Anna And Cabrera In ‘Muted,’ Explained: Why Was Ana Watching Over Sergio?

In the Netflix original psychological thriller Muted, the character of Ana Dussuel is portrayed as a complex and morally ambiguous psychiatrist. Throughout the series, Ana conducts a covert surveillance operation on Sergio, a recently released convict. Her motivations for doing so stem from her previous working relationship with Sergio’s mother, Blanca, who treated Ana better than her own mother did. This connection sparks Ana’s deep interest in Sergio’s story and the circumstances surrounding his mother’s death. Initially, Ana strongly believes in Sergio’s innocence and views him as a victim of domestic violence. She empathizes with him and becomes convinced that he was wrongly accused and imprisoned. Ana’s conviction of Sergio’s innocence drives her to gather evidence and conduct her own investigation, aiming to unveil the truth and seek justice for him.


As the series progresses, however, it is revealed that Ana’s beliefs about Sergio’s innocence are misguided. Contrary to her initial assumptions, it becomes clear that Sergio was not a victim of domestic violence but was, in fact, responsible for his mother’s death. This revelation shatters Ana’s perception of Sergio and forces her to confront the dark reality of his actions.

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Why Was Ana Watching Over Sergio?

Driven by her attraction to Sergio, Ana went to great lengths to prove his innocence, defending him despite mounting evidence against him. It was revealed that Ana was one of Sergio’s most obsessed fans and had even sent him a letter while he was in the detention center. However, Ana’s faith in Sergio wavered when Noa, Sergio’s sister, and Ana’s adopted daughter, disclosed that Sergio was the one who had killed their parents. Despite this revelation, Ana chose to remain by Sergio’s side, perhaps out of her intense fascination with him, wanting to see what he would do next.

Initially, upon our learning that Ana had adopted Noa, it seemed that Ana’s intention was to safeguard and support Noa until she could ascertain Sergio’s true motivations. However, as the series progressed, it became evident that the narrative would not take a sensible or promising direction. Instead, it needlessly complicated the story and made it challenging to define the logic behind Ana’s choices. The series failed to explore the potential for Ana to protect Noa and develop a more coherent storyline. This lack of a sensible narrative left viewers puzzled and disappointed. Towards the end of the series, when one of them jumped off the balcony, it was presumed to be Sergio, who committed suicide after realizing that Noa would not return to him. It is likely that Ana survived unless she was pushed by Sergio.


As the story progresses, Ana’s character changes from a psychiatrist with ostensibly good intentions to one who is obsessed with infatuation and has questionable values. Her choices frequently defy logic and reason, making them unsettling. She often acted more as a voyeur than a psychiatrist, seemingly deriving pleasure from Sergio and Marta’s intimate moments. The motives behind her choices, including why she stayed with Sergio despite Noa’s invitation to leave, remain unclear. That’s how Ana’s character is marked by contradictory traits. On the one hand, she demonstrates empathy and compassion, adopting Noa, Sergio’s sister, and showing moments of genuine care. On the other hand, her voyeuristic tendencies and questionable decisions expose a darker side to her character. Despite taking a positive step by adopting Noa, Ana sabotaged her chance of being a good mother to her and instead chose to descend further into insanity with Sergio. This lack of clarity and imbalance in Ana’s character arc adds to the overall sense of the series pointlessness and leaves viewers searching for answers that may never be fully explained.

Who Was Cabrera? What Were His Intentions?

The character of Cabrera introduced an element of intrigue and potential conflict within the series Muted. Initially portrayed as a sub-commissioner assigned to oversee the surveillance operation, Cabrera appeared to be the only rational and authoritative figure in the series. However, as the plot unraveled, it became evident that he was not to be trusted. Cabrera’s true allegiance was revealed when it became apparent that he was a corrupt police officer working for an individual with questionable motives. This higher authority figure seemed to have connections to the laboratory where the experimental medications were being tested. This individual was doing the best he could to put Sergio behind bars again, but the precise motive behind their intention remained elusive throughout the series, leaving viewers perplexed and left with numerous possibilities. Despite Cabrera’s efforts to sabotage Ana’s operation, such as bugging her office and eavesdropping on her conversations, his actions had limited impact. He seemed to possess information that could potentially harm the team, yet he did not effectively utilize it. In the end, Cabrera’s character serves as a catalyst for further complicating the already convoluted storyline in Muted. His involvement introduces an additional layer of mystery and raises questions about the larger forces at play. His acts add to the overarching discomfort and ambiguity that surround the story, even if his exact goals and eventual fate are still unknown.


Overall, the character sketch and plot development in Muted lead to a story of emptiness that lacks coherence. The plot failed to progress in a meaningful manner, leaving viewers unsatisfied with the ending. It is hoped that the show won’t be continued for a second season since more investigation would just lengthen the story without offering a satisfying conclusion. The question of who ultimately jumped off the building remains a point of uncertainty. Ana, overwhelmed by regret for her involvement with Sergio, and Sergio, burdened by guilt and the weight of destroying his family, both had some significant reasons to take such drastic steps. The most important of them all is that both are insane; thus, who actually died remains ambiguous. The ambiguity surrounding this pivotal moment adds to the unresolved nature of the series, further contributing to the overall sense of emptiness and dissatisfaction experienced by viewers.

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Poulami Nanda
Poulami Nanda
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