‘My Happy Ending’ Episodes 7-8 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Does Jae-Won Forget Everything?

My Happy Ending keeps hitting us with new surprises every week. Just as we were starting to see Jae-Won’s husband as the bad guy, we got hit by some new secrets that were very disarming. Episodes 7 and 8 are partially from Soon-Young’s point of view because the ball is now in his court. We get to see why he wants Jae-Won to suffer and what’s really going on with both of them. On the other hand, we also see Yoon-Jin’s side of things and why she’s been jealous of Jae-Won this whole time. Things are starting to change drastically, and there’s no way to tell what’s coming next in My Happy Ending. I, for one, can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next, but before that, let’s quickly recap episodes 7 and 8 of My Happy Ending.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 7?

Episode 7 of My Happy Ending begins with flashbacks of incidents from Soon-Young’s viewpoint. Jae-Won and Soon-Young were the perfect couple; even though she was a workaholic and he couldn’t pursue his dream of being a professor, he never resented Jae-Won, until one day he got an email that said he wasn’t Ah-Rin’s father (scandy!). Despite it being a random email, Soon-Young took this very seriously and ended up getting a paternity test. It turned out the email was right, and Ah-Rin wasn’t his daughter. This incident happened seven years ago, on the night Jae-Won was at the launch of her company. At this point, Soon-Young didn’t bother confronting his wife and made an elaborate plan to completely ruin her life before asking for a divorce. This is where the show started. As we know, he cheated on her with her best friend and finally ended up asking for divorce with the request for custody of  Ah-Rin. Despite her not being his biological daughter, there is no doubt that Soon-Young can’t live without Ah-Rin. We get to see how he brought her up and how he took care of her whenever Jae-Won was busy working, making him feel even worse about the fact that she cheated and even had the child without saying a word to him.


In the present day, Jae-Won learns about Ah-Rin not being Soon-Young’s daughter, and she seems more shocked than Soon-Young himself. The shock puts her into a slump, and she starts to behave strangely, disappearing for a couple of days. When she returns, she’s a completely different person and has forgotten everything that happened in the past few months. Meaning she doesn’t know her best friend and husband were together, etc. However, before this, Jae-Won asked Soon-Young to look after Ah-Rin for her because she realized that she was the bad guy this whole time, despite not remembering what happened on the night of the launch.

We finally learn about the night that Seung-Gyu almost died. It was Yoon-Jin he was arguing with because she made him keep an eye on Jae-Won for some money. He then started acting up, saying he didn’t want to hurt the CEO of his company just for some petty cash, and Yoon-Jin ended up hounding him with work. Getting angry, he tried to strangle her, saying they should end it all right there and then together. In self-defense, Yoon-Jin pushed Seung-Gyu off the building. This is when she called her father to help her out. Soon-Young has already realized that it was her fault that Seung-Gyu was in the hospital, so he decides to break up with her without hearing her out. To be fair, she was having the guy do bad things to his wife, whom he was suddenly worried about. We see parallels between the relationship between Ah-Rin and Soon-Young and Jae-Won and her own stepfather.


What Happens In Episode 8?

Since Jae-Won returned as if the entirety of the recent past was wiped from her memory, Soon-Young worries and finds the “headache” medicine. He takes it to her father and asks him directly what it’s for, but her father refuses to tell him what it is. He finally learns from his research that it’s bipolar medication, and suddenly his life with Jae-Won flashes in front of him, making things much clearer. He feels terrible for never realizing that it was an illness, for assuming it was simply mood swings that made Jae-Won so difficult to understand. In the meantime, although Jae-Won is behaving like there’s nothing wrong, she feels something weighing her down, and there is something in the back of her mind, but she just can’t put her finger on it.

In her condition, she gets Yoon-Jin to sign the contract with her company, and Yoon-Jin takes advantage of the situation since Jae-Won doesn’t remember saying she wanted to cancel the contract. This happened once before, when Jae-Won was 15, and Yoon-Jin was there too. She had tried to slit her wrist in school because the bullying was too much to handle, but when she woke up, she had forgotten everything that had happened. In the present day, her father tells Soon-Young that she suffers occasionally from dissociative amnesia. Suddenly, Soon-Young realizes he’s been at fault this whole time and never saw that his wife was ill and had gone through so much all her life. On top of that, her mother was a horrible person, who would leave her with loan sharks and go out gambling. She had no fear of her young child having anything bad done to her. On the other hand, Soon-Young tries to find out who Ah-Rin’s father is from the videos and files of everybody present at the launch event. One of Yoon-Jin’s father’s friends had gotten her drunk, so she never learned what really happened that night over her medication.


Who Is Ah-Rin’s Father?

During the launch event, Yoon-Jin was in a happy relationship with a man named Kim Sang-Beom. It turns out that he was the one who had taken a drunk Jae-Won to her room, and Yoon-Jin had witnessed it firsthand. She was pregnant at the time with his child and had lost the baby when she found out about him cheating on her with her best friend. This is why she wants everything that Jae-Won has now. So, listen up, everybody; nobody is bad here; everybody just thinks Jae-Won is actually evil.

Yoon-Jin decides to mess things up more and takes Jae-Won to their old high school because, according to a doctor, she would remember everything if she were taken back to the place where a traumatic incident occurred. She texts a picture of Jae-Won to her husband and asks him to come to a location to meet them. Worried, he goes there with Te-O, who happens to be with him, to tell him who Sang-Beom is. Now, the pieces are coming together for Soon-Young, but Yoon-Jin throws another curve ball. She invites them both to join Jae-Won and herself for dinner. She makes things very awkward by bringing up the fact that Te-O has known Jae-Won since her name was Seo Yun-Jin and has had a crush on her since. That is why he wanted a job at her company. The episode ends eerily when Yoon-Jin brings up the fact that Ah-Rin doesn’t look anything like her father. Will Jae-Won’s memories return soon, and will Soon-Young stick by her side till the end? We sure hope Jae-Won gets her happy ending again.


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