Luci Miller In ‘The Tourist,’ Explained: Why Does She Come Back To Save Elliot?

Even though the Stan Original—The Tourist, talks about Elliot Stanley, an amnesiac man’s journey through the Australian outback to retrieve his lost memories, the story explores other characters, who, unlike Elliot, are often seen running from their past selves. This series illuminates the struggles of the characters as they deal with their own identities. Luci Miller stands out as one of those enigmatic figures who, as a force of habit, constantly weaves herself a web of deception behind which she hides. Her character is so intricately crafted that her own narrative adds mystery and depth to the overall story. In contrast to Elliot, who is actively trying his best to reclaim his past, Luci’s journey is a deliberate effort to obscure it. As a matter of fact, the juxtaposition of the nature of their stories being polar opposites to each other adds a nice touch to the narrative altogether.


Initially introduced as a waitress at ‘Gloria’s Diner’ in the Outback town of Burnt Ridge, Luci shows an active interest in Elliot’s unusual condition. Unwittingly becoming his savior during an explosion at the diner, she ensures his safety by arranging accommodation with caring owners, displaying a genuine concern for the man. Luci’s character initially embodies the ideal helper for a stranger in distress, only to reveal the complexity of their connection when we see her deleting pictures stored on her phone—images suggesting a romantic history between her and Elliot. Offering to accompany him on a four-hour journey to Murray Waters after Elliot mentions the buried man’s call, Luci presents herself as a supportive companion. However, Elliot begins to realize that there’s more to Luci than meets the eye. He notices the similarities in the handwriting between Luci’s signatures and the note that led him to the diner. As Elliot finds out about their past relationship, Luci selectively discloses only a fraction of the truth, tailoring her narrative to convenience, claiming that he killed someone in self-defense to discourage him from informing the police about Marko’s fate, fearing a brush with the law would blow her cover.

What Is Luci Miller’s Story?

While her true name remains undisclosed, Luci Miller assumes the identity of Victoria Chisholm in the eyes of Kosta Panigiris, as his fiancée. She turns out to be a cunning con artist, leading Kosta to think their meeting was a chance encounter. In reality, Luci learned about Kosta through Dimitri, Kosta’s presumably deceased elder brother, now reformed and residing in an ashram in India. Dimitri mentioned Kosta during a conversation with Luci, kindling her interest as she saw him as her next target. Luci’s troubled way of life is marked by her father’s sudden departure, leaving forever with the pretext of buying onions. This incident forged her relationship with running away from the truth and choosing a life of crime, which compels her to lie, a coping mechanism for the void left by her father’s actions.


Luci’s character is that of a pathological liar who fabricates stories, perhaps finding escape in the creation of alternative realities. Describing herself as a coffee bean—adapting to various situations. Luci often resorts to telling white lies, shaping a version of herself that suits the moment. As she creates personal stories about her life, one thing common in all these stories, however, is her father, hinting at a secret longing for her father’s increased involvement in her life.

What Is Luci’s Relationship With Elliot?

Luci, also known as Victoria, first encounters Elliot in Bali, where Elliot and Kosta have arranged a meeting. After realizing Victoria’s connection to Kosta, what begins as a brief fling transforms into a passionate act of eloping, with the couple absconding with Kosta’s most prized possession—the first million dollars he made. Seeking refuge in Australia’s vast and rugged landscape, they hope it will shield them from Kosta’s pursuit. However, the passage of time reveals the inherent tensions in their relationship, similar to Simon and Garfunkel—they couldn’t last together. Even attempts at reconciliation end more bitterly than before. Luci’s aversion to commitment, rooted in her avoidant style of attachment, traces back to her father’s abandonment in her childhood.


After Elliot’s amnesia-inducing accident, their paths cross again, but Luci pretends to be a stranger, allowing her to navigate a new dynamic with the Irish man. Hoping for a different outcome, she ignores the fact that while Elliot’s personality might change, his fundamental traits remain. Despite their incompatibility, Luci finds herself drawn back to Elliot, perhaps because of the traits that persist. This is evident when Luci shares a story about her past, which Elliot assertively identifies as a lie. It’s plausible that the pathological liar within Luci is captivated by Elliot’s ability to see through the facade, a dynamic that brings vulnerability to her deceptions.  

Why Does Luci Come Back To Save Elliot From Kosta?

As Luci contemplates leaving the country under yet another alias, she is unexpectedly gripped by a moment of reflection upon seeing the endless entries on her passport. This compels her to question her position in life, leading her to contemplate—how long is she going to run for? It appears that, at this point, she has reached a saturation point of sorts. In all fairness, who wouldn’t feel this way after a life-threatening encounter with a 7-foot giant like Billy Nixon?


Surprisingly, the result of Luci’s prolonged contemplation leads her to make a thoughtful decision. She reaches out to a man she had encountered years ago in an ashram in India, who turns out to be Dimitri. In the hope that Dimitri’s inspiring journey from the underworld to a reformed and peaceful man might resonate with Kosta, urging him to change his ways, Luci arranges a video call between the brothers. However, the intended resolution takes an unexpected turn. A commotion ensues, followed by an aimless shooting that tragically hits both Kosta and Luci. On her way to the hospital, as Luci breathes what might be her last breaths, she sheds her deceptive exterior and opens up to Elliot, revealing the truth about why she came back. Apart from the exhaustion from evading Kosta’s relentless pursuit, Luci confesses that she’s been harboring a hope to stop running and embrace her feelings for Elliot. She spent a life living fabricated realities, but as she took her last breath, she dreamt of a reality where she could openly express herself and be vulnerable.

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Shrey Ashley Philip
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