‘Perfect Marriage Revenge’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: How Did Yi-Joo Try To Impress Madam?

In Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 2, Han Yi-Joo struck a deal with Seo Do-Kook and managed to convince him to marry her. Her proposition sounded like sweet music to Do-Kook’s ears, and he agreed. Do-Kook hoped that by tying the knot, his grandmother would keep her end of the bargain and invest in his company, allowing him to take it public. However, as the episode came to an end, Yi-Joo couldn’t keep her secret any longer. Yi-Joo confessed her true motive for marrying Do-Kook, which was getting revenge against her wicked mother, her selfish sister, and even Yoo Se-Hyeok, who used to be her husband in a different timeline. Then, Yi-Joo surprised everyone by kissing Do-Kook, and he responded by pulling her closer, hinting that their relationship might transcend their deal. Maybe, as the story unfolds, they’ll develop real feelings for each other.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Seo Do-Kook Post The Article?

The news of Do-Kook dating Han Yi-Joo created a media frenzy, making headlines on an anonymous website known for posting spicy articles. If it were any other story, Do-Kook’s influential mother would have used her power to squash it before it even saw the light of day. But unfortunately, things were different this time. In reality, Do-Kook himself planned the whole thing. He called a reporter to the scene and made sure they clicked pictures of him and Yi-Joo together and published them. He did this because he saw no other way to convince his mother to allow him to marry Yi-Joo except by making their relationship public. Do-Kook’s mother was far from pleased and made it crystal clear that she would, under no condition, allow him to marry Yi-Joo.


But Do-Kook had made his decision, and he was hell-bent on marrying Yi-Joo, no matter what. Do-Kook’s bold move hit Yoo-Ra like a ton of bricks, especially since Yoo-Ra was already heartbroken over the fact that the man she’d always dreamed of, her knight in shining armor, was about to marry her older sister. Yoo-Ra tried to convince her father to cancel the marriage immediately, but he didn’t listen to her. But why was he so unwilling to change his mind? In reality, Do-Kook’s family owned one of the biggest companies in Korea, and a connection with them would surely open doors for his business. He, too, saw Yi-Joo’s upcoming marriage as a business opportunity. He didn’t really care which daughter married Do-Kook as long as it benefited him and his business interests.

What’s The Contract About?

Seo Do-Kook invited Yi-Joo over for dinner and handed her a contract that he’d put together himself. It was kind of like a relationship agreement since they were going into this marriage as a deal. The contract had all the dos and don’ts and even mentioned that Yi-Joo was to divorce Do-Kook after a year of marriage. But Yi-Joo had her own request. She wanted a clause in there that said both their families had to be at the wedding and give their blessings. Even though it was a business arrangement, Yi-Joo made it clear that she’d only marry Do-Kook if his family was on board. Do-Kook also suggested that Yi-Joo move in with him to make their relationship look more convincing. He had the place all set up with everything she might need, from fancy clothes to makeup kits, soaps, shampoos, and all the essentials!


What Did Secretary Byeon Find Out?

When Secretary Byeon Jae-Ho dropped Han Yi-Joo off at Do-Kook’s place, he had a nagging feeling that he’d seen her somewhere before. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but then it clicked—she was the same woman who was originally meant to marry Hyeok. Byeon shared this with his wife, Seo Do-Na, who coincidentally ran into Yoo-Ra at the mall. Yoo-Ra thought she could turn Do-Na against Yi-Joo by throwing insults her way. She accused Yi-Joo of having a victim complex and trying to outdo Yoo-Ra by stealing her fiancé. However, Do-Na quickly saw through Yoo-Ra’s lies and didn’t even consider Yi-Joo as a threat. When nothing worked, Yoo-Ra also attempted to bribe Yoo Se-Hee with expensive purses, asking her to talk to Yi-Joo about returning to Yoo Se-Hyeok.

Yoo Se-Hee’s mom was in a tougher spot compared to Yoo-Ra. She had plans to open a shop on the land given to her by Han Yi-Joo’s family, and if Yi-Joo didn’t marry her son, she’d have to give up the land as well as the hefty deposit. But when her plan went south, she took things to the extreme. She actually threw herself to the ground and had her buddies record a video of it, making it look like Yi-Joo had pushed her on the sidewalk. Her idea was to use that video later to spread lies about Yi-Joo, painting her as a rich snob who treated the less fortunate like dirt.


How Did Yi-Joo Try To Impress Madam?

When you’re going up against the army, what gives you the best chance of winning? Take out the strongest one, and the rest would lay down their arms easily. This is what Han Yi-Joo planned to do. I mean, not literally beat them up, but impress someone from Do-Kook’s family, who had the most say and held power over others. That person was Cha Yeon-Hwa, Do-Kook’s mother. Even Gook’s grandmother, Madam Taeja, couldn’t boss her around. On An Soo-Jin’s advice, Yi-Joo joined a cooking class, which was basically a gossip group of rich wives talking about film stars, their affairs, and expensive things. Soo-Jin told Yi-Joo to take it easy when trying to impress Yeon-Hwa. She said that if Yi-Joo goes all out, Yeon-Hwa might actually be less interested. Yi-Joo managed to get into the group by impressing the organizer. Meanwhile, Yeon-Hwa invited Yi-Joo and Yoo-Ra for coffee. During their meeting, Yoo-Ra did everything she could to score points, even ordering Madam Cha’s favorite coffee. In the middle of it all, Yeon-Hwa asked Yi-Joo to step aside and let Yoo-Ra marry Do-Kook instead. But Yi-Joo immediately refused. She also made a strong impression by standing her ground and politely sharing her opinion. This made Yeon-Hwa rethink her decision, and she began to consider that Yi-Joo might be a better match for Do-Kook, not Yoo-Ra. Maybe she thought Yi-Joo could help bring Do-Kook closer to his family.

How Has Do-Kook Changed?

Seo Do-Kook has gone through quite a transformation. Before he met Han Yi-Joo, Do-Kook wasn’t really into knowing anything about the women he dated or had relationships with, in the past. But when it came to Yi-Joo, it was a whole different story for him. Do-Kook wanted to know all the good stuff about her—her likes, dislikes, favorite foods, the places she enjoys, and more. He believed that having these details was important if they were to pose as lovebirds for the public to see. But here’s the twist: it was pretty clear he wasn’t faking it. He genuinely wanted to know about Yi-Joo and was sincerely interested in getting to know her better.


Seo Do-Kook had dated plenty of women, and most of them were after his money and status. But Han Yi-Joo was different. She wasn’t interested in his wealth or high social standing; she had revenge on her mind. However, as time passed, Yi-Joo found herself falling for Do-Kook. Even though, at the start, she resisted Do-Kook’s attempts to get to know her, she couldn’t deny that she enjoyed his company. Things got so cozy that she even spent the night at Do-Kook’s place. And just as the episode was wrapping up, Cha Yeon-Hwa paid a visit and asked Yi-Joo to arrange a meeting with her family.

Final Verdict

So, in Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 3, it seemed like Cha Yeon-Hwa was getting ready to give her blessing to Seo Do-Kook and Han Yi-Joo. But you know, Yeon-Hwa is no pushover. Yeon-Hwa is an intelligent and graceful woman who doesn’t take family decisions lightly. She wouldn’t just let anyone enter or become a part of her family, let alone her son’s spouse. So, there’s a chance that Yeon-Hwa’s got some hidden agenda behind her well-wishing. Maybe she’ll team up with Yoo Ra’s mother to throw a wrench into Han Yi-Joo and Do-Kook’s relationship. We’ll have to wait for the next episode to find out.


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