‘Match Me If You Can’ (2023) Ending, Explained & Movie Summary: What Happens To Kip And Riley?

The movie Match Me If You Can shows how dating apps have pretty much become a normal part of how we live today, and I bet a bunch of us have given online dating a shot at least once. But imagine this: you stumble upon a dating app that seems to hold the promise of finding your soulmate, igniting your curiosity to give it a shot. You download it with hopeful anticipation, convinced that your search for true love might finally come to an end. Despite your best efforts, your screen remains eerily empty of any potential matches. It’s like a cosmic conspiracy aimed directly at your love life.

The app’s algorithms, instead of dishing out potential matches like a well-prepared buffet, decide to label you as unmatchable. So let me tell you about Kip Parsons, our main protagonist in the film Match Me If You Can. She decided to take on the big dating site called “I Promise” by expressing her frustrations through her blog. But here’s where things get really interesting. Little did Kip know that her blog post was about to spark a crazy twist in her own love life. You see, while she was busy criticizing the dating app, she caught the attention of someone special—her soulmate, in fact.

Spoilers Ahead 

How Does Kip Face Disappointments In Her Life?

Meet Kip Parsons, the typical girl next door who puts in an honest day’s work, dotes on her pet, and strives for that sweet balance between work and life. But hold up; there’s more to Kip than meets the eye. You see, underneath that everyday exterior, she’s got this whole other identity—she’s a total tech geek, and I mean, top-tier level. So, Kip’s been hustling at this company called Quantiforce for quite a while now. And let me tell you, she’s the real deal when it comes to her job. But here’s the kicker: The company seems to have this weird bias going on. Yep, they’re a bit old-fashioned, in Kip’s words—they’ve got a dash of that patriarchal flavor. Translation? Well, they don’t exactly give Kip the props she deserves. Now, her boss Marco has a knack for snagging the limelight when it comes to Kip’s hard work. You know, the credit, the accolades—he’s all over that. At work, Kip’s got her trusty squad: Meta, Sanjay, and Solen, who are like her guardian angels. They’re always there to watch her back, even making sure she gets a ride if she’s running late. They’ve seen how Kip’s been juggling problems in her job and her love life, which has been a bit of a rollercoaster.

Kip had this date with Dan, who turned out to be a bit of a buzzkill. Kip, being her quirky self, started chatting about who could lift Thor’s hammer. Well, Dan wasn’t having it and rejected her. But no worries; her awesome office pals had her back, cheering her up and showing her that real friends stick around through thick and thin. Despite her friends’ support, Kip still felt that sneaky sense of loneliness deep inside. But here comes the unexpected hero: her pet hermit crab, Jones. Yep, you heard right—a hermit crab named Jones. This little crustacean accidentally clicked on a website called ‘I Promise’, which had Kip answering a whopping 500 questions to find her perfect match. Funny, right? When Kip finally finishes this question-answering adventure, she gets hit with a message from I Promise,’ and it’s a real shocker; they’re saying she’s unmatchable.

How Does Kip’s Blog Create Problems For ‘I Promise’?

‘Match Me If You Can’ dives more into this wild ride of events surrounding Kip. You see, she’s this girl who spills her heart out on her blog, and while it might only have a handful of readers—like three, to be precise—it’s her personal venting space. But here’s the twist: one day, she decides to write about her not-so-stellar experience with I Promise,’ and that blog post ends up making her famous! Kip’s words resonated with folks who’ve been through the same feelings of not measuring up. One by one, her blog caught the attention of different people at different levels. Women from all walks of life connected with her, and suddenly, Kip went from a regular blogger to an overnight sensation. It’s like her words were the glue that brought together a community of people who felt they weren’t enough, and Kip was their accidental leader. Moreover, the I Promise crew—well, they’re not exactly a big corporate entity with a fancy headquarters. Nope, they run the show right from their home base. And the genius behind all the tech stuff, from coding to managing, is this guy named Riley Detamore.

