‘Perfect Marriage Revenge’ Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: How Did Jung-Hye Won Jin Woong’s Trust?

Previously in Perfect Marriage Revenge, Yoo-Ra found a secret weapon. It was the signed marriage contract between her sister, Yi-Joo, and Do-Kook. She believed that she finally had a shot at ending Yi-Joo and Do-Kook’s marriage. As a final nail in the coffin, Yoo-Ra also vilified Yi-Joo’s image in the media by paying journalists to write fake articles about her. Sadly, her plan fell through when Do-Kook told his mother everything. He said Jung-Hye and Yoo-Ra were trying to make Yi-Joo’s life a living hell, just like they had done till now. Yeon-Hwa also paid a visit to Jung-Hye and told her something that broke her scheming heart. Jung-Hye was already glum when she found out her father-in-law was planning to transfer his share to Yi-Joo, not Yoo-Ra. Therefore, what Yeon-Hwa told Jung-Hye hit her like a ton of bricks. Yeon-Hwa said she had no issues with the contract marriage. Why? She herself had made a deal with Yi-Joo. Moreover, Do-Kook also hinted to Yi-Joo that he might join the Taeja group again, something that Yeon-Hwa and Madam Lee Taeja had wanted since the start.


Spoilers Ahead

Why did Yeon-Hwa hide the video from 20 years ago?

Jung-Wook, for years, had maintained that he was crippled because of Do-Kook. The reality, however, was far different. Jung-Wook fell off the boat while he was trying to shove Do-Kook. The latter had nothing to do with it. Do-Kook tried everything to prove his innocence, but no one heard his pleas. They all blamed him for what happened to Jung-Wook. Yeon-Hwa found a video that proved her son’s story, but she never shared it with anyone. She believed that people wouldn’t believe her, saying she was taking Do-Kook’s side because Jung-Wook was her stepson. This troubled Yeon-Hwa, but she had to make the hard choice. However, when Jung-Wook accused her of always taking her son’s side, she threatened to show everyone the video. The clip clearly showed Jung-Wook asking Do-Kook to jump into the river and drown. Jung-Wook playing the victim card again fueled Do-Kook’s resolve. He agreed to his grandmother’s orders to return to the Taeja group. Do-Kook would work alongside Jung-Wook, and after one year, Madam Lee Taeja would decide who was more fit to inherit the company. Jung-Wook also had his priorities straight. He just needed to tarnish Do-Kook’s image to make it look like he was not fit to inherit the company.


How Does Do-Kook Clear His Wife’s Name?

Se-Hyeok was no different than Jung-Hye and Yoo-Ra. He made it look like he was madly in love with Yi-Joo. But the reality was that he was just using her as a stepping stone. Actually, he wanted to become a part of Yi-Joo’s family so that he could stay close to Yoo-Ra, his real love. When Yi-Joo was given a second chance, breaking up with Se-Hyeok was the first thing on her list. Se-Hyeok’s greedy mother and sister berated him every day. You squandered your only chance at getting rich, they claimed. Se-Hyeok helped Yoo-Ra whenever she wanted, but he started having doubts when his sister and Yoo-Ra vilified Yi-Joo’s character on the Internet. He questioned his decision to hand the marriage contract to Yoo-Ra in the first place. Also, Do-Kook had CCTV footage of him entering his house. In return for not filing charges, Do-Kook asked him to turn against Yoo-Ra. If Se-Hyeok refused him, he and his sister would face serious legal ramifications. So-Hyeok would lose his job and probably wouldn’t be hired ever again. He asked Yoo-Ra for help, but she refused. Se-Hyeok felt betrayed and jumped in on Do-Kook’s offer. He gave an exclusive interview to the media, which cleared everything. Se-Hyeok admitted that he was acting on Yoo-Ra’s request and had written posts slandering Yi-Joo. As for evidence, Se-Hyeok gave the call recordings and his chat messages between himself and Yoo-Ra. The tremors of this also reached Jung-Wook. He was planning to become the director of Taeja Group. In the board meeting, he claimed that the company should not make Do-Kook the director. He claimed that it would tarnish the company’s image. Unfortunately, his plan faltered when the article made headlines.

Who is Lee Geum Young? Why was she fired?

Lee Geum Young was Yi-Joo’s nanny, who joined when the latter was 12. She was the only person who ever treated Yi-Joo with kindness. Lee Geum loved Yi-Joo as if she were her own flesh and blood. However, one day, out of the blue, Lee Geum Young was fired. Years ago, Yi-Joo fell sick, and the doctors told them that she had been poisoned. This was Jung-Hye’s doing, but she framed Lee Geum Young and got her fired. Jung-Hye found out that Yi-Joo was Jin-Woong’s own daughter. That was the reason Jung-Hye desperately wanted Yi-Joo out of her life. Jung-Hye was two-faced. In front of Jin-Woong and everyone, she made it look like she was an angel with not an evil bone in her body. But as soon as he turned around, Jung-Hye criticized everything. Jung-Hye was an assistant in Jin-Woong’s office. She was polite, good at her job, and got along well with Jin-Woong. After Yi-Joo’s mother and Jin-Woong broke up, he went through a hard time. Jung-Hye took advantage of his vulnerable state and seduced him.


How Did Jung-Hye Win Jin Woong’s Trust Again?

Even though she had been losing every battle till now, Jung-Hye won this one. As episode 8 of Perfect Marriage Revenge neared its end, we saw everyone discussing the legal repercussions of Yoo-Ra’s actions. Jung-Hye begged Yi-Joo not to punish her father, Jin-Woong, for Yoo-Ra’s mistakes. In reality, she had been told by her sources that Hanwool Group wouldn’t be acquiring the Savings Bank. Acquiring the Savings Bank was Jin Woong’s lifelong dream, and both Yi-Joo and Madam Lee Taeja had assured him it would be seamless. Unfortunately, the financial committee had different plans. They installed some new rules that stopped loan companies from acquiring banks. This was a huge blow for Jin-Woong but a golden opportunity for Jung-Hye. The woman convinced Jin-Woong that his father and Yi-Joo were scheming against him. They are trying to steal your company, Jung-Hye said. Plus, the fact that Woon-Jae was trying to transfer his shares to Yi-Joo made Jin-Woong feel betrayed. Jung-Hye didn’t hesitate to capitalize on his vulnerability. She told Jin-Woong to delegate the management rights of the company to her, and he agreed. Jung-Hye had finally done it, as becoming the head of the Hanwool Group was all she had ever wanted.

Final Verdict

In the next episode of Perfect Marriage Revenge, there will be tons of bombshell reveals. This would include Jin-Woong finding out that Yi-Joo is his own flesh and blood. Yi-Joo had DNA test results to prove this. Also, it is possible that Yi-Joo’s mother isn’t actually dead but alive. Remember Jamie, the kind woman who runs the cooking class? It’s likely that she’s Yi-Joo’s real mother. Jamie also has scars on her hand, which she got when someone set her house on fire. Also, Yi-Joo lost his mother in a fire, so it’s possible that they’re both related.


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