‘Han River Police’ Episode 1 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Problems Are Caused By The Cruise Ship?

Being a police officer is a demanding job. You’ve got to keep your cool in the most stressful situations and deal with all sorts of tricky stuff. Imagine you’re not exactly Mr. Cool and have a bit of a short fuse. That’s Sergeant Han Du Jin for you, but don’t let his temper fool you. He’s the kind of cop who’s willing to go the extra mile to crack a case, and he’s doing it right there in the bustling city of Seoul, specifically around the Han River. Han’s not alone, of course. He’s got his fellow officers, and these folks are no strangers to challenges. Whether it’s a missing person or a mysterious crime, they’re the ones called to sort it out, and together, they make up the Han River Police.

Spoilers Ahead 

What Happens In The Simulation Training?

Episode 1 of Han River Police starts off with quite a serious tone that’ll have you wondering what’s going on in the bustling city of Seoul. It kicks off with some picturesque scenes of what seems like a peaceful day around the Han River. But things take a dramatic twist when there’s a hijacking and a terrorist attack happening on the Han River Ara cruise. It’s a tense situation, with civilians caught in the crossfire. Just when it seems like all hope is lost, the SWAT officers come to the rescue, and they are ready to take down these masked terrorists and save the day. But wait, who are these so-called hijackers? Well, they’re actually fellow cops from the Han River, and they’re in the middle of a high-stakes simulation with the SWAT team. And guess what? Their every move is being watched not only by their fellow officers but also by TV stations and a whole bunch of curious onlookers.

So, from serene riverside scenes to a full-blown simulated hijacking, Episode 1 keeps you glued to the screen, and as if the simulated hijacking scenario wasn’t enough, things take another wild turn as a heated brawl erupts between our protagonist, Sergeant Han Du Jin, and another SWAT officer. Han found the other officer’s use of rubber bullets and his condescending attitude during the simulation quite displeasing. The argument between these two escalates to epic proportions, and it’s so comical to watch them go at it. The entire crew gets involved, trying to separate the feuding officers. But in all the chaos, there’s a mishap—a tear gas canister goes off accidentally. This leaves everyone choking and coughing, and you can imagine the higher-ups aren’t too thrilled about it. So, despite the overall success of the training drill, this little incident led to a massive dressing-down of Han by his boss, Chief Do Won.

Chief Do Won is clearly not the type to let things slide. He swiftly dishes out a punishment for Han and the others involved in the feud. Their penance? Cleaning up the area around the river. Just when it seemed like Han and his colleagues were stuck with nothing to do during their punishment duty, they spot a yacht racing down the river, posing a threat to innocent people. Han, being the no-nonsense officer he is, charges towards the yacht. That’s when Han meets Go Gi-Seok on the yacht, and when he doesn’t heed his warnings, Han takes matters into his own hands. Han decides to block his path using the police boat, and here’s where it gets amusing. You see, it’s eel season, and the yacht gets tangled up in a mess of fishing nets. But that’s not the best part. On board the yacht, there’s a wild party going on, with Gi-Seok drowning in alcohol and surrounded by women. They even try to coax Han into joining their bash. But Han, the clever officer that he is, has other plans. Instead of just fining them and moving on, he slyly swipes the yacht’s key, leaving Gi-Seok stranded right in the middle of the river.

What Happens Between Hwang Man-Dae And Go Gi-Seok?

Diving deeper into the shady world of business and politics, Hwang Man-Dae, the big shot in the cruise ship business, is having a rather fancy lunch with the mayor and an assemblyman. They’re discussing his lucrative cruise ship empire, and Hwang’s pretty pleased with how smoothly his ships can sail along the Han River. But when Hwang suggests they split the bill among the three of them to avoid any issues with anti-graft laws, the mayor and the assemblyman don’t exactly jump for joy. They seem rather reluctant, to say the least. And then there’s Gi-Seok, who’s in Hwang’s corner. He steps in, handing over two mini golden frog statues as gifts, presumably to sweeten the deal and keep the mayor and assemblyman happy enough to support Hwang’s business endeavors. But it’s pretty clear from the look on Gi-seok’s face that he’s not thrilled about this situation.

