Nurse Faure In ‘Anthracite’ Explained: Is She Dead Or Alive?

Teenagers are rebels, and it’s fairly obvious that in the years leading up to our adulthood, we do a lot of things we aren’t supposed to do. Sneaking out of the house, breaking curfews, partying with other rebels—you know the gist. But when someone spends the better part of their life watching a self-proclaimed prophet utter rubbish and taking them seriously, it’s trouble. Nurse Faure in the latest French crime thriller Anthracite is a person who has stopped being a normal person ever since she broke into Solal’s storage unit. Her actions led to the deaths of many innocent people, and they had massive consequences for the small, scenic town of Levionna.


Spoilers Ahead 

Why Was Faure Influenced By Caleb?

Unlike other girls in Levionna, young Faure (Roxane Arnal) didn’t directly get involved with the cult. A few months after Caleb was arrested, Solal completed his investigations and interviews. He left the town for good, but not before leaving a spare key to his storage unit for Faure, who used to work there. Faure knew Solal was no ordinary man, and thought it’d be interesting to see what he was up to. Faure decides to check Solal’s storage, and she finds out all the tapes where he interviewed Caleb. Caleb was highly ambitious even after his arrest and truly believed in what he preached to the people. His worldview didn’t change much after all the deaths and his own doom, and the tapes mostly contained his personal experiences and his preachings. Faure got hooked on Caleb, and unlike the other girls, she didn’t even need to see him up close. Caleb influenced a girl who he didn’t even know, and she became probably his biggest devotee. Faure kept watching Caleb’s preachings, and she got addicted to every word that came out of his mouth. Her obsession for Caleb broke all boundaries, and she dedicated her life to his cause. 


How Does Faure Get Close To Caleb?

Faure had to see Caleb, and he was locked in a secure mental health facility. So she became a nurse and took a job at the same asylum. She confesses her feelings to Caleb the very first time they see each other, but Caleb rejects her. Caleb, at this point, has started to accept that what he did only made things worse, and that he deserves his confinement . Nurse Faure couldn’t stand to see the man she loves in this state, as she was convinced that he was the true prophet who’d change the world. She was jealous of Juliette because Caleb thought she was the chosen one. In a fit of rage, she forces herself on Caleb to get pregnant with his child. Faure gives birth to twins all by herself, sitting in her own kitchen. In a scene that’s painful to even look at, she was relieved that she gave birth to children of the prophet. 

How Does Nurse Faure Raise Her Kids?

The kids were unfortunate to have a mother like Faure, who made sure that they’d grow up believing in Caleb’s prophecy. She made Hari the bearer of light, and her daughter would be the sacrificial lamb in a way. According to the prophecy, for every good deed Hari does, his sister will have to make a sacrifice in return. When she grew old enough, Faure left her daughter in the mines to hunt people down. Giovanna’s career was stained by the missing people she couldn’t find, and Faure’s daughter stored every single corpse deep in the mines. Hari, who became a doctor, and who is seemingly a good person in general, couldn’t grow out of his mother’s agenda. He too believed that he’s meant for greater things since he’s the son of the prophet. When Romeo finds out about their secret, Hari doesn’t hesitate to shoot him. He finally does one good thing when he takes Romeo to the hospital and admits his crime, and it’d appear that his sins became too heavy for him to carry on. 


What Led To Faure’s Eventual Demise?

Faure’s jealousy towards Juliette wouldn’t stop even years after her death. Juliette’s children were a massive headache for Faure, and she would make it a mission to prove that it’s her children who are the actual miracle kids, not Juliette’s. She or her daughter kidnapped Malia, Jaro’s daughter, and took her to the mines. Jaro risks his own life and goes inside the mines to look for his daughter, but Faure’s daughter of darkness takes him down. Caleb arrives with Ida and tries to convince his daughter that she’s not made of just darkness, and that there’s light inside her too. She does drop her weapon when she sees her father for the first time in her life. But Faure has gone too far, and even the person she worshipped her whole life seemed like a liar to her. Faure’s treacherous instincts make her feel uncomfortable when Caleb tries to save the day, and she makes her daughter kill Caleb. The lady wouldn’t stop here, and she ordered her daughter to kill Malia too. If you thought Lady Macbeth had blood on her hands, Faure has outdone her by miles. Thankfully, the detonator from Bachelard’s hand fell just in the nick of time, and the explosion took Faure and her daughter’s lives soon enough. Jaro and Ida both survive, and Malia is one lucky child to go through all this and not die. Faure was more evil than anyone would’ve possibly imagined, and the way she died is a mercy, considering the crimes she’s committed. Good riddance, truly. 

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