‘My Demon’ K-Drama Plot, Story, Cast, Character, Release Date And Where To Watch

Netflix has its A-game on when it comes to Korean dramas, as it releases a new fantastic show, or at least, an addicting one, on a weekly basis. Recently, we’ve had some gems like Doona, Castaway Diva, and A Time Called You that have been loved by audiences and critics alike. Now, it’s finally time for the highly anticipated Song Kang and Kim You-Jung-starring K-drama My Demon to have us on our knees begging for mercy. Alright, this is a very unserious statement, but everyone’s just so excited to be taken in by this girlboss-demon combination that we can’t help but imagine it’s going to be a super hit even if it manages to bring nothing new to the table. People are already screaming about the “face cards” these two very attractive actors are bringing to the show, which is reason enough to give it a go. A weekend drama including the contract marriage trope—you bet this one’s going to be big. My Demon will be available on Netflix starting November 24. The show will air two episodes a week on Fridays and Saturdays. The show will have 16 episodes, and all we can hope for is that it doesn’t turn out like Netflix’s other fantasy-rom-com, the promising failure Destined With You


Story & Plot Predictions

Do Do-Hee is a formidable young CEO with the looks of a goddess and the heart of a demon. She’s completely uninterested in men and claims to be married to her work. She started her dessert company right out of college, and it’s been a few years she’s been running it. She’s now winning big awards and such. On the other hand, there is the 200-year-old (too young) demon Gu-Won, who ironically gets rescued (his name means rescue) by Do-Hee while he’s drowning. He has a tattoo on his wrist that represents his demon-ness, which gets transferred to Do-Hee during the rescue. Now, Gu-Won, who doesn’t appreciate humans, has to stay close to Do-Hee and keep her safe in order to make sure he can live eternally with no problems and get his powers back.

Do-Hee doesn’t believe Gu-Won’s claims of demonic existence, so he has to show her how things are done in his world. After he shows her his powers, Do-Hee decides she can have him as her bodyguard. They catch feelings in the end. Just kidding, while the both of them, their dichotomy aside, start to fall for each other despite their own cynical worldviews, they’re forced into a contract marriage. At the end of the day, Gu-Won must protect Do-Hee in order to keep what’s precious to him—his powers, which she holds in her hands. How will this heiress and demon combination take over the world? We’ll find out soon enough on Netflix. This is going to be a classic enemies-to-lovers rom-com with a pinch of fairy dust added to it.


Cast And Characters

Kim You-Jung, or Korea’s “Nation’s Little Sister,” has been in the field for over a decade and plays evil heiress Do Do-Hee. The child actress shot to fame immediately with her adorable looks and acting prowess. While being in the limelight all this time, she’s resurfaced as a national favorite after her fantastic role in Netflix’s 20th Century Girl, which gave her the titles like ‘Nation’s First Love’ and ‘Global First Love’ too. The actress’s body of work includes Backstreet Rookie, Clean With Passion For Now, and Love in the Moonlight. Of course, we can’t go without talking about her visual presence, and everyone is overjoyed to see her side by side with Song Kang. With the show not even out yet, everyone is all praise for the chemistry the two are displaying in the trailer alone.

Song Kang plays the demon, Gu-Won. The actor is on a roll with Netflix, and two of his big shows, My Demon and Sweet Home 2, are releasing within a span of a week. The actor has made an interesting portfolio of shows just on Netflix, including Nevertheless and, fans favorite horror thriller drama, Sweet Home. The actor shot to fame as the second lead in Love Alarm. He definitely has a lot to offer, as we’ve seen in Sweet Home as well as Navillera, and we look forward to seeing what he chooses to do next in his career.


Lee Sang-Yi is also listed as one of the main characters of this show, and while he’s not anywhere to be seen in the trailers, is it possible that we have a second lead here too? The actor has been showing off his range lately with shows like Bloodhounds and Han River Police and has a very likeable quality to his acting.

Kim Hae-Sook is also a main character, and we can assume she plays Do Do-Hee’s mother or guardian, considering she’s a very important heiress. On the other hand, she could possibly be an enemy to look out for. The veteran actress can never fail in a comedic role, but earlier this year we saw her play the vicious grandmother in Revenant. She’s also in Strong Girl Nam-Soon, which takes a bow this weekend.


When And Where To Watch

My Demon is a highly anticipated K-drama that will come out on Netflix on November 24, 2023. Keep your eyes peeled on Fridays and Saturdays to catch this show. The show will replace Escape of the Seven on SBS in the Friday and Saturday 10:00 p.m. slot. Hopefully, unlike some recent disasters (looking at you Destined With You and Strong Girl Nam-Soon), this show will be worth the watch and not be an empty shell with a beautiful cover.

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