The tension between Hwang Man-Dae and Gi-Seok is palpable, and it’s not just about business; it’s personal. Gi-Seok seems eager to take over the business, but Hwang is determined to maintain his hold on his empire. When Gi-Seok suggests that Hwang take some time off from work, it triggers a harsh response from Hwang. He reminds Gi-Seok that he tolerates him because they are family, implying that their relationship is strained, to say the least. There’s a storm brewing inside Gi-Seok’s mind, and he’s clearly not happy with how Hwang is treating him. You can almost feel his frustration when he’s muttering curses under his breath while being on the receiving end of Hwang’s dismissive attitude. What makes this all the more intriguing is the fact that Gi-Seok’s fear of Hwang is palpable. It’s not just a simple case of workplace tension; it’s something deeper, and you can’t help but wonder what might happen next. Will Gi-Seok continue to endure Hwang’s domination, or will he muster the courage to challenge him?

How Does The Disciplinary Session Play Out?

In the first episode of Han River Police, things get interesting as a disciplinary training session unfolds. After Han’s mistake, fellow officers Ji-Soo and Cheon-Seok are also roped into the disciplinary drill as part of their punishment. Chief Do Won isn’t one to let them off the hook easily, and they find themselves gathering at the aquatics center to face their penalties. This episode introduces a new character, Do Na-Hee, the only woman participating in the training. Her presence adds a unique dynamic to the group, making the male officers a bit self-conscious. As the training kicks off, Chief Do Won decides to spice things up by holding a competition. The winner will not have to attend the next training session. The training itself goes surprisingly well, and tensions rise as Han Du-Jin’s team faces off against Do Na-Hee’s team. While Han Du-Jin is skilled, Na-Hee’s team emerges victorious, showing that she’s not one to back down from a challenge. However, during a breath-holding exercise underwater, Na-Hee passes out, and it’s Han Du-Jin who comes to her rescue.

After the competition, Ji-Soo, Du-Jin, and Cheon-Seok decide to have a welcome party for Ji-Soo, and as the evening unfolds, they move on from casual conversations to more serious topics. Du-Jin initiates a discussion with Dong-Sik, inquiring about the protest he staged during their simulation training. Dong-Sik reveals that the cruise company’s chairman, Hwang, has wreaked havoc on the riverbed, which has caused damage to the fishing nets. In response, Du-Jin suggests seeking compensation for the losses, but things take an unexpected turn when Dong-Sik mentions that the company demanded he sell his family’s land on the Palm Islands as part of the deal. This revelation doesn’t sit well with Du-Jin, but he doesn’t delve deeper into the matter at that moment, perhaps waiting for the right opportunity to understand the full scope of what’s happening.

What Happens After The River Ferry Float-Out Ceremony?

Throughout episode 1 of Han River Police, Cheon-Seok frequently brings up another character, Baek Chul, and it’s evident that this name holds significance to Du-Jin. However, Du-Jin’s reaction to Baek Chul’s name is far from positive. Towards the end of Han River Police Episode 1, we witness Baek Chul, along with Oh Joong-Taek and Goo Nam-Gi, digging up the riverbed. It becomes apparent that there’s more to this than meets the eye, and Baek Chul seems to be working closely with the cruise ship company. Furthermore, it’s hinted that he’s not even receiving payments on time, suggesting that there may be some underlying grudges and complex dealings at play.

The last float-out ceremony along the Han River occurred more than two decades ago, and now, as Hwang takes the podium to deliver a speech on behalf of his company, he discusses ambitious plans to transform the Han River into a hub for tourism, possibly even a theme park. While he portrays these intentions as a means to make the Han River a popular and thriving spot in Seoul, Du-Jin can’t help but sense that there may be hidden motives behind this grand vision. Cheon-Seok chimes in with a practical concern, pointing out that adding larger cruise ships might not necessarily be profitable, especially when the existing ones are already causing issues. However, the situation becomes more intricate when the mayor, with his potentially corrupt political inclinations, enters the picture. Meanwhile, keen observer Na-Hee notices the transportation of mysterious boxes, hinting at a connection between these unusual cargo shipments and the grand plans being unveiled.

As the cruise ship embarks on its journey along the Han River, Gi-Seok, displaying a lack of concern for the ship’s route despite potential water density issues, instructs the captain to steer the ship to the other side. This decision takes a disastrous turn when the cruise ship scrapes the riverbed, causing it to tilt precariously to one side. Chaos ensues as passengers onboard tumble and panic, leading to significant damage inside the ship. Upon learning about the collision, Du-Jin and his team rush to the scene to assess the situation. It becomes evident that the ship may be sinking with numerous passengers still aboard, and the lives of those on board now hang in the balance, with the Han River Police stepping in to take action. The upcoming episode promises to reveal how Du-Jin and his team navigate this crisis and work to protect the lives of those caught in this perilous situation.

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