‘Not Dead Yet’ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: Do Lexi And Edward Establish Boundaries?

The fifth episode of the show ended with Nell finding out about Lexi and Edward’s no-strings-attached relationship, and she was surprised about it. Nell was excited about finding common ground with Lexi in their shared interest in true crime podcasts and investigative cases. Lexi tried to solidify the relationship by the end of the episode, and Nell was touched by the gesture. Not Dead Yet episode 6 is about Nell and Lexi trying to be friends from this point on and Edward’s reaction to this newfound friendship.


Spoilers Ahead

Was Nell Concerned About Lexi’s Boundary Issues?

Nell woke up to witness Lexi having used up most of her toiletries and other skin care products. Now that Nell was aware of the relationship, Lexi and Edward had a hard time understanding boundaries and respecting Nell’s privacy as well. Nell never wanted to be involved in their matters, but Lexi was not aware of or simply did not care about Nell’s privacy, as the woman kept asking questions about how to make the relationship she now had with Edward work. Her roommate, on the other hand, refused to have a conversation with Lexi. Edward and Lexi were never good at communicating and refused to deal with each other. 


Why Was Dennis Afraid Of Duncan?

Dennis was afraid of Duncan because of his stature as a business mogul and the power the older man had over everyone in his company. Dennis was aware of how hardworking Lexi was, and how her father Duncan had completely sidelined her and chosen to take over, which proves he always disregarded other people, their work, and the effort they put in to make sure the final product was satisfying. Duncan’s narcissistic tendencies kept Dennis away from the top boss. Duncan was aware of Dennis being afraid of him and his presence, and as a result, he took advantage of it. 

What Was The ‘Newsvalanche’?

As everyone’s day was coming to an end, Dennis had to break the bad news about the city facing several back-to-back newsworthy events. The journalists had to stay back on Dennis’ orders, as most of these events would have to be printed in the morning edition of their newspaper. Since Dennis was the editor-in-chief, he had taken responsibility for running the show like clockwork, and it seemed this work-related emergency was easy for him. Duncan and Sam had nothing to offer during this emergency; the former was impressed by Dennis’ workflow and the calmness and ruthlessness with which he assigned work. Duncan could finally see the leader in the young man taking this journalistic emergency very seriously. 


How Did TJ And Nell Reconnect?

Nell was assigned to write the obituaries of two business partners who died in an accident on the same night, and just like others, she had pulled off an all-nighter just for the sake of the newspaper. The ghosts of the two people kept bickering with one another, and this forced Nell to move around in the office. During these constant movements, TJ and Nell reconnected and began to take an interest in each other. 

TJ was also busy with several sports-related emergency news stories and had to stay back. Both reconnected over Lexi’s lack of boundaries. Nell tried hard to establish some, as she was not interested in Edward and Lexi’s relationship, only because of her professional standing with her boss. Lexi was still Nell’s boss, and the latter was uncomfortable knowing personal details about her or helping her boss find answers to the questions she had about Edward. TJ tried to help her find the courage to speak, but to no avail, as Lexi was hell-bent on finding out if Edward was interested in her. TJ and Nell were finally able to find time for each other, and ever since their first encounter, there has been an undeniable connection between them that neither can let go of. 


Was Lexi Going Overboard With Texting Edward?

Lexi had begun to send many texts to Edward and was soon losing control over the relationship she was trying to build with him. As Nell wanted to get involved and help her boss, she decided to keep a distance and let the couple communicate and find a middle ground to discuss what they mean to each other. After watching Lexi spiral for a while, Nell contacted Edward to request that he offer an explanation for her question instead of letting her go overboard. Lexi was just getting out of a long marriage, and as a result, she had lost touch with how to date people. Edward, on the other hand, was livid at Lexi for informing people at the workplace about their relationship, which forced him to come over. Nell was content to watch both wanting to communicate after a while instead of just coming to assumptions. 

What Did Sam And Duncan Talk About?

Sam and Duncan were the only people who weren’t assigned any duties, because their work did not pertain to the emergency the newspaper was facing. Dennis was a whole different beast altogether during the situation they were facing, and Duncan was impressed to watch the editor-in-chief know what he wanted at the height of the crisis. Duncan was quick to learn he was of no use, and Sam felt the same because she was a lifestyle editor. Both found themselves in the company of each other, as Dennis assigned the old man to repair a copier machine and Sam was instructed to help him. Sam was impressed with Duncan’s rags-to-rich story and had a newfound respect for the man who achieved great things for the companies he owned. She was quick to remind him they were the only ones away from the ‘newsvalanche’ for a reason, which was that they were no longer required to offer any help. Suddenly, both felt dated and obsolete and had a drink over their lack of contribution. 

Duncan revealed that the newspaper’s bestselling section was the lifestyle section. This was the second time Duncan appreciated another colleague of his. Sam was touched by his gesture of letting her know about her value to the organization.

What Did Nell And TJ Converse About?

TJ was happy to have shared his favorite spot in the office with her, the terrace. Their conversation throughout the night was probably paving the way for a whirlwind romance between the two. Nell and TJ were conversing over his appreciation of her trying to do the right thing for Edward and Lexi. Nell and Edward were good friends, and she wanted him to be happy. She believed Lexi was the best thing that had happened to him and wanted them to remain a couple. TJ could see Nell was turning out to be a nice person, making decisions based on understanding what her best friend or roommate required and offering advice accordingly. Nell and TJ will have more to offer as the series progresses. 


Do Lexi And Edward Establish Boundaries?

Lexi and Edward had the ‘conversation’ because they were not capable of making any proper decision the right way. Lexi had a bossy nature, while Edward was a straightforward man, but when it came to their relationship, communicating their feelings never came easy for them. After having a detailed discussion in Lexi’s office room, both concluded their need to distance themselves from Nell and requested that she respect their boundaries. 

Nell was perplexed, as she was the one who’d respectfully moved away from their conversations and refused to get involved, but none of them would have it. Nell was angry but chose to respect their decision instead of wallowing over their blame. She was happy to witness the couple having a conversation and kept her distance as requested. 


Not Dead Yet episode 6 ended with Lexi offering Nell a complimentary stay at the Waldorf for being kind and patient with her and Edward’s situation concerning their relationship. Nell was touched by this move, as she suddenly realized Lexi was rich and could afford such gifts for the people she cared for. Lexi did care for Nell, and as a result, she was again reciprocating the same by offering her something she would love. Nell lightly suggested Lexi could have used the complimentary stay for herself and Edward, and as it dawned on her, Lexi took the complimentary stay for herself. Lexi was at times self-centered, but as a friend, Nell was coming to accept her for who she is. 

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