‘My Happy Ending’ Episode 13 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happens To Seung-Gyu? 

My Happy Ending is a melodrama spanning 16 episodes. I suppose at this point it feels a little bit stretched out because there were a lot of things that were forgotten amidst the show’s messy plot. The two-week gap may have also had an impact on my perception of the show, but these latest episodes seem to be quite boring and honestly feel like they’re going in circles. I feel like this show could’ve easily been wrapped up in 12 episodes, leaving Jae-Won with an actual happy ending, but at this point, it almost seems impossible. Additionally, having this father-daughter duo as the antagonists also feels a bit uninspired, making the show more old-school than the modern picture it’s trying to paint while addressing mental health. Additionally, it’s also clear now that that side of things is only here as a plot device, and it’s just getting worse by the episode. Here’s hoping that, in the end, things will be handled better. 


Spoilers Ahead

How Does Jae-Won Escape Kwon Yong-Ik?

Jae-Won takes matters into her own hands and decides to put a hidden camera in her cardigan when she knows she’s going to be kidnapped by Yong-Ik’s men. She gets him to admit that he killed her husband, while he slaps her and later proceeds to put pesticide inside her mouth forcefully with the help of the cap guy, who is always doing his dirty work. Before they can give her a lethal dose, Te-O makes it to the location and asks secretary Kim to inform the police as well. Yong-Ik escapes, and Te-O gets into a physical altercation with the other guy before he runs away too. They’re shocked by the speed at which Te-O and the police arrive at the scene. Te-O tries to wake Jae-Won up, but she doesn’t, and you can see how emotionally torn he is. It turns out that Yoon-Jin is aware of everything that’s happening and has set up a will for her father; she knows he’s going to go to prison, so she wants him to sign it before. This is Yoon-Jin’s way of demanding her father’s affection. She basically blames her father for her becoming the biggest villain of his life (since he’ll be going to prison for her). When Jae-Won wakes up in the hospital, Te-O is by her side. They’re not yet trusting Detective Oh Soo-Jin, since she’s new to the case and has previous ties with Nam Tae-Joo. On the other hand, Yoon-Jin is making decisions without telling Tae-Joo, which is making him angry, and this can backfire on her at any time. 


What Is Te-O Up To? 

Te-O is doing everything in his power to keep Jae-Won safe. He’s hired bodyguards for her home. He has also asked Yong-Ik’s assistant to hand him information about the minister, and this is evidence Jae-Won can use in court against the man. As always, it boils down to corruption and greed for power. It seems like the minister also knows that his assistant is helping Te-O since he’s got his guy following everybody around. When he gets interviewed by Detective Oh, he’s skeptical of her and doesn’t give her all the information she wants. They still need to see whose side she’s on. Although Jae-Won has a video for evidence, anyone could pretend it’s a deepfake or fabricated video, especially since she’s got a mental illness. If Detective Oh is on their side, they can trust her with that video. Back in the day, Jae-Won already had the Assemblyman on her side, and now he questions Kwon Yong-Ik in front of the media about his corruption. Jae-Won shows up with the evidence against him, and ultimately, Soo-Jin arrests the man essentially in front of the whole country for killing Jae-Won’s husband and for the fraud committed by the foundation. Yoon-Jin holds a press conference, claiming that she won’t pretend to be indifferent about her father’s work; however, she’s willing to repent by donating everything she and her father have made. Soo-Jin can tell that the woman is lying, though. 

Is Jae-Won Okay? 

In the meantime, Jae-Won is extremely stressed by the turn of events and can still see the psychiatrist’s hallucinations. Just knowing she’s having a hallucination doesn’t really help her. Te-O is the only person who can really help her at this moment, but she doesn’t seem to see how much he really cares for her. Yoon-Jin isn’t done with Jae-Won just yet; despite having destroyed her family and taken her job, she isn’t satisfied. She shows up at the house with a painting of Ah-Rin to irk her more. Since Jae-Won isn’t really taking her medication, she is very much affected by Yoon-Jin’s gesture. Jae-Won says that she knows Yoon-Jin was there when Soon-Young died. In reality, Yoon-Jin has one more card up her sleeve, and she thinks it’s finally time to play it. Yoon-Jin tells corrupt reporter Choi to make public the secret information she had shared with him a long time ago. She leveraged this information on the condition that she would get to choose when it became public knowledge. 


What Happens To Seung-Gyu? 

Since Detective Oh has proven her worth, Te-O and Jae-Won have told her that they think Yoon-Jin is the mastermind behind everything that’s gone down. Seung-Gyu decides to testify with the help of Te-O and Jae-Won’s assistant by his side. However, at the end of episode 13 of My Happy Ending, Seung-Gyu ends up dead, and Yoon-Jin comes out of the house he’s meant to be hidden in with blood all over her face and upper body. Te-O had earlier discussed with Detective Oh that Seung-Gyu would be willing to testify against Yoon-Jin, which is probably why she came to kill him off for real. We’ll learn more about exactly what happened in episode 14 of My Happy Ending

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