‘Not Dead Yet’ Season 2 Episode 4 Recap Summary: Will Nell And TJ Go On A Date?

Episode three of Not Dead Yet season two ended with Lexi being unable to let her father know about the fake award show she staged to receive some words of gratitude from him. Duncan never did that, and she ended up having to speak her heart out to the cut-out she had made up for her father. Nell and Sam had a heart-to-heart about the latter’s deteriorating marriage. Sam and Kieth are separated and live in two different cities now. Nell learns about this news when Tilly mentions that her parents are always fighting. 


Spoilers Ahead

What Are The Major Changes Lexi Has Made To Her Office?

Lex’s father was out of town, and this gave her the chance to make some major changes in the office. Lex’s only goal was to make Duncan appreciate her, and so far, none of her plans had worked in her favor. Her office had two floors, and she closed the second floor and made the workers up there move downstairs. Nell, Sam, and Dennis were forced to make space for the employees and adjust to the changes Lexi was trying to make. Lexi was hoping this would help them get along with other departments of the newspaper. She took advantage of her father’s absence and became the boss for the time being. 


Why Was Nell Trying Hard To Converse With TJ?

As several departments merged, Nell was suddenly interested in the sports editor of the newspaper, TJ, who seemed to be pally with everyone in the office. This included people from Nell’s floor as well. She was hoping to make a good first impression of herself and tried to get rid of all the mess on her table to make way for TJ, and she could not wait to begin conversing with him. 

Nell was the only person TJ was unwilling to have a conversation with. She was frustrated with his behavior and wondered what the reason was behind TJ avoiding her. TJ and Nell have been sharing a desk since the big change Lexi made, which made it harder for Nell to work as she believed in making friendships with her colleagues.


Were Sam And Dennis Clubbed Into One Room For Work?

Thanks to the major changes made by Lexi, Sam’s room was taken over by the social media team. Sam was used to the large room offered to her by Lexi, but for the first time, she would have to share it with Dennis. Dennis and Sam have been good friends for a long time, but they have never been asked to share one office room for work purposes. Dennis and Sam had their own methods to work, and it began to bother each other a lot. Dennis and Sam soon began to bicker, and her point of contentment was a three-year-old calendar. Lexi’s plan to get everyone to work together was soon starting to fall apart because Sam and Dennis wound up on the edge of disliking each other. 

How Did Lexi Know Nell Was Not Happy With The New Office Arrangements?

Nell was disgruntled by TJ and wondered if he had an attitude problem. She was not having a good time with TJ. He did not try to explain to her the reason behind him acting aloof towards her. Nell went home in the hope of getting some perspective, only to find Edward in his nightclothes. 


Lexi and Edward were frequently hooking up but were not at a stage to share these details with anyone. Nell was constantly complaining about her horrible experience dealing with TJ and blamed Lexi for it. Lexi was at the apartment, wondering if anyone else at the office was being forced to accommodate people they did not like. Lexi, unlike her father, was willing to hear her employees out, and Nell’s rant made her reconsider her plan. 

Why Was TJ Livid At Nell?

TJ finally revealed why he does not wish to converse with Nell. A few years back, all of them were at the same pub, and it was TJ’s first night in Pasadena after moving from Chicago to work for Lexi’s newspaper. He, along with many others, was watching a game that featured his home team. At the crucial point, Nell changed the channel at the pub, which made him miss the biggest moment of the game. This memory of Nell never left TJ, and he chose to stay away from this woman who’d robbed him of a memory that connects him to his hometown. Nell, Sam, and Dennis were thrown out of the pub because of this mishap, and all the memories came rushing back to her as she had forgotten about this incident. 

What Caused The Ceasefire Between Sam And Dennis?

Sam and Dennis decided to relive the incident, which involved all three of them making an entry into the same bar while concealing their faces. The angry mob of customers at the pub, who were still not over Nell’s faux pas, began to throw fried chicken at them. 

The three barely escaped the attack, not before Dennis saved Sam’s brand-new Chanel dress, not letting any chicken hit her brand-new expensive piece of clothing. Sam and Dennis realized they were close friends, but working with each other inside the same office room was never a good idea. Sam and Dennis shared details of their friendship, but there was no closure on why he had placed a three-year-old calendar in his office. Both decided to work in different office rooms to avoid further bickering. 


Why Did Lexi Change Her Plans?

Lexi finally changed her plans because she admitted to being empathetic, unlike her father, who was borderline narcissistic. She wanted to be successful like him, but she chose to take a different route where her employees would like her. Her father raised her to be ruthless, but Lexi chose to be a softer person so that she could have better relations with everyone at work, including Sam, Nell, and Dennis. Lexi was affected by Nell’s complaint against the new system. Unlike her father, Lexi chose a path that might be profitable for her in the long run. Lexi realized she cared about the office a lot more. 

Does TJ Forgive Nell?

Nell reveals her true nature as she apologizes to TJ for being responsible for him missing the biggest sporting moment. TJ chose to move away to another table after accepting the apology. Nell probably realized TJ would not be attracted to her, and there would probably never be any future for them because of that one mistake she made a couple of years ago. She was in no mood to patch up with him because he’d made his stance clear. 


It was on the same day that TJ wanted to make her remember what she missed on the day of the game. Nell wanted to watch a concert but accidentally switched on a cooking channel. On that night, it was not just TJ who missed something important; Nell’s fate was the same. He feels both are equal, as they lost something close to their hearts. 

TJ was livid because he missed a match with a team that was close to his heart, and the entire year he was upset. He blamed Nell for his having a bad year, but since both cleared the air, they could now move on. TJ was homesick when he moved to Pasadena in 2016. TJ probably did not have a good time at work as well, which is why he chose to blame Nell instead of working on himself.


Nell was happy this matter was closed and that they could move on to become friends. She had a crush on him and would hope to pursue him moving forward. The episode ended with Lexi asking everyone to move back to their old office cubicles. TJ moved back to his old desk, but it is assumed viewers can expect them to date each other and eventually fall in love.

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