‘Perfect Marriage Revenge’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Will Do-Kook Return To Taeja Group?

Everyone streaming Perfect Marriage Revenge was starting to feel that Yoo-Ra and Jung-Hye were running out of options, but they did something none of us were ready for. In the last episode, we all saw how shocked Yi-Joo was when Jung-Wook walked into the dining room, holding hands with his half-sister, Yoo-Ra. This was totally unexpected for everyone: Yi-Joo, Do-Kook, and the entire Taeja family.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Isn’t The Taeja Family Happy About Jung-Wook And Yoo-Ra?

Everything was going well for Yi-Joo. Both Madam Lee Taeja and Yeon-Hwa had accepted Yi-Joo as their daughter-in-law. They threw a lavish party and invited their closest relatives to bless the bride and groom. But then Yoo-Ra pulled a fast one on her. She met Jung-Wook and convinced him to join forces with her. Even though Jung-Wook had conspired against his stepbrother before, he had never let anyone control him. Unfortunately, this time, he had no choice but to say yes. Why? Jung-Wook had made a big blunder while trying to backstab Do-Kook, and he needs an enormous amount of money to fix it. Since he had exhausted all the emergency funds, Jung-Wook had to seek a private loan. Jung-Hye was most suited to give him the money but on one condition. Jung-Wook had to marry Yoo-Ra. The poor man had no choice but to agree. The mother and daughter saw him as a way to infiltrate the Taeja family. If someday Jung-Wook inherited the company, it would open tons of new doors for them. As expected, Jung-Wook’s family wasn’t all rainbows about it. The reason was simple. Yoo-Ra was the same woman who said she was madly in love with Do-Kook. Now, that same woman was claiming that Jung-Wook rules her heart. It was clear that Yoo-Ra was lying and making the Taeja family her personal playground for her revenge game. Even Jin-Woong wasn’t happy about it, and he told Jung-Hye to drop whatever she was planning.


Why Did Woon-Jae Escape The Nursing Home?

Ever Since Yi-Joo started demanding compensation for her paintings, Jung-Hye started losing tons of money. However, she had a plan to make up the difference. The last time Jung-Hye visited Woon-Jae, the old man promised her that he would give all his shares to Yoo-Ra. But everything changed when Jung-Hye went there again. She found out that the old man had escaped. Woon-Jae, though, as a courtesy, had left a note behind. Even though Woon-Jae had promised to pass down his shares to Yoo-Ra, he had no intention of actually doing it. Instead, he wanted Yi-Joo to inherit everything. This was why he called his lawyer in the middle of the night. Woong-Jae asked him to prepare the necessary paperwork as soon as possible. Woon-Jae knew that Jung-Hye would never allow it. Thus, he ditched the nursing home and escaped. Also, Jung-Hye’s right-hand man, Manager Kim, is helping him for some unknown reason. Maybe, like Yi-Joo, he, too, had beef to pick with Jung-Hye and her family.

How Does Everyone Come To Know About The Marriage Contract?

Yoo-Ra badly wanted something to use against Yi-Joo. She found her secret weapons hidden inside the drawer of Do-Kook’s house. Did Yoo-Ra break into Do-Kook’s apartment? No, she had Se-Hyeok do her dirty work. During the search, Se-Hyeok found the contract that Yi-Joo and Do-Kook signed before getting married. At first, Se-Hyeok didn’t want to use it, but he changed his mind. He gave the marriage contract to Yoo-Ra, who then took it to the Taeja family. Since the paper included things like “separate finances” and “not interfering with others’ lives,” everyone believed it was a contract between them. Everyone felt betrayed, especially Madam Lee Taeja and Yeon-Hwa. They really were convinced that Yi-Joo and Do-Kook got married because they loved each other. They didn’t want to believe they’d been misled, but the contract was strong evidence. Madam Lee Taeja and Yeon-Hwa wanted an answer to why there was a marriage contract. Jung-Wook and Yoo-Ra also berated them for playing with everyone’s trust. This was just the tip of the iceberg. Yoo-Ra even vilified Yi-Joo’s character on social media. There were dozens of articles about her infidelity. They called her “boy-crazy” and whatnot. Everyone came to know that Yi-Joo had been due to marry Se-Hyeok, but she’d dumped him for a wealthy man.


Did Yeon-Hwa Forgive Do-Kook And Yi-Joo?

As episode 6 of Perfect Marriage Revenge drew to a close, we saw Yeon-Hwa eventually forgive Yi-Joo and Do-Kook after meeting Jung-Hye. Yeon-Hwa saw right through her and realized that she was the kind of woman who’d sell her own mother out. Jung-Hye even paid Yi-Joo’s ex, Se-Hyeok’s mother, to scheme against her. Yi-Joo, in anger, shoved Se-Hyeok’s mother, and the latter used it to vilify her on the internet. It all made sense to Yeon-Hwa, and she figured that Yi-Joo was the victim here and was just trying to survive. Yeon-Hwa made it clear that she had no problem with Yi-Joo and Do-Kook’s contractual marriage, as she herself had made a deal. In episode 3 of Perfect Marriage Revenge, Yeon-Hwa told Yi-Joo to convince Do-Kook to return to the Taeja group. If she was successful, Yeon-Hwa would bless their marriage, but if she failed, she would have to leave Do-Kook alone. Even though it was an outrageous deal, Yi-Joo agreed.

Final Verdict

So, would Do-Kook consider going back to Taeja Group? Yes! Definitely, and most probably, in the next episode of Perfect Marriage Revenge, we will see him making an official announcement. If you didn’t know, it was Do-Kook whom Madam Lee Taeja chose as a successor. Do-Kook had his own plans and left the company. He later started an interior design company. Madam Lee Taeja made a deal with him. If Do-Kook doesn’t get married, he must return to the Taeja group. And if he got married, she would invest in his company. This was why Do-Kook got into a contract with Yi-Joo. Do-Kook never wanted to return to the Taeja group, but now he was having second thoughts. Do-Kook grew up seeing his grandmother build the company with her blood and sweat. Thus, he wouldn’t allow Yoo-Ra and Jung-Hye to use it to further their agenda. Do-kook would choose to die before letting everything his grandmother built go to waste.


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