‘My Demon’ Kdrama Episode 2 Recap & Spoilers: Does Gu-Won Get His Powers Back?

My Demon is turning out to be quite funny and has some surprisingly real moments in its absurd plot. That is a very common K-drama trait as it is, but this show is looking to be more interesting than the description made it out to be. Additionally, we all love a good old-fashioned enemies-to-lovers K-drama with a simple plot and lots of swoon-worthy moments (King the Land being the biggest example of the year). It doesn’t hurt that the show doesn’t hesitate to have entire scenes of just Song Kang and Kim You-Jung’s perfect faces, and the fashion is, as always, impeccable. It’s nice to see a rich female lead for once (I’m glad that’s changing). Episode 1 of My Demon ended with Gu-Won and Do-Hee drowning but later waking up on a beach somewhere. That’s when Gu-Won realizes the cross on his hand is now on Do-Hee’s, and time slows down around them.


Spoilers Ahead

Is Do Do-Hee Okay?

Episode 2 of My Demon begins with Do-Hee fainting from the sheer shock of the seawater freezing all around her and Gu-Won when he grabs her hand (which does seem quite shocking). She wakes up in the hospital not knowing what’s wrong, but immediately she’s thinking about work. Gu-Won is there, helping her recover and acting all lovey-dovey with her as if they’re a couple, amusing Do-Hee’s secretary and us. Do-Hee is, of course, terrified, because the man who tried to kill her is still out there, but she hides everything from her “family.” Gu-Won tries to explain to Do-Hee that the thing on her wrist belongs to him (it’s his powers and all), but she thinks it’s a tattoo she got when she was drunk. In fact, she thinks he’s trying to steal her tattoo (whatever that means). She says she’ll laser it or replace it with an animated character, which Gu-Won is absolutely against. The detectives arrive, and it seems they’ve got all the details of the man who tried to kill Do-Hee, thanks to Gu-Won.


Does Gu-Won Still Have His Powers?

It’s clearly established that Gu-Won lost his powers along with his tattoo. When Gu-Won’s secretary finds out about him losing his powers, he’s overjoyed because he feels like he’s suffered enough (first target as he is). Of course, this doesn’t mean he’ll leave Gu-Won, because if Gu-Won combusts into thin air, as his manual states, then his secretary would be out of a job in seconds. Gu-Won tells him to learn everything he can about Do-Hee and follow her around (private investigation or stalking?). In the meantime, Gu-Won has a contract that has just ended, but when he goes to get the man’s soul, he’s left empty-handed. The poor demon can’t even get his soul thanks to the tattoo shuffling.

Who’s Trying To Kill Do-Hee?

Since we’re only in episode 2 of My Demon, there’s only so much we’ve learned. The man who tried to kill Do-Hee was wearing a mask that appeared to be a human face, which means the sketch from Gu-Won’s description is of no use. The man also never stops scratching the eczema on his neck, which is why it always looks bloody. He lives in a building that is meant to be like a small theater, and he has pictures put up all over the walls. He killed the finance guy of the Mirae group in the first episode before the man could tell Do-Hee some family secrets. Now, he has the phone that the man used to call her, which has Do-Hee’s original family– her parents and herself– as the lock screen. This man is clearly a serial killer because when the landlord of the building shows up to check if someone’s around, he ends up calling him into his dungeon. something he would do only if he planned on killing the poor old man.


Is Madam Ju Hiding Something?

Do-Hee is curious why the man who tried to kill her said she was to die because of Madam Ju. She thinks Ju is hiding something from her and asks her directly. Madam Ju lies and says that she’s not hiding anything, but we learn later in episode 2 of My Demon that Madam Ju was present when Do-Hee’s parents died in the car accident. When the car exploded, she too was thrown back and hurt her knee, which is why she still walks with a stick. It’s not quite certain yet how the accident happened or why, but maybe Ju and Do-Hee are in fact related by blood.

What’s With Ju Sook-Hoon?

Sook-Hoon (played by Lee Sang-Yi, the perpetual second lead) is Madam Ju’s nephew and also the financial advisor of Mirae F&B, Do-Hee’s company. Madam Ju makes a joke about Do-Hee and Sook-Hoon getting married since they’re not related by blood or don’t have any legal obligations either. Additionally, they both seem to care only about work, so they’re the ideal couple. Sook-Hoon does seem quite smitten by Do-Hee and doesn’t really hide it (strange). But, at the end of the episode, we see him behaving a little strangely as if it’s all a show, and he too is against Do-Hee in some way.


Why Is Do-Hee Looking For Noh Su-Ahn?

Su-Ahn is Do-Hee’s stepsister (so to speak), and she’s the person who caused the big scandal about Mirae F&B. Do-Hee’s furious that her company’s share price tanking because of Su-Ahn’s little articles, so she blackmails her, threatening to expose her affair to the public. Su-Ahn is the head of Mirae Apparel, and she too has a reputation to maintain (uff, these fights are unnecessary). So, at the end of the episode, Su-Ahn cleans up the damage she caused, leaving Do-Hee satisfied.

What Does Gu-Won Want From Do-Hee?

Finally, Gu-Won asks to meet Do-Hee and tells her that he’s out of his mind because of her. She obviously thinks he’s behaving like a love-struck puppy, but he’s just describing the feeling of losing his powers. He deceives Do-Hee and takes her to the guy whose contract ended, making finger guns at him and leaving (that would’ve been so strange to Do-Hee, but okay). Then, he takes her to Han River, where he pushes her into the water, almost killing her for the third time in the same day to see if it’ll help transfer the powers back. It doesn’t work, and Do-Hee’s frustration finally comes out, making Gu-Won actually feel bad for her. She’s obviously holding back her fear and trauma to look like she has everything under control, but she obviously doesn’t. Gu-Won doesn’t have any witty comebacks for her, and she throws him some money, telling him she doesn’t owe him anymore, and leaves. Do-Hee walks home alone (she forgot for a second that some dude was trying to kill her) and sees a big screen talking about the finance guy being found dead. She’s shocked by the news and freezes in the middle of the road crossing.


Gu-Won is just in time to save her from getting splashed with acid, which burns his back as he covers her with his body. The end of episode 2 makes it quite clear that none of the Mirae group’s family members approve of Do-Hee. They’ve all got something against her and want to see her dead (yikes, a bit extreme for a business). Now it’s up to Gu-Won, Do-Hee’s new guardian angel (who will become her bodyguard in the next episode), to keep an eye on her in order to keep himself alive too.

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