Lucia In ‘Supersex,’ Explained: Is Tomasso’s Wife Based On A Real-Life Person?

The Netflix original drama series Supersex is loosely based on the life of Italian adult entertainer Rocco Siffredi, but most of the life story portrayed in the series is fictionalized. One of the many intriguing characters introduced in the series is Lucia, Rocco’s brother Tomasso’s wife, who perhaps never existed in reality, but the makers have taken some creative liberty to create a tortured character like Lucia, who used to be one of the most desired women in the neighborhood of Ortona, where Rocco used to live with his family. Let’s dissect Lucia’s character arc and her journey throughout the series to know why she ended up choosing herself over being with the love of her life.


Spoilers Ahead

What Was Lucia And Tomasso’s Relationship Like?

In a small town named Ortona, in central Italy, Rocco grew up with his four siblings in a middle-class household. Rocco, just like other boys in the neighborhood, was enamored by Lucia’s beauty, but as Lucia was already a grown woman and Rocco was just a child, nothing happened between them. Lucia was the sweetheart of Tomasso, Rocco’s elder brother, whose mother was a sex worker. Rocco had a deep sense of love and respect for his brother as well as Lucia, but he was quite intrigued by the lovemaking between Lucia and Tomasso, which he used to watch sneakily. Lucia knew that Rocco had been watching them, but she enjoyed being watched that way. However, Lucia was not quite faithful to Tomasso, and without his knowledge, she had been sleeping with many men. One day, when Rocco witnessed Lucia having sex with another guy, it broke his heart because he couldn’t stand the thought of her cheating on his brother. Tomasso, upon knowing about the infidelity, chose to take Lucia’s side, but he unleashed his wrath upon the little kid, who confronted him with the truth. Tomasso decided to marry Lucia, but it wasn’t necessarily love that drove him to marry her. Tomasso was an insecure guy who always wanted to grab the best thing amongst everything, and as Lucia was the most beautiful woman in the town, he wanted to own her like his property. Lucia, however, fell in love with Tomasso, and when she found that, despite her past affairs, the man wanted to marry her, she began to give him everything he wanted. 


Did Rocco And Lucia Ever Get Close To Each Other?

Lucia might have had her dreams of having a loving husband with whom she could start a family, so leaving everything behind, she decided to move away with Tomasso in Paris in the hope of a better life. But Tomasso was not a healthy person to be around. He might have forgiven her for her past infidelity, but deep down, he wanted her to suffer. After moving to Paris, Tomasso got associated with gangs and started working at a restaurant. As his demands were always sky-high, he even forced Lucia into prostitution against her will. Lucia, who could have left her husband right at that time, chose to stay with him and support him with the money she’d earn by turning herself into a commodity. In the meantime, Tomasso’s greed took over his mind and prompted him to get into a fight with his partners. In his rage, he even murdered a cab driver, prompting the police to look for him.

Rocco was already trying to get into the show business, but he deeply cared for Lucia and asked why she chose to work as a sex worker. Lucia responded that all she had done was for her beloved. As Rocco wanted to talk against it, Lucia told him that he shouldn’t say much about this matter, as he had never been in love and would never understand how far people could go for love.


Even Lucia knew that Tomasso could never reciprocate the same love and efforts as he was always on the run. In the meantime, Lucia got pregnant, and when Tomasso returned to the house, instead of hearing her out, he started accusing Rocco of having sex with Lucia. Rocco, despite having a strong sexual attraction towards Lucia, never dreamed of crossing the line because he respected his brother and the woman he loved. But Tomasso, who had crossed all the boundaries of decency, kicked his brother out of the house, driven only by his insecure and paranoid mentality. 

Why Did Lucia Leave Tomasso?

Lucia gave birth to her child, whom Tomasso named after his dead brother Claudio, but paranoia struck his mind once again, leading him to believe that Lucia’s son might not be his. As Lucia had worked as a prostitute before, Tomasso thought the child must be from someone his wife had gotten involved with. Lucia couldn’t take the humiliation any longer and decided to leave the man for her and her child’s betterment. She wanted to give her son a secured future, which was just impossible with Tomasso around, as he had no ambition to lead a safe and secure life.


Lucia was given a marriage proposal by Jean-Claude, but initially, she didn’t say yes to it. Meanwhile, when Tomasso’s restaurant was destroyed, it was heard that he had been unable to bear the loss and jumped into a river to kill himself. But it was not the truth, as Tomasso didn’t die; he only went into hiding to save his back from Jean-Claude’s men, who were after him for a while. After Tomasso’s death, news circulated. Lucia couldn’t believe it at first, but she eventually decided to move on. She agreed to get married to Jean-Claude only to give her son a secure future, but Tomasso somehow got the information and decided to ruin the wedding. Tomasso almost tried to force Rocco to accompany him to the wedding, but Rocco didn’t agree to go there, as he also knew that Lucia deserved a better life. However, on the day of Lucia’s wedding, a furious Tomasso decided to take up his weapon and showed up at the hall, but he couldn’t pull the trigger to kill the woman he loved. Lucia was terrified by Tomasso’s behavior, but at least she was happy to see him alive. Tomasso, being unable to take the pain of losing the love of is life, chose to commit suicide by shooting himself to death.

Lucia is a fictionalized character in the series. At the same time, Tomasso might be a fictional representation of Rocco Siffredi’s real-life brother. Still, we are unaware if any of these tragic events portrayed in the series actually took place in reality, so while talking about Lucia’s fictional depiction, we cannot comment if anyone in Rocco’s family had gone through such a tumultuous life for real. 

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