‘Perfect Marriage Revenge’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Did Yoo-Ra Try To Kill Herself?

The last episode of Perfect Marriage Revenge was a total blast! It was overflowing with surprises and hearty laughs. Our favorite, Yi-Joo, really stole the show by standing up to her future mother-in-law, Cha Yeon-Hwa, making it crystal clear that she’s not an easy bird to cage. As always, Yoo-Ra was trying to wreck Yi-Joo’s marriage plans with Do-Kook. She went all out, even trying to bribe Se-Hyeok’s sister with fancy purses and gifts. Unexpectedly, she also ran into Seo Do-Na, who should’ve been her sister-in-law. Yoo-Ra tried to cajole her into thinking that Yi-Joo was a terrible match for her brother. But it seemed like Do-Na wasn’t buying any of her drama. Let’s find out what events took place in the fourth episode of Perfect Marriage Revenge and where they may lead.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Yi-Joo Threaten Jung-Hye?

Lee Jung-Hye tried to wreck Yi-Joo’s chances of getting married. During her meeting with the Taeja family, Jung-Hye didn’t pull any punches. First, she had this wrong idea that Yeon-Hwa would disapprove of her son marrying an adopted woman, but the latter proved her wrong. Yeon-Hwa said it wasn’t Yi-Joo’s fault that she was adopted. But Jung-Hye still had a few tricks up her sleeve and started spouting off stories about Yi-Joo not being wife material and that marrying Do-Kook would do more harm than good to their family name. Jung-Hye continued that Yi-Joo didn’t know how to cook, had no real talents, and lacked manners. To humiliate Yi-Joo even more, her evil mother asked her if she was the right fit for the Taeja family right there in front of everyone. 


Little did she know Yi-Joo was sitting on her secret weapon all along. Remember what went down in episode 1? Let me tell you, in case it slipped your mind. So, in the pilot episode, Jung-Hye asked Yi-Joo to take the fall for her crimes. Jung-Hye was using her family’s good name to create and sell fake famous paintings. When she got caught, she tried to frame Yi-Joo for her shady dealings. Well, Yi-Joo hadn’t forgotten, and now she was playing that card. If Jung-Hye tries to create any problems in her upcoming marriage, she’ll be looking at some serious jail time for fraud. But, truth be told, Jung-Hye might churn up an entirely different plan or maybe order her loyal manager, Kim, to take care of Yoo-Ji, as he had always done.

What’s The Deal Between Yeon-Hwa And Yi-Joo?

If I remember correctly, then Yeon-Hwa never really wanted to accept Yi-Joo as her daughter-in-law, but then came the twist. Yeon-Hwa was open to changing her mind only if Yi-Joo could do something for her in return. So, what was it that Yeon-Hwa really wanted from Yi-Joo? The woman wanted her future daughter-in-law to convince Do-Kook so that he would return to the Taeja group. But why was this proposition so important to her? The thing was, Madam Tae-Ja wanted Do-Kook to inherit her company, but Do-Kook had other plans, because of which he refused to be a part of her empire. The son had his own aspirations and wanted to start an interior design company to serve his dreams. Since then, Yeon-Hwa and Tae-Ja have been trying to convince him to come back. She wasn’t wrong, and I myself believed that Yi-Joo might be their only chance to make this happen. If Yi-Joo succeeded in convincing Do-Kook, Yeon-Hwa would give her blessing to their marriage. If not, Yi-Joo would walk away from Do-Kook. However, this whole deal has to stay secret. Nobody from Yi-Joo or Yeon-Hwa’s families can have a clue about it.


What Happened Between Do-Kook And Seo Jung-Wook?

Se-Hyeok, just like Yoo-Ra, was pretty desperate to win Yi-Joo back. The reason for all the fuss was that Yi-Joo was Se-Hyeok’s way out of a big financial mess that he had brought into his life. Se-Hyeok was in debt up to his neck, and marrying Yi-Joo was the only solution he could see to dig himself out of that hole. Se-Hyeok tried convincing Yi-Joo to reconsider her marriage by trying the same old tactic of speaking ill of Do-Kook. Se-Hyeok called Do-Kook a womanizer and said he had some hidden agenda for marrying Yi-Joo. But Yi-Joo didn’t believe in Se-Hyeok’s lies and simply brushed them off without paying much heed to them.

When nothing worked, Se-Hyeok started vilifying Do-Kook by calling out his past. He said that Do-Kook had tried to kill someone. But who? Se-Hyeok said that Do-Kook had intentionally pushed his own brother, Jung-Wook, off a boat into the river. The devastating accident had injured Jung-Wook gravely and had left him crippled, because of which the man had to use a cane to get around. There was also an eyewitness to the entire incident, and he even testified about the accident. But, like always, the Taeja Group pulled some strings and used their influence to make things disappear in a matter of seconds. This was why Do-Kook wasn’t keen on returning to the company and fighting for his inheritance. Do-Kook was afraid that the ugly truth of what he did would come out in the open, and he wouldn’t be able to show his face in public ever again. However, it might be possible that Se-Hyeok was lying to turn Yi-Joo against Do-Kook. If he could use Yi-Joo to get closer to Yoo-Ra, spitting lies wouldn’t be a problem for him. Let’s not forget that he chose to chase after Yoo-Ra instead of supporting his wife when everyone was calling her a fraud.


Why Did Yoo-Ra Try To Kill Herself?

Yoo-Ra loved Do-Kook and couldn’t see him getting married to someone else, let alone her sister, whom she hated. But why did Yoo-Ra hate Yi-Joo so much? For the uninitiated, Jung-Hye had adopted Yi-Joo and had treated her like dirt from day one, seeing her as inferior. Yoo-Ra, right from the start, thought she was better than Yi-Joo just because Yi-Joo was an orphan. To make things worse, Jung-Hye never set Yoo-Ra straight and even fueled her hatred toward her own sister. In my opinion, Yoo-Ra wasn’t angry about seeing Yi-Joo with Do-Kook. It was more like seeing Yi-Joo with something she desperately wanted. Yoo-Ra kept wondering, “How on earth could this nobody impress Do-Kook?” She tried almost a million ways to woo Do-kook, and when nothing worked, she swallowed sleeping pills. Fortunately, Jung-Hye found her in time and took her to the hospital.

What To Expect Next?

The way Yoo-Ra pulled out that IV from her arm, it looked to me like she was preparing to make it her life’s mission to ruin Yi-Joo’s happiness. Yoo-Ra isn’t a person who would sit idle or depend on her mother to handle things for her any longer. Yoo-Ra would now trust no one but herself to make Yi-Joo’s life more troublesome and hectic. It is possible that in the upcoming episode, Yi-Joo will ask Do-kook about his brother and the reason for not joining the Taeja company. If what Se-Hyeok said is true, then it could distance Do-Kook from Yi-Joo. Even though episode 5 is still a week away, I’m sure that it is going to be a wild trip full of twists and turns. 

Rishabh Shandilya
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