‘Loot’ Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: Did Molly Sleep With Benjamin Bratt?

Episode three of Loot season 2 ended with Molly and Nicholas reconciling over a small spat they had. Molly wanted to prove she could survive alone without the staff around her. Nicholas had a hard time connecting with his parents about the life he led in California. Molly realized she does live a life of privilege; she only had to acknowledge it. Nicholas ended up saving from the panic room because they were more like siblings than friends. Nicholas took a first step towards getting to know his parents and took them out for dinner at a local diner.


Spoilers Ahead

What Was Sofia’s Suggestion To Molly?

Sofia and Molly were happy to be at the site of ‘Safe Space for Everyone’ as the flowers were being planted in and around the property. Molly found herself getting turned on by the good-looking gardeners. Sofia was quick to notice that and asked her to sow some wild oats instead of publicly embarrassing herself. Since Molly was single and rich, she could have a string of physical relationships until she found the perfect one for herself. She tried to have a relationship with Jean-Pierre, but that did not work because she was looking for emotions in someone selfish. It would have been a repeat show, just like her marriage. Molly was not keen on a no-strings-attached style of hooking up, but she was looking forward to a retreat that could help her heal from her past traumas.


Why Was Howard Conducting Auditions?

Howard informed Arthur they were taking auditions in the office for the villain of his wrestling league. According to Howard, every wrestling league has a ‘heel’ aka villain every season who could be seen as a menace-causing character that cusses a lot. Arthur was not aware of such a thing, and thus he was excited to be conducting auditions for wrestlers for the first time. Arthur was ready, and he claimed to be aware of how these things were done on a professional level. Hilariously, these auditioning wrestlers were men who had their dialogue prepared. The words and the physical stature of the wrestlers brought Howard and Arthur to tears. It is implied that they broke down in the men’s washroom to avoid being caught by anyone. Arthur’s crying for the first time was justified, but Howard had claimed to be aware of such methodology, yet he was the most affected by the auditions. They could not decide on a heel because of their emotional reaction.

What Was Ainsley Crying For?

Ainsley was engaged, and she had a hard time planning the seating arrangement for her nuptials. As per her claims, her family had a lot of scandals and intra-familial fights, which made it difficult for her to plan a seating chart in a manner that would not cause a scene at the wedding and reception. Initially, Sofia and Nicholas were not keen on interfering, but they were genuinely concerned about how seriously Ainsley was taking these seating charts, and this made them worried about her. They chose to hear her family saga out and help her put up a seating chart that would not offend anyone she was inviting.


Who Did Molly Meet At The Retreat Center?

Molly reached the retreat, and it was just another crazy adventure she’d ended up spending her money on. It was obvious that these retreats did nothing but create an illusion of change. Molly had hoped she would gain something from it. At her first exercise, she was shocked to find Benjamin Bratt, an ex-supermodel who still looked handsome. She was feeling anxious about seeing a handsome man next to herself. She got a feeling Benjamin liked her too. She contacted Sofia to help her, who asked her not to overthink and go with the flow.

Did Sofia And Nicholas Get Too Involved In Their Colleague’s Life?

Sofia and Nicholas did get too involved in the family saga of Ainsley, and they got emotional about the required seat placement. Sofia and Nicholas had two different ideas on how to solve this problem. Sofia was not sure how to find a definite solution, but Nicholas took it upon himself to confront Ainsley’s aunt, who caused the many-year-old family saga and might disrupt her wedding as well. Nicholas was the steadfast one who would find quick solutions to problems. Meanwhile, Sofia was a quieter person but at times loved helping her colleagues with their issues, just like she did with Molly.


How Did Howard Find His Heel?

Howard and Arthur were not sure if they would find the right kind of heel and felt the auditions were a waste of time. Howard and Arthur were hoping the wrestling league could have a good start; a good heel could only take them further. They witnessed Nicholas yelling at Ainsley’s aunt in the meanest way possible, and it made them wonder if their colleague could be a good fit for the role. Nicholas was a budding actor as well, and this gig with writing might help him improve his acting skills most bizarrely. Howard and Arthur asked if he would be interested in this opportunity. Nicholas was skeptical, but he understood he had a penchant for being mean in the crudest manner. He took the gig, thinking it would be an experience he wouldn’t want to give up on. This was a win-win situation for all three.

Did Molly Sleep With Benjamin Bratt?

Molly came back to the meditation spot of the retreat center in the hope of running into Benjamin Bratt. She was hoping to break some rules by meeting Benjamin. Molly was carried by his rugged beauty, and she was also excited to know he found her attractive as well.  She had hoped to follow Sofia’s advice and take the first step towards having a non-emotional escapade with Benjamin. To her surprise, Benjamin reached the same spot looking for her and both considered it as a sign. Benjamin, however, revealed he was leaving the country in a few days, which does not give them a lot of time to get to know each other. Molly was perfectly fine with this arrangement of never having to meet again, as she was experimenting with how a no-strings-attached relationship would work for her.


Both were caught kissing by the teacher at the retreat and were asked to leave the property for breaking the rules. Molly was glad she could leave the retreat and spend all of her time with Benjamin. Casually flaunting her money, Molly offered a helicopter ride to a luxurious hotel for them to spend the weekend at. She would rather spend her time with Benjamin living her fantasy than staying celibate, which would frustrate her more. The episode ended with Molly and Sofia having a conversation about her time with Benjamin, and she felt rejuvenated. 

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