‘Not Dead Yet’ Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: Was Lexi Keen On Becoming Nell’s Friend?

Episode four of the current season of Not Dead Yet ended with TJ forgiving Nell for her behavior, and there was an indication of them getting romantically involved. Lexi decided to go back to the two-floor office system because she realized she cared about her employees and their well-being, and she wanted to turn out like her father. 


Spoilers Ahead

Was Nell Still Unaware Of The Affair?

Nell was still unaware of Edward’s clandestine meetings with Lexi. Lexi had spent a lot of nights at Nell and Edward’s, but most of the time, Nell was too sleepy to even notice who Edward was sleeping with. Edward’s straightforward nature of not disclosing who he was with was also the reason behind Nell’s trying to keep herself out of her roommate’s private life. Lexi and Edward made sure not to disclose their rendezvous to anybody, especially at her place of residence. Edward was not the kind of person Lexi would want to be seen with, but clearly, she was having a good time and continued to keep Nell in the dark about it. Nell was livid about finding her takeout food boxes empty with only cashews in them and constantly complained to Edward about it. 


Who Informed Nell About The Murder?

Nell’s latest obituary was about an accountant who had seemingly died after falling down the stairs. The accountant was taken aback by Nell’s comments about his boring life. Nell could still speak to the ghosts of the people she was assigned to write the obituaries of. Andrew was an IRS agent as well, which would mean he may have witnessed financial and personal electoral success. He worked with them before his death. Andrew claims he was pushed down the stairs by someone, which intrigues Nell further as she was keen on making the obituary interesting. Andrew probably wanted to make his life interesting by making Nell investigate his death. 

Why Was Lexi Keen On Conducting A Parallel Investigation?

Lexi was informed that Andrew’s death could be a case of homicide by Nell, who wanted to investigate on her end to find out what happened. Even though it was ruled an accidental death, Andrew claims Lexi was also involved in the matter. Lexi was a fan of many true crime podcasts, and she felt her knowledge about the subject had improved through her consumption of this form of media. Nell was not impressed by Lexi’s idea of investigating a death just based on her knowledge from the podcast. Lexi and Nell begin the investigation, and they are forced to work together on it. Andrew, who was enjoying the rivalry between Lexi and Nell, was surprised to come across the former’s insight on how murders take place and how to narrow down suspects.


What Was The Aftereffect Of Dennis Listening To The True Crime Podcasts?

Dennis, on encountering Lexi’s over-excitement about the true crime podcasts, begins to indulge himself in the same. He was soon overwhelmed by it and began to grow paranoid. This was an overreaction from someone highly sensitive and emotional. Dennis headed to meet Sam in a petrified state because she was the only solace he could find.

Where Do Lexi And Nel Stake Out?

Lexi and Nell had gone many steps ahead in the investigation and began to stake out the suspect they had previously interrogated. The man was Andrew’s client, who, according to the two women, was hiding crucial information about the audit Andrew was conducting on him. Paul was the name of the client that Andrew dealt with. Paul was called in under the guise of them wanting information for Andrew’s obituary. 


Since his answers were inconclusive, the women decided to stake out outside his home at night. They decided to go through his garbage to find any clue that would connect him to Andrew’s death, but they found none. The stakeout was a bonding experience for Nell and Lexi, as they had never gotten along before. Their common link was Sam and Dennis at work, and beyond them, nothing brought Nell and Lexi together. Their love for investigation and true crime stories brought them together for the first time, and they were very happy about having found common ground. Nell suddenly began to find Lexi interesting and wondered if the two could become good friends because of their interest in the subject of the investigation.

How Did Nell Crack Lexi And Edward’s Affair?

Nell and Lexi cracked the investigation into Andrew’s death and were upset to know the death was indeed accidental and not a murder, as per the evidence and the statement from Paul, the client. It was during this conversation that Nell noticed Lexi left the cashews untouched as it is and was able to connect the dots. Lexi was the one who left her expensive face cream accidentally at Edward’s; whereupon, Nell had begun to use it. These clues helped Nell find the answer to the million-dollar question about Edward’s secret lover. Nell blurted out Lexi’s name, and the latter did not deny the statement. Lexi was somehow glad the cat was out of the bag, but Nell was upset. Nell believed Lexi did not consider herself close enough to Nell to reveal this secret to her. She figured Lexi’s put up a façade, and she had no joy in being with Nell. Lexi, for the first time, was taken aback by Nell’s decision to pull back from something that brought both joy. She was upset that Nell would not consider sorting out the matter. 


Why Do Nell And Edward Have A Heart-To-Heart Conversation?

Nell and Edward have a conversation about their relationships and boundaries regarding details of their personal lives. Even though Nell was keen to know about Edward, she was never straightforward about asking questions. Nell played little mini games, hoping Edward would want to share with her the details of his affair. Nell, from time to time, forgets that he is a person on the autism spectrum who always takes things at face value and never bothers with mind games. Nell’s disinterest in his relationship was an indication for him not to bother her with his matters. Nell felt awful about not understanding his mental state and decided to be an active listener to his qualms and events that happened in his life. Nell and Edward were slowly becoming good friends as well. 

Was Lexi Keen On Becoming Nell’s Friend?

The episode ended with Lexi leaving several boxes of Chinese takeout food in the apartment refrigerator, which was Nell’s favorite. She also left her expensive face cream for Nell as a sign of their friendship from this day on. Since the beginning of Nell’s job at the newspaper with Lexi as her boss, both had found themselves on opposite sides of every dilemma and argument and never found a common point that brought them together. There was also a cold war between the two in regard to finding out who Sam loved more. This investigation into a so-called death allowed them to become a team for the first time. Offering Nell two things Lexi loved and cherished is a sign of her first step towards them becoming friends from here on. Nell was happy to have found a new friend in a foe, and this would be the start of a new chapter between the two career-driven women.


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