‘Night Has Come’ Episodes 9 And 10 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Is The Mafia Game’s Host?

Night Has Come is nearing its end, and we’re finally getting some answers to what might really be going on. The show explores the subject of school bullying in the form of a brutal game of “Mafia,” where students actually end up losing their lives while playing. To add to the strangeness of it all, there’s something supernatural taking place as well, which means some sort of ghost is involved in this thrilling game of mafia. In the last few episodes, we learned who the mafias are and that the bully So-Mi was a part of the group.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 9?

Episode 9 takes off right where episode 8 ended, with Da-Beom planning on murdering Kyung-Jun. Da-Beom finally gets his revenge by stabbing his bully to death. Kyung-Jun knew that Da-Beom was a mafia member, so this was his safety net; however, now everyone knows that Kyung-Jun was a civilian. Yoon-Seo is the only one who is still stuck on her ghost story. Technically, she’s the only one seeing the ghost, which is why no one else believes her. She finds a box where she can use the key she was given by the host. She opens the box to find the same picture she found last time, but this time the faces aren’t blurred. In fact, shockingly, the faces are of her own class, and the dead girl stands in the corner too. This is when she finds out that the girl’s name is Park Se-Eun, who supposedly died by suicide, jumping off a bridge. It’s announced in the game that Se-Eun is the host, and the rest of the students begin to remember her too.

At this point in episode 9 of Night Has Come, the students start to panic, wondering why the memories of Se-Eun suddenly reappeared. They also think that the mafia group includes those students who bullied Se-Eun (duh) and led to her ultimate demise. At the same time, some of the students believe she could’ve been murdered too. It occurs to Na-Hee that if the bullies revealed their identities and apologized to Se-Eun, things might turn out for the best. So-Mi is completely against this idea and believes that whatever they did to Se-Eun was simply a game and not bullying. She thinks there’s nothing to apologize for (tsk, tsk, bad look on you, girl!).

Na-Hee was always the more timid of the group of bullies, and when the time comes to vote, she gets frustrated because So-Mi makes everyone think she’s a mafia member. It seems that Na-Hee supposedly spread some rumors about Se-Eun with a strange video. Na-Hee ends up revealing that she is actually the police officer, though, completely turning the tide. The police can see people’s occupations and save them too. Na-Hee’s big reveal proves that So-Mi is actually a Mafia member, and everyone ends up voting for her.

What Happens In Episode 10?

Episode 10 of Night Has Come begins with So-Mi trying to manipulate her way out of death too. She is truly terrified and angry, so as the students all vote for her, she tries to reveal the identities of the other mafias; however, something happens to her, and she starts spewing blood instead of names. There’s an announcement that states that the mafias can’t be revealed—another rule that So-Mi tried to break. Even at this point, So-Mi claims she didn’t have anything to do with Se-Eun. Yoon-Seo immediately shuts her off, making sure she knows that nobody is by her side anymore. Earlier in Night Has Come, we saw So-Mi bully Yoon-Seo too. She forced her into the swimming pool even though Yoon-Seo had asthma. Maybe Yoon-Seo would’ve been her next victim, which is why she’s the one chosen to help reveal Se-Eun’s story.

Now that only a few students are remaining, Na-Hee asks Jun-Hee to help her. She knows that the mafia will go after her next, considering her identity as a police officer. Na-Hee tells Jun-Hee to help her figure out how to catch the mafia red-handed. He sends her into hiding and puts fluorescent paint on the floor to catch the killer with UV light. They think the plan is bulletproof, but the next day, Na-Hee is dead anyway. Jun-Hee is frustrated, and his demeanor has completely changed since they first got there. In Jun-Hee’s vision of Se-Eun, we learn that, because of his fear of water after his traumatic incident, he couldn’t even try to save her. Jun-Hee saw her jump off the bridge, but all he could do was watch from a distance.

Jun-Hee checks all the students’ shoes for marks, and Mi-Na is the only one with them. The marks are only splattered on the side of her shoe, though, so even though everyone is calling her out as a mafia member, Yoon-Seo tries to take her side. She knows something is amiss. When she goes to the scene of the crime, there’s blood where Na-Hee was hiding, but there was none on her body as she was strangled to death. This means that they killed her and hurt themselves in the process. At the end of episode 10 of Night Has Come, Yeon-Woo is under suspicion because he hurt himself and nobody else has blood on them. At the same time, Da-Beom tries to look for the “evidence” that Jun-Hee and Yoon-Seo talk about. It’s their ploy to catch the mafia if they go to check for evidence. Both boys have now raised suspicion among the other kids. We know for certain that Da-Beom is the mafia, but since, of course, only two episodes are remaining, there must be a new twist!

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