‘Mayor Of Kingstown’ Season 2, Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained: Will Mike McLusky Establish Peace?

Episode 2 of “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 2 reveals a shocking blood-soaked rampage in the town. Gangs operating without leaders on the inside have led to the same on the outside. The result is out-and-out killings born out of pure revenge, with no one to order a truce. As the mayor, Mike McLusky has to find a way to put an end to this nightmare before the whole of Kingstown goes on a killing spree. Will he able to do it? Let’s find out what events take place in the second episode of “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 2.


Spoilers Ahead

Kingstown At War

When a murder inside the incarceration camp, now a number of tents where the prisoners have been transferred to after the riot at the facility, called Tent City, sparks a shootout in the streets in the middle of the night, Mike McLusky, who is keeping a check on Iris at the seized yacht, also hears the gunshots and notices a chopper heading in that direction. He decides to put Iris at his house because it is the only way to protect her from Milo before heading to the scene. At his house, when Kyle sees Iris and realizes that she is the same girl who is connected to the deaths of three federal agents, he doesn’t want any part in it, especially with a pregnant wife, Tracy, at home. Iris, seeing how she is being addressed, also doesn’t want to stay, but Miriam and Tracy manage to persuade her. Tracy takes Iris upstairs to a spare room. Mike tells Kyle that he will take her back the same evening. He then leaves for the crime scene.


At the location, Officer Ian is present there already, and he guides Mike through the bloodbath. Two dozen people have been shot dead, including gang members and innocents (women included), and all of it in a sheer vomit-inducing manner. Whatever happened was a result of someone trying to claim a position of leadership, and this is rarely unanimous. Thus, when other gang members don’t like it, acceptance is replaced with retaliation. A recovered murder weapon tells Mike and Ian that it is Mexican-made. This means that the people who attacked the house, seemingly Crips, have shaken hands with the Mexicans. Mike finds a trail of blood beside the rifle. He and Ian follow it to a distance and find a fatally wounded teenage guy. Before dying, he clearly states that nobody ordered the hit, and it is just them all waging war. The only person who can do anything to bring an end to this war is Mike McLusky. As he leaves the scene, he finds Evelyn crying at a distance. The least he can do is cheer her up, so he does that before heading for his next stop.

In Search Of New Leaders

The sun is up by the time Mike reaches Bunny’s hideout. Bunny and his guys are on full alert, which proves just how dangerous the streets have become. Mike accuses him of calling the hit on the house the previous night but Bunny differs, stating that the hit resulted from an order that came from inside Tent City. That’s when Mike tells him about the teenager who told him that the hit didn’t come from the inside. So the question is if Bunny didn’t call the hit, and if it didn’t come from the inside either, then who is pulling the strings? Bunny believes it is the guards. Mike doesn’t agree, but he cannot ignore either, so he decides to chalk out a plan to do what’s necessary. A mediator is required to handle it all, and no one else can do it other than Mike McLusky. He promises to get back to Bunny in 3 hours and leaves. Once in his car, he calls Evelyn and tells her that he wants her to arrest the four prison gang leaders so that they can form a leadership structure inside Tent City. This will, in turn, lower the heat in the streets as the thugs will have to be answerable to their bosses. As soon as it is done, the charges against the bosses will have to be dropped. As bizarre as Evelyn finds the plan to be, she knows that it needs to be done. Mike then arrives at Officer Kareem’s house and asks him to join him on his upcoming plan of action that revolves around bringing peace back to the streets. Kareem agrees.


Mike and Kareem arrive at the site and meet Robert of SWAT. Then, one by one, the leaders of all four gangs (Mexicans, Bloods, Crips, and Aryans), including Bunny of the Crips, arrive at the location in their cars. The truce is as follows: the warden will patrol Tent City, which means security for inmates and no conflicts. In return, they will have to surrender and get arrested so that they can be taken to Tent City, where they will restore the structure within their respective gangs. As soon as peace prevails in the streets, their charges will be dropped. Assistant DA Evelyn Foley arrives at the scene along with her squad, and the gang leaders are put in handcuffs. A bus brings the gang leaders to Tent City.

Season 2, Episode 2: Ending Explained – Where Is Iris? How Long Can Kyle Hold On?

After the gang leaders are arrested, Mike returns home to check on Iris and finds that she has escaped. Somewhere else in Kingstown, a lonely Iris enters a church, walks down a flight of stairs, and enters a room. In one corner of the room, Milo is sitting in front of a laptop. Iris tells him that she has no home. Milo points her to a bed in the room. Iris doesn’t have to worry about home anymore.


Kyle and Morass are driving uphill, following a car that is pulling a boat. Morass forces the driver to exceed the speed limit by tailgating him only to pull him over. Kyle isn’t happy at all with the way Morass is behaving and tells him to wait till he scans the number plate of the car. Morass, however, is all in it for fun and heads to the driver to question him. He’s barely opened his mouth when the driver fires multiple bullets at him, and he comes crashing down to the ground. The very next moment, Kyle pulls his gun out and shoots at the driver’s seat and the front passenger seat, killing both the driver and a woman as well. He then goes to check on Morass and hears a squeaking sound. He looks inside the car and finds a baby staring at him, his face stained with small drops of blood. Kyle just killed the baby’s mother and father. Kyle screams in agony, lost and without any idea what he can do. The second episode of “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 2 ends with a bus bringing the gang leaders to Tent City where they walk into the camp surrounded by their “brothers”.

We are yet to find out what the relationship is between Iris and Milo. The upcoming episodes of “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 2 will probably shed more light on the matter. However, from the looks of it, they seem to be somehow related or close to each other. Kyle McLusky is spiraling, and there’s no telling what’s going on in his mind. Mike McLusky will have to keep a watch on Tent City while waiting for the gang leaders to do their job inside. The longer they take to re-establish peace, the longer it will take for Kingstown to return to normal. So, there’s no time to waste.


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