‘Payback’ Episodes 5 And 6: Recap And Ending – Why Does Eun Yong Get Into Prison?

Eun Yong returned to avenge the death of the mother figure in his life, CEO Yoon. He started working with Jang Tae Chun, his nephew and a prosecutor, and Park Joon Gyeong, Yoon’s daughter. Eun Yong was happy making money in Mongolia, but “Payback” brought him back to South Korea only to make him deal with the thugs, which made Eun Yong dig his own grave. However, thanks to the old days, Eun Yong was saved by an old friend. Eun Yong has to be careful going ahead because his enemies are more powerful than he’d assumed.


Spoilers Ahead

How Does Hwang Trap Eun Yong?

Joon Gyeong exposes Hwang and Myung by admitting to the press that she was an accomplice in the fabrication of evidence against CEO Yoon. At the same time, Tae Chun arrests Myung for malpractice after officer Nam arrests attorney Lee for the same crimes. Hwang and Myung have been attacked from all sides, and Eun Yong is weakening their biggest supporter, CEO Oh. Oh had betrayed Eun Yong once, but they were still able to crack a deal because, previously, Eun Yong had threatened him, but this time, he offered him support in the assembly elections. Myung has been arrested without a warrant, and Hwang forces chief Park not to issue a warrant against him. However, Park still issues a warrant against Myung, and even Tae Chun is surprised. Park has always been afraid of Hwang, but he looks confident now. On the other hand, Oh arranges Eun Yong’s meeting with higher officials, and Eun Yong convinces them to let his company handle their money instead of Myung’s company.


Myung has been sent to prison, and Eun Yong pays him a surprise visit. Myung is confident that he will get out of prison soon, but Eun Yong mentions to him that he thinks otherwise. CEO Oh and other officials decide to drop Hwang and include chief Park in their committee. This leads to Hwang getting suspended from his duties as he is going to get inspected on the basis of Joon Gyeong’s allegations. However, a problem still remains. Lawyer Lee, who is a key witness to Myung’s malpractices, won’t speak up. He asks Tae Chun to bring his uncle to him so that they can make a deal. Lee is a veteran lawyer, and he won’t budge unless it’s for money. He knows how important his testimony is in Myung’s case. Officer Nam advises Tae Chun to make a deal with Lee, but Tae Chun doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Later, Joon Gyeong gives him the fountain pen that Eun Yong had given her, which convinces him to follow the righteous path, and he declines Lee’s offer.

Myung has not been cooperating with the investigation because Hwang, who is suspended at the moment, is planning his escape. Hwang gets his junior on his side to plan the perfect escape plan for Myung and to trap Eun Yong at the same time. Myung makes a deal with Ms. Kim to get her to sue him. She doesn’t understand why he would want another lawsuit against himself, but it becomes clear soon. Ms. Kim’s case goes to prosecutor Yang, who is a friend of Hwang’s junior, and he helps them. He calls Myung for interrogation, and within that time, Myung leaves prison to meet CEO Oh. CEO Oh is a powerful person, and he has betrayed Myung. To get revenge, he puts a suicide note in Oh’s pocket and pushes him off the building. The next day in prison, Myung leisurely watches the news of Oh’s suicide and Eun Yong being blamed for it, as Oh’s suicide note says that Eun Yong was pressuring him into doing all sorts of illegal activities to benefit his company.


Who Tries To Strike A Deal With Tae Chun?

Eun Yong is surprised by this unpredictable attack from Hwang, and he reckons the only way to counter his attack is to make another unpredictable move. Hwang expected Eun Yong to flee the country, but he surrendered instead. Eun Yong made this move to save Tae Chun because he would have been the next target after Eun Yong’s disappearance. However, after going to prison, the situation only worsens for Eun Yong. Myung gets Kim Sung Tae and his men to attack and try to kill Eun Yong in prison itself. However, Eun Yong fights back, and their plan fails, so Kim kills one of his men and frames Eun Yong for his murder. Eun Yong was severely injured in the fight and hence, woke up in the hospital the next day. Joon Gyeong and Tae Chun panic because of the news, as it is difficult for Eun Yong to get out of prison with the murder charges. Tae Chun was suspended from work as soon as Eun Yong was arrested, on charges of leaking confidential documents to his uncle. He is desperate to save his uncle and meets Myung’s daughter and Hwang’s wife, who offer him a deal.

Myung’s daughter wants the original copy of the evidence against Hwang that Joon Gyeong has in exchange for saving Eun Yong from murder charges. However, Joon Gyeong refuses to give the evidence because she doesn’t trust Myung’s daughter and doesn’t want to lose it either. Joon Gyeong seems selfish for her behavior, but she is also trying to find a solution to prove Eun Yong’s innocence. Tae Chun gets drunk and passes out while begging Joon Gyeong for help, but she still refuses to give the evidence. She has a press conference with assemblyman Baek the next day, but as if she knows she will get attacked, she leaves behind the evidence at home with a note for Tae Chun, who wakes up with a hangover. When he reads the note, he delivers the evidence to Baek, who is desperately waiting for Joon Gyeong. Joon Gyeong trusted Tae Chun because she knew that he was a righteous person. Joon Gyeong, on the other hand, gets stabbed by Myung’s men, and Tae Chun rushes to the hospital as soon as he hears about it. After finding out about Joon Gyeong’s accident, Baek gives up on his operation and submits the evidence to Myung to save himself. Myung and Lee have gotten out of prison with a huge bribe.


‘Payback’ Episode 6: Ending

Eun Yong could face ten years in prison for the murder charges, and the only way in front of him right now is to accept the crime and reduce his sentence. Eun Yong is calm in every situation, but he chooses a different path this time. He beats up Kim Sung Tae and his men and gets sent to solitary confinement for a month. In the meantime, Joon Gyeong is still in the hospital and in a coma. Tae Chun recognizes Joon Gyeong’s attacker to be his uncle’s friend Jin Ho, and the police put him on the wanted list. If he gets caught, Myung will also be caught for trying to kill Joon Gyeong. Hwang is back in prosecution and is trying to improve his image by charging big companies over financial fraud when in reality, he is only helping Myung.

A lot has changed, and things have only gone wrong for Eun Yong in “Payback.” However, after coming out of the isolated cell, Eun Yong is a changed person, and he creates his own gang in prison. Eun Yong never chose a path that would hurt others, but desperate situations call for desperate solutions, and Eun Yong is doing exactly what is right for him now. At this rate, he would not only get out of prison but become more powerful than Hwang and Myung collected, which is alarming for Hwang and Myung.


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