‘Magic In Mistletoe’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Did Harrington Rediscover His Love For Christmas?

Christmas is on the horizon, and your watchlist is likely filled with all the feel-good Christmas movies that light up your mood. Magic in Mistletoe is another film you must add to your watchlist. This Paula Elle movie chronicles the story of Davis Harrington, who, for some reason, has started to abhor Christmas despite being the author of the most successful Christmas novels. This shook his fans’ trust in him and also threatened to destroy his thriving career. But why? Let’s relive Magic in Mistletoe again and find out.


Spoilers Ahead

What Blunder Did Harrington Make?

Davis Harrington (Paul Campbell) became the most sought-after author after the release of his first book, Magic in Mistletoe. After that, Harrington wrote five more books and had his position cemented as a genius author. But in between all the fame and success, Harrington unexpectedly retreated from the public eye. He took a hiatus from social media but recently resurfaced with a social media post that threatened to ruin his career. In the post, Harrington called Christmas a joke and argued that it lacked magic. He further stated that Christmas was about money rather than people appreciating the specialness of Christmas.


Just weeks before Harrington’s new book launch, a single social media post upset Harrington’s devoted fans. Now, the task fell on April’s shoulders to salvage the situation and convince Harrington to issue a public apology through an apology tour. Moreover, April (Lyndie Greenwood) also planned an interview at the Mistletoe Christmas Festival, an event that had become synonymous with Harrington’s success since his debut. It had been five years since he appeared at the festival, and coincidentally, his next book was titled “Back to Mistletoe We Go.” April was convinced that an apology tour at the Mistletoe Festival was the only way to save Harrington’s dying career.

Why Did Harrington Agree To Attend The Mistletoe Event?

Harrington’s recent post was a major blunder, especially since the publishing company had timed the book release for Christmas, just 10 days away. April couldn’t understand why a successful author like Harrington would jeopardize his reputation with such an ill-advised statement. Despite the fallout, Harrington stood by his statement that Christmas lacked magic and was merely a day for spending money without feeling bad about it. For damage control, April proposed that Harrington accompany her to the Mistletoe Festival and issue a heartfelt apology to his fans. Harrington didn’t want to play along but had no choice but to agree when he was reminded of the strict contract he had with the publishing company. If Harrington didn’t attend the event, she would drag him to court, argued April.


From what we’ve seen so far, it appears that Harrington loathed events like this. Also, the town’s mayor, Lisa Moore (Robyn Bradley), had lost count of how many times she’d asked Harrington to attend the festival, but he had always turned her down. But now, Harrington had no choice but to attend. Harrington had a condition, though, and stated that he would only participate in three events out of the many April had arranged for him. “Exactly three, no more, no less,” said Harrington. Before Harrington’s book, the town had faced economic struggles. However, once the book became a sensation, thousands of tourists flocked in. This sudden influx of visitors ultimately saved the town, preventing job losses for its residents.

Why Did Harrington Hate Christmas?

Harrington’s first book was irrefutable proof that Harrington once adored Christmas and shared its magic with others. So, it was possible that something might have taken place between the release of his first book and the present that made him so sour towards the magical holiday. But what could turn a man with beautiful Christmas memories into someone who hated the holiday season? Not to mention, Harrington also hated the most symbolic thing: the Christmas tree. While Harrington and April were away attending a convention, she had people decorate his house with Christmas decorations. April hoped that it would for sure rekindle his love for the holiday. Unfortunately, it backfired, and Harrington asked April to leave his house.


The reason was simple: Christmas reminded him of what he had lost—his mother. Harrington had grown up in a happy family and eagerly awaited Christmas every year. He liked to guess what gift he was going to get every year. In addition, Harrington used to do all his Christmas shopping with his mother and spend hours choosing the perfect tree. These were the same memories that helped him create his novels and brought him both success and wealth. But in between all of this, he forgot about his family. Harrington’s mother became sick, and he was so wrapped up in his career that he wasn’t there for her in her final moments. Her death burdened Harrington with guilt, and he blamed himself. After his mother’s death, Harrington felt that there was no longer any point in celebrating the holiday season. In addition, Harrington also believed that, despite his success as an author, he had failed as a son.

Did Harrington Rediscover His Love For Christmas?

In his Christmas speech, Harrington admitted his mistake: he had been so busy criticizing the festival that he failed to see its goodness. Harrington was convinced that the magic of Christmas had disappeared, but, in reality, his guilt had blinded him to it. Harrington left the town he grew up in because he believed that people there only celebrated Christmas for profit and to make money. But the townsfolk never lost their faith in him, and their love became pivotal in Harrington’s rediscovery of Christmas magic. Let’s not forget April; Harrington would never have changed if she hadn’t forced him to come to town. Thus, it was she who helped Harrington find his way home. As Magic in Mistletoe neared its end, Harrington’s speech moved people, and his apology won hearts. Fans who had once deserted him after his last social media post shed tears of joy when he showed them the cover of his final book. But what about April and Harrington? Did they become a couple? Yes, they did. What feel-good Christmas film doesn’t end with the hero kissing the heroine, with a shining moon in the background? In the final seconds, Harrington and April confessed their feelings for each other. The pair may not have put it exactly in words, but the kiss showed that they were indeed going to spend another Christmas together.


For some time, Harrington became selfish. Christmas didn’t matter to him, but for millions worldwide, it was special and magical. His sour perspective started to shift when he saw a little girl excited for Christmas. This made him see the big picture. Through his book, Harrington created an imaginary, magical world that gave people hope and positivity. The characters of his novel, Marty and others, were reflections of the real people in his life, including his sister and best friend. Despite this, Harrington remained sour on Christmas and was in need of a reminder of why it was important for him in the first place. But thanks to April and the people of his town, he rediscovered his love for Christmas.

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