‘National Treasure: The Edge Of History’ Episode 5: Recap And Ending, Explained: Did Liam Betray Jess?

Riley Pool’s appearance in “National Treasure: The Edge of History” Episode 4 revealed how he assisted Jess in deciphering Elvis’ hints. With Riley’s guidance, Jess discovered that Twin Tongue Serpent was not Malinche, but Sacagawea, who had aided Meriwether Lewis and William Clark’s exploration of Louisiana territory. Lewis’s journal still had an elusive clue, which is yet to be revealed. Let’s see whether Jess can figure it out.

Spoilers Ahead

Who Was The Snitch In Jess’s Gang?

In the opening moments of “National Treasure: Edge of History” Episode 5, Billie and her technologists employ cutting-edge technology to figure out the clue that Elvis had spoken about. While Jess previously revealed that the Twin Tongue was Sacagawea, Billie believed it to be Malinche. She continued, saying she had believed Elvis had been referring to a “tale” rather than a “tail” in his clue. We come back to Jess and Tash, who were concerned about the mole in their group who had been feeding Billie information. Tash suspected Liam, and Jess couldn’t ignore her suspicions. She had her own doubts about him, but because Liam had asked her to look into Lewis’ journal, she made the decision to set those doubts aside and concentrate on finding the journal. On her way to the museum, Ethan accompanied her, and they found out Liam was already there and had asked the museum curator to show him Lewis’ journal, but the curator clearly stated that she couldn’t. The only way he could see the journal was if he could attend the Governors Ball, where it would be on display. The entry fee for the ball was $500, so Jess and Ethan overheard Liam demanding money over the phone. All of this made Jess suspicious of him. She returned to Tash, who had already hacked Liam’s bank account and discovered that someone had sent him $50,000. Jess and Tash both agreed that Liam was the traitor. But they soon discovered that it wasn’t Liam but Oren’s shoe that had been bugged by Billie. She probably put a recording device in Oren’s shoe when he was kidnapped, and thus, Billie has been keeping an eye on them ever since.

Finally certain of Liam’s allegiance, Jess shared a passionate moment with him. She had earlier revealed that she was aware that his account had been credited with this amount of money, so Liam dispelled her concerns by telling her that his mother was the one who was supporting him by sending him the money. Billie, meanwhile, had traveled to a museum on the Cayman Islands to learn more about the Codex of Malinche, a copy of Cortes’ journal that had numerous entries by Malinche. She took it from there and then traveled to a university in Mexico to speak with a professor about translating the language. However, she discovered that the codex was a forgery and that Cortes did not even write this journal. Billie returned to her minions, who informed her that Jess had discovered the bug in Oren’s shoes. He was showing Oren’s show video to Billie, who discovered Jess’s medallion in this footage. She realized Jess was the daughter of Rafael Rios, the only indigenous person left with the medallion. This nugget of information helped Billie understand why Jess was on the hunt for the treasure. Billie learned from Kacey that Jess and her gang were planning to attend a governor’s ball, indicating their intent to obtain Lewis’s journal.

Did Liam betray Jess?

Liam prepared himself and invited Jess to the ball. Everyone in Jess’s group had gone to the ball as an excuse to keep her company. When Liam, Jess, Ethan, and his girlfriend Meena were enjoying themselves at the ball, Oren and Tash demanded that Jess and Ethan dance to their favorite music, just like they did in school. Jess and Ethan were forced to dance due to their nagging, which irritated Meena. But Jess discovered Liam had left. She thought Liam was upset with her for dancing so passionately with Ethan, but she was mistaken. Finally, she found out that Liam had stolen the journal from the display, so she ran after him. However, security discovered her fleeing the room, leading them to suspect Jess of stealing the journal. So they pursued her, and she fled for her life. Tash was successful in attracting security, but a police car arrived to apprehend Jess. While Jess was desperately trying to hide, a large black car appeared with Billie inside. She was dressed in a red gown as if she had also attended the ball. She asked her to get into her car so that the police wouldn’t catch her. Jess couldn’t think clearly at the time, so she got into her car.

Liam had come off as a traitor as “National Treasure: The Edge of History” Episode 5 came to a close. They went to the ball with the purpose of stealing the journal, but since it was a planned team effort, Liam seemed to deceive her, taking the journal by himself. Was she his conduit to this journal? Or perhaps he had other ideas. It’s likely that Liam will prove to be the real snitch in Jess’ gang, but we cannot be so certain until “National Treasure: The Edge of History” Episode 6.

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