‘My Demon’ Episode 15 Recap Spoilers: Is Suk-Min Alive?

It appears My Demon is more traditional than one could ever imagine. The penultimate episode of the show is even more teary and dramatic than we could’ve imagined. With only one episode left, we are left with the question, “Will Do-Hee and Gu-Won ever get their happy ending?” Episode 15 will also have old K-drama fans overexcited because a particular scene plays out almost identically to one from Gong Yoo and Kim Go-Eun’s Goblin. Episode 14 of My Demon was rather pleasant after it was assumed that No Suk-Min was dead. However, at the end of the episode, when Gu-Won has the full picture of his relationship with Do-Hee, he decides to leave her, so she doesn’t have to suffer any longer. Now, Do-Hee needs to cope with the absence of the love of her life, when earlier all she wished for was to be alone. Let’s quickly recap episode 15 to see if she manages to do so.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 15?

Episode 15 picks up right at the end of episode 14, where Gu-Won is trying to give Do-Hee his final goodbye. As Do-Hee looks behind her, he’s already disappeared, truly leaving her all alone in this cruel world (TT). Every day becomes beige as Do-Hee buries herself into the routine of work. In the meantime, the police are still unable to find Suk-Min’s body, which is a clear indication that he’s somehow still very much alive. Do-Hee is so focused on work that she doesn’t even bother eating, and a worried Seok-Hoon tries to look after her as much as possible. At least Do-Hee’s secretary and Bok-Gyu are getting along better than ever, and their secret affairs in the office are hilarious to watch. Do-Hee’s left wondering if Madam Ju really only used her to absolve her own sins. However, Seok-Hoon tells her that Madam Ju once told him that she never planned on loving Do-Hee, but somehow it turned out that way. So, her feelings for her were genuine, even if sparked by guilt.


On the other hand, Gu-Won says his goodbyes to everybody, and the gangster group learns from Bok-Gyu that he’s left. They even started a restaurant because he asked them to wait for him to come back to them soon. On the other hand, Suk-Min’s wife worries that Suk-Min is still alive, and we finally see a glimpse of him in a place that looks like a gathering of the homeless. Every night, Gu-Won visits Do-Hee and comforts her in her sleep. Obviously, there’s no way he can stay away from her, but he wants her to somehow get over him by keeping them apart. Every morning, Do-Hee thinks it’s her alter-ego that’s moved her to the bed, put her in pajamas, and given her a good night’s rest. However, even in the sadness, there’s something to celebrate as the company is doing fantastic, and they’re finally doing business in the US. The team goes for a company dinner after a successful global deal, after which a drunk Do-Hee trips and falls in the lobby of her building. She gets a tiny cut on her knee and notices the blood. However, when she wakes up, the wound has disappeared, so she gets the sense that Gu-Won is still lingering around her.

Secretary Shin can’t stand the sight of Do-Hee torturing herself with work and forgetting to look after herself, so she gives her own example after her divorce. She tells Do-Hee that it’s alright to be sad and simply feel feelings sometimes. Do-Hee takes this advice to heart and visits Gu-Won’s office, as she misses him dearly. She finds the Demon Manual and studies it, smiling to herself. Inside, she finds that Gu-Won had saved the photo booth pictures from back when they were just married and were trying to deceive Do-Gyeong. She begins to cry, and then Bok-Gyu finds her. He gives her the cross necklace that Gu-Won left behind because it has the weight of many painful memories. On the other hand, for Do-Hee, it could bring comfort.


What Does Wearing The Necklace Do For Do-Hee?

Do-Hee dreams of Wol-Sim and Gu-Won in their past lives after wearing the necklace. We see things play out in her perspective in episode 15 of My Demon (a little bit unnecessary), and we learn that after facing a lot of hardship as a courtesan, she had prayed that she could be left alone in her next life. It seems the prayer was taken very seriously. When Gu-Won and she had found a new path, she finally felt like her life would be better; however, she ended up being sacrificed. Do-Hee wakes up crying with the shocking realization that she was Wol-Sim. Do-Hee realizes that Gu-Won must be in the spot where Wol-Sim and Yi-Sun first met and decides to drive to him. Coincidentally, it’s the end of their contract, too. However, as soon as Do-Hee is in the car, Suk-Min is there and kidnaps her.

Does Suk-Min Die?

Do-Hee wakes up in an abandoned building (at least it’s not the roof of a building) with Suk-Min in front of her. He had only fallen to a lower level back when he let go of Gu-Won, probably knowing there was ground to save him just below (how did Gu-Won and Do-Hee not hear the sound, though?). He then burned his own face so that Gu-Won wouldn’t be able to find him, and everyone would assume he was dead. He blames Do-Hee for everything that’s gone wrong for him, even his new face. He wants Do-Hee and Gu-Won’s lives for satisfaction and asks Do-Hee to call for her beloved demon. She believes Gu-Won will not show up, and Suk-Min stabs her in the leg to make her scream for Gu-Won. Before Suk-Min can slit her throat, though, Gu-Won shows up and throws him off of her. He’s furious, and with his red eyes, he makes some rubble fall on Suk-Min, almost killing him; however, Do-Hee somehow escapes her binds and reminds Gu-Won that if he killed anybody, he would die too. Gu-Won removes the large piece of concrete on top of Suk-Min and gets distracted by Do-Hee. 


Why Does Gu-Won Combust?

Do-Hee and Gu-Won are busy telling each other how they missed each other when Suk-Min disappears from the site to go bring a rifle. He shoots at Gu-Won, but in the most cliche scene, Do-Hee blocks the bullet and dies in Gu-Won’s arms. Remember how I said this show was more traditional than we could imagine? Now, Gu-Won attempts to restore his faith and bring Do-Hee back by asking the Almighty to help him out. He seals it with a true love’s kiss, and Do-Hee miraculously wakes up (a Tangled moment). As we know, Gu-Won isn’t only not allowed to kill people, but he mustn’t bring them to life either. Ultimately, just like in Goblin, Gu-Won becomes ashes in the air as Do-Hee tries to hold on to him and cry (even her coat is the same color!). At the end of episode 15 of My Demon, we get a montage of all of the couple’s beautiful moments playing out to Roy Kim’s beautiful baritone in the song Whenever, Wherever. Will Gu-Won return to Do-Hee in the last episode of My Demon? We’ll learn in the finale of the show!

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