‘One Dollar Lawyer’ Episode 9: Recap And Ending, Explained: How Did Ji Hoon Catch The Scammer?

Ji Hoon’s tragic past was revealed recently in “One Dollar Lawyer.” Ji Hoon was engaged to Ju Yeong, who was murdered because of a controversial document. After her demise, Ji Hoon quit his job as a prosecutor and changed completely. He started working at Ju Yeong’s office, which she had opened in the hope of a new beginning, and that led him to become the kind of lawyer that he is today. 


Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Ji Hoon Become A Car Dealer?

Ma Ri got drunk while listening to Ji Hoon’s story from Ye Jin. Ye Jin called Ji Hoon to pick up Ma Ri because she is his probationary employee, and he should take her responsibility. Ma Ri becomes emotional and passes out in Ji Hoon’s car. The next day, Ma Ri acts kindly to Ji Hoon, which he finds weird. She offers to make him coffee and even smiles at him, but Ji Hoon tells her to stop buttering him.


Ji Hoon’s manager Mu Jang wants to buy a new van for himself and sees an advertisement on the internet about used vehicles. Ma Ri tells him to be careful about getting scammed, but he is confident that he won’t get scammed because he works at a lawyer’s office. Mu Jang dresses up as a mechanic and takes a test drive of the van he wants to buy. He gets ready to buy the van, but the dealer starts telling him that the van has many issues.

Mu Jang ends up buying another van without taking a test drive, which breaks down soon. He goes back to demand a refund, but the owner of the warehouse straight-up denies it. Many people have been scammed in this way, and the chain of scammers has spread over the country. The prosecutor’s office wants to catch the head of this scammer group, and Ye Jin now leads the case. Mu Jang doesn’t show up at the office for two days because he is afraid to face Ji Hoon.


Ji Hoon goes to Mu Jang’s home and finally gets hold of him. He tells him that he will get his refund and asks him for details of his dealer. Ji Hoon calls his dealer and meets him to buy the same van. The dealer follows the same procedure and tells Ji Hoon to buy another car because the one he drove for the test has issues. However, Ji Hoon refuses to buy any other car and starts pestering the dealer to sell him the van.

The dealer runs away, but Ma Ri catches him and interrogates him about the scam. The dealer asks Ji Hoon to forgive him because he is a young guy who knows nothing better. Ji Hoon is ready to forgive him only if the dealer helps him become a dealer as well. Ji Hoon doesn’t only want to get back Mu Jang’s money but also help all the other people who were scammed. The dealer introduces Ji Hoon and Ma Ri to his boss, and he allows them to be the dealers.


‘One Dollar Lawyer’ Episode 9: Ending Explained

Ji Hoon asks Prosecutor Na Ye Jin for help as she is already working on the same case. Ji Hoon impresses the boss and accepts the challenge to make 100 million Won in sales. Ji Hoon’s first client turns out to be Prosecutor Seo Min Hyeok, and Ji Hoon easily scams him and sells him a cheap car for 100 million Won. Ye Jin didn’t tell Min Hyeok that it was part of a plan. There are geotags in the money bag, and the prosecutors follow them as the boss leaves with his gang.

The boss is impressed with Ji Hoon and wants to introduce him to their president, but Ji Hoon disappears. The gang members find out that the police are on their way, and they start to run away in their cars. Ji Hoon blocks their way with Mu Jang’s new van and starts arguing with them about getting scammed. The gang members attack him, but Min Hyeok comes in and starts fighting. The police arrive and arrest the gang members; however, the boss wouldn’t confess to his crime.


Mu Jang gets his money back and decides to stay with his old van. “One Dollar Lawyer” is back with its humorous storytelling after letting us into Ji Hoon’s heartbreaking story. We still don’t know how Ji Hoon got over Ju Yeong’s death and if he tried to find her murderer. However, a mysterious man makes an appearance in his office, and Ji Hoon looks perplexed because of him.

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