‘My Adventures With Superman’ Season 2 Future Theories And Expectations

The sudden vacant feeling and confusion after a really addictive series ends is something most of us are familiar with, and for some reason, it feels even more disheartening in the case of superhero-oriented content. Perhaps due to the scarcity of wholesome content or how much the adventures of the Man of Steel help us to reinstate our belief in good virtues, humanity, and a hopeful future. Which is the reason why earlier this year, the completion of the third season of Superman and Lois left us fans craving for more, and the recently ended animated series My Adventures With Superman has caught us in disbelief about having to wait almost a year to get the second season.


The first season of My Adventures With Superman revolved around the initial days of Superman and, by that definition, also focused on the beginning of the journey of Lois, Jimmy, and Clark as friends and journalists. The series’ unique take on the origin mythos of Superman leaves space to explore, adding to that brilliant world-building that has hinted at the larger DC universe and even provided a glimpse of the multiverse as well. We will briefly go through the possible plot points and teases and discuss how those can be used to shape up the second season.

Krypton Invasion

The central plotline of My Adventures With Superman tiptoed around the unique take on the role of Krypton in the series. While an infant Kal El arrived on Earth in a spacecraft after the destruction of the planet, a Kryptonian mothership controlled by a bunch of aggressors also began the invasion on Earth at the same time. This led people like Sam Lane and Amanda Waller to later mistakenly believe that Superman is an alien superweapon that has been deployed by enemies to destroy the world from within.


In the ending sequence of the season finale, it was revealed that General Zod and Brainiac were behind the invasion, which also provides viewers with hints about the entire situation regarding what really happened with Krypton. It seems that with Brainiac’s help, General Zod usurped the power of the High Council of the planet before its destruction, and in order to stop him, a rebellion faction was formed, led by Jor-El. Krypton’s star, Rao, was turned into a red sun, and the technology of the planet was compromised as the super-genius android Brainiac took over. On the verge of the destruction of the planet, the colonizing offensive measures were programmed in the techs. Therefore, Kal-El’s arrival pod activated the invasion protocol during the season finale.

The second season will shed some light on the cataclysm that took place in Krypton, although it will be challenging given the fact that Jor-El’s holographic consciousness was destroyed by Clark’s arrival ship. Although Kal’s cousin Kara Zor-El’s appearance was initially slated for the first season, most likely she will play a major role in the second season, thereby providing details regarding the Krypton situation.


Larger DC Universe

In its first season itself, My Adventures with Superman has already opened the gateway to exploring a well-established DC universe through multiple teases and hints. We met characters like Brain, Monsieur Mallah, and Deathstroke, and settings like Gotham City and Star City were mentioned as well, which surely made viewers wonder about the existence of other superheroes in this universe. Although a few among the fans might disagree with the interconnected approach and would like the series to focus solely on Superman’s adventures, the Man of Steel has always been inseparable from and at the center of DC lore. Here is hoping that we get to meet more in-universe DC characters and, especially, get a chance to see Batman team up in World’s Finest. Perhaps the way Batman: The Animated Series shaped the course of the larger Timmverse, My Adventures With Superman, will lead to multiple spin-offs revolving around other characters.

Jimmy, Clark, And Lois’ Journey

One of the appealing factors of the series was how it handled Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen by making him a nerdy, intelligent photographer, a reliable friend, and also a supernatural phenomenon researcher and enthusiast. The character introduced by the legendary creators of Superman, the Siegel/Shuster duo, has remained in ignominy outside the pages of comics; therefore, it was really commendable of the animated series to highlight Jimmy’s role in Clark’s life. The series’ version of Lois has already become a fan favorite, with her strong characterization and budding romance with Clark being major highlights of the series. In the second season, we will definitely look forward to learning more about Jimmy and Lois from their past lives as well as their individual journeys in the larger narrative.


Multiversal Ventures

The first season has already given viewers a pretty awesome look at the multiverse, which can be explored further in the upcoming season as well. In the episode Kiss Kiss Fall in Portal, Mr. Mxyzptlk, a fifth-dimensional chaos god, showed Clark the existence of other universes of Superman, among which the Timmverse version, the Fleischer 40s series cartoon version, and even the Super Friends version of the character were present. Aside from this, a League of Lois Lanes was shown as well, where multiple versions of Lois Lane’s counterparts were present, along with some variations of Jimmy Olsen. Additionally, the MAWS version of Lois found a Superman X file from the HQ or League that showcased different evil, mass-murdering versions of Superman already existing in several universes, which later became a major concern for Clark as he mistakenly started considering himself a threat to humanity. The second season will definitely emphasize this aspect, and who knows, perhaps the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths animated movie will include some of the teases of this series as well.

Covert Government Shenanigans

The first season of My Adventures With Superman put the shadowy, authoritative administrations of the US government in an antagonistic role, led by General Lane and Amanda Waller, who resort to every and any means to ensure Earth’s safety from supernatural threats. The ways include unethical experiments, covering up confidential updates by killing innocents, and exploiting jail time serving criminals to make an expandable co-op team. The duo, Waller and Sam, considered Superman to be a threat and accordingly tried to pin him down at every turn throughout the season. By the end, sensing Sam’s fluctuating motivations, Amanda Waller ousted him from his chief position in Task Force X under the direct command of another deep-state organization named Checkmate and assumed control. In the next season, the threat of Waller will be highlighted in major ways, and the roster of Task Force X might increase in numbers as well.


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Siddhartha Das
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