Riley is a bit of an enigma. He’s got this techie side, but his family history isn’t exactly sunshine and rainbows. When Riley catches wind of the backlash that I Promise is getting due to Kip’s blog, he decides it’s time to clear the air. His suggestion to his family? Reach out to Kip and get the truth out there. But the I Promise family has a different idea. Instead of an honest conversation, they try to woo Kip with a massive, posh company gig. They’re planning to set up a colossal headquarters with a whole bunch of people working on programming and stuff. However, Kip isn’t easily fooled. She’s got smarts and instincts, and she sniffs out the fakeness right away. Now, Riley is actually pretty taken by Kip’s geeky personality. He’s intrigued, and he’s got a plan—he wants to ask her out on a date. Fast forward to the meet-up: Kip and Riley come face-to-face. But here’s the kicker: she has absolutely no clue that Riley is the mastermind behind ‘I Promise.’

What Happens When Kip Discovers The Truth About Riley?

As the days roll on, something beautiful is blossoming between Kip and Riley. They’re like two peas in a pod, connecting on a whole new level with their shared geekiness and nerdy interests. It’s not just a casual match; they’re falling deeper and deeper for each other with every passing moment. Riley feels that spark too, but here’s where things take a twist. For some reason, Riley has this internal struggle. He’s head over heels for Kip, yet a nagging doubt keeps him from fully believing her. The irony here is that Riley is the programmer behind the entire code of I Promise. He personally programmed every bit of it. But when Kip’s application goes through, there’s no record of a response from his end.

With this new information, Riley’s mother, Ivy, slaps Kip with a restraining order to stop her from using their dating website’s name. Riley, well, he isn’t too thrilled with his mom’s actions. He doesn’t like how she makes them out to be saints on live TV, especially when his own family has been less than honest. He wants to tell the truth to Kip, come clean, and explain everything about his connection with I Promise. But before he can lay it all out, Riley’s mom falls ill and is rushed to the hospital. When Kip decides to follow Riley, she stumbles upon Riley’s truth. Feeling utterly betrayed, Kip makes a heartbreaking choice. She chooses to walk away, to sever all ties with Riley. It’s a tough call, but the feeling of being lied to, especially by someone she’s grown so close to, is too much to bear.

What Happens Between Kip And Riley?

As Match Me If You Can draws close to its climax, Kip receives an unexpected invitation to appear on Annie Lee’s live show. Kip isn’t exactly thrilled about going, but she manages to strike a deal with Annie’s assistant, Raina. She agrees to go on a date with Kip’s friend, Sanjay, in exchange for Kip’s appearance on the show. It’s a bit of a bittersweet deal, especially considering everything that’s already going wrong in her life. You see, Kip is already dealing with a heap of frustration. She has lost her job, her pet crab, Jones, has passed away, and her romantic interest, Riley, is acting shady. It’s like a rollercoaster of setbacks and heartaches.

Kip believes she’s just going to talk about love on the show, but little does she know that Annie has a twisted plan up her sleeve. During the show, Annie manages to provoke Kip into using the company’s name, and that’s enough to get her arrested. It’s all been part of Annie’s scheme to gather more followers and stir up drama. When it comes time for Kip’s court hearing, things look pretty bleak. Her life is spiraling downward, and she’s on the verge of losing hope. But Judge Wilkins wants to hear her side of the story. Kip spills everything—the frustration, the manipulation, all of it. The courtroom is left stunned by her heartfelt response.

Then, in a dramatic turn of events, Riley swoops in at the perfect moment. He reveals that he had initially been the guinea pig for I Promise, and the code was actually tailored for him. He had overlooked removing that specific code, and it was never meant for Kip. This revelation clears Kip of any suspicion, and she’s set free from the case. Riley’s honesty acts as a bridge to mend their relationship. Not only does he come clean, but his entire family also apologizes to Kip. They admit that their so-called grand business was just a front, and they accept their inadequacy in front of the world. Even Riley’s brother, who posed as a bachelor in the website’s advertisements, comes out as queer and happily reveals his marriage to his husband.

As the dust settles, the ending of Match Me If You Can brings a sigh of relief. Riley and Kip find their way back to each other, and life starts to normalize. I Promise manages to live up to its name, connecting Kip with the perfect man. She even reclaims her job in the same position as Marco, as the CEO recognizes her hard work. And guess what? Jones, her crab, makes a surprising comeback. Match Me If You Can ends on a heartwarming note. Riley and Kip stand hand in hand, with Kip’s newly adopted dog Fergus by her side. The story’s lesson rings clear: somewhere out there, someone values and cherishes you, and you are always more than enough.

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