‘Night Has Come’ Episodes 7 And 8 Recap And Ending Explained: Who Is The Doctor?

Considering Night Has Come is nearing its end, the show has intensified in gore and deaths. In episode 6, we saw Jun-Hee, a very popular main character, pretend he’s the mafia so that the other kids could survive. It’s later revealed that he was in fact not a part of the mafia team, but to nobody’s surprise, Kim So-Mi, the vice president, is. At the end of episode 6, it appears as if she’s going to kill Yoon-Seo before the credits roll in. Episode 7 begins right where we left off, with So-Mi standing over Yoon-Seo with an axe in hand.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 7?

Episode 7 of Night Has Come establishes that the mafia group has always known each other. At night, when the citizens sleep, they’ll be woken up and forced to kill a citizen, or one of them will die instead. The first mafia to die died because the team didn’t choose anybody to kill. In a shocking twist, Jung-Won is revealed to be on the Mafia team along with So-Mi and the two boys who have already been executed. Back to the present, when So-Mi is trying to kill Yoon-Seo, an announcement reminds her not to make any decisions herself. The team has to decide together who dies. It’s one of the bullies the mafia decides to kill, a member of Kyung-Jun’s team.


In the morning, Yoon-Seo wakes up and finds Jun-Hee immediately. She pulls his body out of the pool and reveals how she wishes she had told him about her feelings. There’s another announcement that says the doctor has decided to save Jun-Hee, and he’s miraculously brought back to life just like that (we did see this one coming last episode!). Still, this makes no sense at all. Obviously, So-Mi has feelings for Jun-Hee too, and she tries to wedge herself in between him and Yoon-Seo, who seem closer than ever but fails. Jun-Hee seems to be a changed person too, not being his overly nice self with everyone. The classmates stumble upon the dead body of the bully and are shocked by the amount of blood. At the same time, Jin-Ha, another one of Kyung-Jun’s friends, is vigorously washing blood stains out of his shirt, which makes everybody suspicious of him. He tells everyone that he is in fact not a mafia member, but somebody framed him for killing his friend because they were the only two people in the room.

At the same time, someone writes on the wall that Jun-Hee is a citizen. The class believes it’s the police who are using their turn to help, but they should be revealing mafias, not citizens. Yoon-Seo is still stuck with the ghost. Jun-Hee checks out the video taken of the place outside of the youth center where everything is frozen. Yoon-Seo is just as confused as Jun-Hee and the others as to why not even the birds are moving (it’s obviously a background, but okay). When Yoon-Seo goes through the camera, she notices that all the pictures have everyone’s faces glitching the same way in which all the ghost girl’s classmates’ faces were in the physical pictures that Yoon-Seo had found. When Yoon-Seo is alone, she meets the ghost again. This time she finds a key, and she also gets a message that tells her to find the host. Nobody else has received this message, which makes her seem strange. I love how she’s the only one who suddenly has her hair tied up. Only in K-dramas will the world end, but everyone will still have perfectly shiny, smooth hair.


The doctor is revealed to be Yoo-Joon, and he chooses to save Jun-Hee because he heard his conversation with Yoon-Seo on the rooftop. It’s probably the reassurance that he can help their classmates that makes him save him. He couldn’t save his girlfriend because it takes about 48 hours before he can use his abilities a second time. He finds Jin-Ha following Kyung-Jun with an axe and follows too. The two friends get into a physical altercation because Kyung-Jun is the first in the class to choose Jin-Ha as the next target. He really thinks he’s killed their other friend. Yoo-Joon is accidentally caught lurking around them, and they catch him immediately, so he doesn’t tell the rest that either of them is the mafia. Unfortunately, while fighting them off, Yoo-Joon gets shoved and hits his head on a brick. Kyung-Jun thinks the best thing to do after that is to actually kill him. He picks up a brick and starts bashing his head in (what kind of school student?!). He makes Jin-Ha do the same, and the episode ends with the death of the doctor.

What Happens In Episode 8?

It’s been announced that Yoo-Joon, the doctor, has been killed, and everyone is in shock. All the survivors gather around his body, and Yoon-Seo, who has been playing Sherlock Holmes for a bit now, takes pictures and tries to find clues as to why he was killed so brutally and by whom. She finds a piece of shoe on the floor and picks it up as evidence. The part belongs to Jin-Ha’s shoe, and if anyone wasn’t convinced yet that he was a mafia member, now they believe he really is. It looks like it’s time for some more violence, and Jin-Ha calls out Kyung-Jun for killing Yoo-Joon. The two break into a fight, and for some reason, calm and collected class president Jun-Hee loses it a bit too. There are only two ways this night is going to end: Jin-Ha’s or Kyung-Jun’s demise. Jun-Hee separates the two boys from each other and the rest of the class, keeping them locked in.


Kyung-Jun has been looking after the canteen, which also has a shutter and lock, which would essentially keep him safe at night from the other students, whoever the mafia is. The students try to extract the keys from him, but he pretends like he doesn’t have them. Ultimately, they take his phone, so he doesn’t have the opportunity to vote for anybody and can’t run away.

The writing on the wall is covered up with new writing from earlier in the episode, and Jin-Ha is found with a red marker, the color that was used to write on the wall the second time. This makes him more suspicious since he’s trying to divert the attention of the class towards Jun-Hee and Da-Beom as mafias. The class decides to vote for him, sparing Kyung-Jun, who has already established that he’s a citizen. Yoon-Seo does believe both of them are “innocent,” i.e., not mafias, but she doesn’t quite have any evidence. Jin-Ha gets the majority vote and is executed by the game, only for him to turn out to be a citizen as expected. The game has obviously turned the good and innocent into something else. Jun-Hee doesn’t quite care that he’s letting Jin-Ha die because he killed Yoo-Joon in cold blood.


Meanwhile, Da-Beom decides to take matters into his own hands and traps Kyung-Jun in a room after the other mafias collect the keys to the canteen. We can imagine they’ve chosen Kyung-Jun as their next victim, as Da-Beom says the rest of the mafia will find them soon. In a fit of rage, Kyung-Jun chokes Da-Beom, almost killing him, before falling asleep at midnight. Jun-Hee, on the other hand, heads up to the roof all by himself, as if he’s lost all direction in life (feel you, dude). At the end of the episode, Da-Beom is ready to kill Kyung-Jun, putting his headphones on the sleeping boy’s ears for a musical ending.

Night Has Come is going to end soon, but we’re still not certain what the connection between the ghost and the mafia game is. How exactly are the kids controlled? At first, it seemed like they had some sort of chip in their heads, but could it be some strange kind of possession? Nothing is clear yet, but Yoon-Seo will soon figure out who the host is! Night Has Come returns on December 17th, 2023.


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