Who Does Tom Love In The Film ‘My Policeman’? Marion Or Patrick?

“My Policeman” begins with the premise of an elderly woman, all ready to take care of a stroke-ridden elderly man. The story gives us Tom, Patrick, and Marion. Tom and Marion meet as any other couple would and hit it off immediately as Tom starts giving swimming lessons to Marion. Marion and Tom slowly start falling for one another when Tom introduces Marion to Patrick, a local museum curator. Patrick takes them to the opera; they explore paintings and painters, go for dinners with them, make dinner for them, and they explore the town with them. Marion starts wondering who she is more attracted to, Tom or Patrick. Tom lets her be the way she is, and that’s why she marries Tom.


Tom and Patrick, meanwhile, met each other long before Marion and Tom did. They are attracted to one another but are aware they can’t spend their lives being a gay couple in the UK. Tom and Patrick indulge in intercourse as much as they can while Tom starts feeling guilty, for he is a government servant who knows his job will be in jeopardy if his sexuality is revealed. To hide his relationship, Tom starts courting Marion, who is unaware of his sexuality and his relationship with Patrick. Tom makes sure Patrick becomes a part of their lives, so that going forward, Marion would not suspect their affair. 

Tom and Patrick go miles to be with each other, while Tom does little to understand his wife, Marion. Tom is strictly against Marion working after their kid is born, while his attitude is different toward Patrick. Tom, knowing that Venice is Marion’s favourite city, flees to the city with Patrick to spend some quality time with him. Patrick’s love for Tom was selfless, while Tom remained indecisive. He wanted the intimacy he shared with Patrick, but he also wanted the stability that came with marrying Marion. Tom’s constant state of confusion leads him to lose Patrick and lose interest in his marriage to Marion because he is ridden with guilt.


Once Patrick is back in Marion and Tom’s home, Tom is initially distant and uninterested in taking care of Patrick. Marion makes sure Patrick is well taken care of and insists Tom spend time with Patrick. Tom refuses to do that. Tom cries one day, thinking about the life he and Patrick could have had if Tom had not cut off all ties with Patrick after he was sent to jail for obscenity. Tom believes he could have had the life they desired, but his job, life, and his marriage to Marion made sure he won’t be able to leave this life. Tom loved Patrick the most because even after his marriage, he kept going back to him for companionship, friendship, and intimacy. He did not share any intimacy with Marion but only considered her a long-term partner who would be ideal as his wife. 

Tom avoids Patrick all this while letting himself understand the ramifications of abandoning his lover when he needs Tom the most. Tom chooses Marion, but deep down, he knows it is Patrick he always wanted by his side. Tom’s acceptance of his mistake of not revealing his sexuality to Marion, and hiding his affair with Patrick, makes him realize Marion is right about ending their marriage once and for all. He initially begs her to stay but understands that her guilt over revealing Patrick’s sexuality will stay with her forever. But decades later, she cannot live with the fact that Tom and Patrick still love each other, so she should step aside for Tom. Marion may have loved Tom, but Tom always pined for and loved Patrick. The last shot of “My Policeman” shows Tom and Patrick holding hands and being there for each other from now on.


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Smriti Kannan
Smriti Kannan
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