to the treatment. This implies that health-obsessed people like Vinnie find many ways to keep their bodies in shape. Since Vinnie has an image to maintain in society, he cannot come out as an ailing person. Vinnie and his wife are such people who are still banking on the brand created using his image, and Sheila is just astonished at the fact that the couple would go to this extent to save their business. At one point, we think Sheila will use this information to ruin their business, but she chooses not to do so.

Sheila Meets Kelly Kilmartin.

The highlight of this expo is the real Kelly Kilmartin. The Kelly, which only Sheila sees, forces her to meet the real one so that all her inhibitions go away. Greta is as excited as Sheila because the woman they are looking at is a bankable celebrity. Sheila hopes to be like her someday, which is the reason why Kelly, in her imagination, is so mean to her. Maybe it is Sheila who has preconceived an image of Kelly and thinks all famous celebrities are rude to people below them. If the real Kelly is rude in real life, then Sheila could sleep peacefully over her prejudice being justified. Sheila finally gathers up the courage to meet her icon, only to be turned away by Kelly and her team.


Ending Explained: Why Does Sheila Have A Bulimic Spell Again?

The fourth episode of Physical is all about Sheila meeting her nemesis, Kelly. After day one of the expo, Kelly recognizes Sheila, and the latter feels validated. Meanwhile, Kelly projects her superiority over Sheila. Her only reason for this behavior is to remind Sheila of what she has achieved in comparison to how Kelly has revolutionized ways to keep the human body healthy. The 1980s were a time when men and women were obsessed with health, and star-driven campaigns would only make people buy all kinds of healthy foods or indulge in workouts that would benefit them in the long run. The 1980s were also a time when these measures had drastic effects on the body, but there was not enough research available to back up how good or bad any product could be for the user. Kelly and Sheila belong to that generation. It could be the reason why Sheila suffers from bouts of bulimia, which she is trying to control.

As the night goes by, Kelly shows interest in hanging out with Sheila. They spend plenty of time drinking and talking about their professional and personal lives. Kelly shares her experience of being thrown out of a television show for asking for more money. It is a reflection of how women had to go through trouble to ask for equal amounts. They were never allowed to speak about it for fear of being ostracized or branded ‘difficult to work with.’ The female creators and writers bring up all kinds of problems that women have faced for decades, and it continues to be a point of contention even now.


During the conversation, Sheila informs Kelly about her affair with John Breem and her current beau, Carlos. A drunk Sheila also confesses to hallucinating a rude Kelly. There is a possibility that the women won’t remember anything the next day. Getting Sheila drunk was possibly Kelly’s idea to get to know her competition better, because Sheila spoke a lot when tipsy. Sheila’s vulnerability is on display at this point.

The next day, Sheila wakes up with a hangover in her room and receives a call from Carlos. She requests that he attend the expo to be with her. As the day progresses, Sheila is surprised to be selected to model for Kelly’s friend’s fashion show. She quickly concluded that Kelly may have tried to sabotage her public image, as she also saw her as a rival. Kelly and Sheila were raised to be each other’s competitors. Sheila was humiliated on the stage, which led her to another bulimic spell. We think Sheila should work on her physical and mental health before she has a meltdown. She spoke about her eating disorder to Kelly, and the woman took advantage of a very drunk Sheila. This humiliation can ruin her image and the brand. Her audience could talk about such incidents for a long time.


Physical episode 3 ends with John Breem showing up at the doorstep of her hotel room. Apart from Carlos, the drunk Sheila might have given John a call, asking him to spend time with her. John and his wife are currently on bad terms, which could be the reason for him wanting to have a brief affair with Sheila once again. If Carlos arrives at the same time, Sheila will be forced to choose between two men, even though it is too soon to make such a decision.

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