‘My Happy Ending’ Episode 14 Recap & Ending Explained: Was Yoon-Jin Present When Soon-Young Died? 

At the end of episode 13 of My Happy Ending, Yoon-Jin decides to drop a big bomb on Jae-Won and has Reporter Choi release some hidden information. Now we know what that was all about. Additionally, Seung-Gyu was finally killed off at the end of episode 13, and it seems the body count is going up for the Kwons. Jae-Won may be spiraling further since things aren’t really going her way just yet. I suppose we’ll just have to wait till the end of the show for her actual happy ending. On the other hand, Te-O seems to be overprotective of the woman, and she is absolutely unbothered. Simply from the expressions of the two of them, you can tell how much she does not care that he cares, which is kind of unfortunate, because at the moment she doesn’t really have anyone else on her side. Let’s quickly dive into episode 14 of My Happy Ending to see what Yoon-Jin has planned against Jae-Won so confidently. 


Spoilers Ahead

Who Kidnapped Soon-Young? 

After Soon-Young apologized to Yoon-Jin for ruining her life and not trusting his wife, he delivered the audio file to his friend (who later gave it to Jae-Won) and then was kidnapped by the same cap guy. It turns out it was Yoon-Jin who had him do it, because she wanted the audio file gone, of course. In the present day, we get to see what really happened with Seung-Gyu. Yoon-Jin enters the room, and nobody can help him because the cap-guy has left the security guard unconscious. Yoon-Jin simply takes a knife to Seung-Gyu’s throat after he refuses to join her side. He even insults her by saying she will never become Jae-Won, even if she dresses like her and pretends to be her. Cap-guy then beats Yoon-Jin up, making it look like she is a victim too. She removes the glove from her hand and then brings out her acting chops for the cops. Tae-Joo happens to be at the location at the time too, but he doesn’t do anything. Detective Oh is pretty quick, and she can tell there’s something fishy going on here, so she is quite suspicious of Yoon-Jin. Yoon-Jin has left the knife with Tae-Joo’s fingerprints on it at the scene, but it makes no sense for him to have killed the guy. At the moment, Tae-Joo has disappeared off the face of the earth because he knew something like this would happen eventually. 


How Do Tae-Joo And Jae-Won’s Mothers Know Each Other? 

In the meantime, while researching Tae-Joo, Te-O finds a picture of him that has something to do with gambling. Jae-Won is quick to notice her mother in the photo. This was when the two of them first met. Jae-Won’s mother had been gambling, and Tae-Joo had been one of the cops to catch the group. Jae-Won’s mother had told him to look up Jae-Won at the time to show him whose mother she was. I suppose it was her way to bribe the guy in the future or make him realize that she comes from money. Jae-Won’s mother had made an impression on Tae-Joo on that special day and invited him to gamble with her whenever he felt bored. 

What Information Did Reporter Choi Release? 

It turns out that the secret information that Yoon-Jin had given Choi was about Jae-Won’s father having killed her mother. It’s a case of negligence leading to murder. Jae-Won seems worried, but she doesn’t go visit her father. She’s under the impression that he doesn’t want her to see him at the moment. At the moment, both Yoon-Jin and Jae-Won’s fathers are in prison, but how differently will the two daughters react? Yoon-Jin admits to her father in prison that she killed Seung-Gyu (she’s finally flaunting her psychopathic ways). 


Who Is Cap Guy? 

This is speculative, but considering the dude’s name is Yun-Je, which we hear for the first time in this episode, and seeing his concern for Yoon-Jin’s father, we can assume he’s an illegitimate son of Yong-Ik. This is also probably why he’s willing to risk his own life and do literally anything for the Kwons, no questions asked. On the other hand, Detective Oh finds Tae-Joo in a columbarium, and it seems he’s there to keep a promise, but we don’t know what that is just yet. Detective Oh tries to arrest the guy, but he’s too strong for her and uses the handcuffs to cuff her to the pole there. Detective Oh believes that Tae-Joo didn’t kill Seung-Gyu, but I suppose he’s not confident he can save himself just yet. When he gets back to his hiding place, he finally calls Jae-Won because he’s ultimately become disposable to Yoon-Jin, just as she’d predicted. 

Why Can’t Jae-Won Testify In Her Father’s Case? 

Jae-Won is still hallucinating and unwilling to take her medication. Te-O has to force her to take it because she’s more anxious by the day and her condition seems to be worsening. There’s a slim chance her father will be seen as innocent, and at first, the lawyer says she shouldn’t testify because of her mental health history. Yoon-Jin also attends the trial, and she’s overjoyed to see the prosecutor nail Jae-Won and her father. Apart from having called emergency services too late after his wife took pesticides, he also committed insurance fraud. They admit guilt to the insurance fraud but deny the intentional murder charges. However, at the last moment, it’s made known that Jae-Won’s father also refused an autopsy for her mother, which makes him look especially guilty. This is something Jae-Won also did not know about. She later learns from an old “friend” of her mother’s that her father had told the lady that he would pay her soon. It turns out that he paid her off with the insurance money, and it seemed like he knew his wife was going to die in a few days. 


What Does Jae-Won Receive In A Package? 

After a long day of trying to look for witnesses to save her father, Jae-Won comes home to a package in her hallway. It contains a thumb drive with evidence of Yoon-Jin having fabricated the whole thing with Soon-Young. Jae-Won watches the whole video of her husband being tortured by Yoon-Jin and then Yoon-Jin’s father. It also shows how Yoon-Jin changes from a vicious villain to an innocent, frightened girl when her father shows up so that he can do the actual killing. It’s Tae-Joo who gave her the thumb drive, and he shows up at her house. He was the one who helped Yoon-Jin capture Soon-Young, meaning he was involved in his killing too. Finally, we learn that Tae-Joo was visiting his wife’s grave and that she killed herself because he was busy gambling with Jae-Won’s mother. 

Is Yoon-Jin Winning? 

Jae-Won is called as a witness in court, and she admits to having gone to the hospital for her mental illness. She also admits that she’s still having hallucinations. Jae-Won tries to tell the prosecutor that her mother would do anything in order to get money to gamble, and her father only wanted her to stop. Seeing the prosecutor go hard on Jae-Won, at the end of episode 14 of My Happy Ending, Jae-Won’s father stands up and says he murdered his wife. This makes it seem like Yoon-Jin is currently winning the game, but Jae-Won probably has some other tricks up her sleeve. 

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