‘Loot’ Season 2 Episode 3 Recap And Ending Explained: Who Saved Molly?

The second episode of Loot season two ended with Sofia asking Isaac out to dinner, and with that, Molly and Nicholas’ mission of bringing two people together was a success. They had watched too many romantic comedies, and bringing together two people, just like in films, was their only aim for a while. Arthur decided to invest in Howard by encouraging him to start a wrestling league that would give opportunities to wrestlers who had been left behind. 


Spoilers Ahead

What Were Nicholas And Molly Preparing For?

Nicholas was now venturing into acting, as his first play was a success. It is assumed he auditioned for another role and was selected for a very raunchy play. Nicholas and Molly were practicing scenes, and he was expecting the play to be a hit based on the role given to him. Molly was making up for the first play she missed in the first season of the show, and practicing the scenes was her way to support Nicholas’ lifelong dream to pursue acting. As mentioned in the first season, Nicholas had moved to Los Angeles to become an actor, but his lifestyle while working with Molly changed his ambitions. Now that he had money, he could go back to try his hand at acting.


What Did Howard Find Out About Sofia?

Sofia had begun her work on Open Space for Everyone and realized Howard was lagging behind in the work assigned to him regarding this project. Howard and his colleague Ainsley received a notification about the upcoming Taylor Swift concert tickets and realized Sofia got the same notification, but she refused to acknowledge it. Howard was sure Sofia was a Taylor Swift fan; he just needed more proof and a confession from her regarding the same. He tried to make her talk, but her guarded nature helped her keep Howard from knowing anything about her interests. 

Did Howard Finish The Presentation He Was Meant To Deliver?

Sofia had asked him to finish the work assigned to him instead of trying to dig into her interests. Since the project was now active, Sofia wanted to fast-track all the work related to it. Howard, on the other hand, would not let go of his boss, as he found a lot more details about Sofia’s itinerary over the last few years, and she conveniently took off from work  on days Taylor Swift had a concert in the vicinity. Sofia denied all the suspicions. She claimed to be visiting her aging aunt on the day of the upcoming concert, and nobody asked her any further questions, as Sofia tends to keep to herself, and divulging any information about her family was a big deal. 


What Did Molly Learn About Nicholas’s Parents?

Molly had asked about Nicholas’ parents, but he responded very vaguely. Molly took it upon herself to invite his parents to the play, which shocked him. She was quick to know he was not happy with the decision, but they would have to move ahead with the plans she had made for them. Nicholas’ parents turned out to be simple people who had no big ambitions for themselves or their son. Nicholas was quick to reveal that his parents were conservative, and they would be offended to watch their son in a very provocative play. Nicholas changed his dialogue to make sure his parents did not look down on him. The dinner Molly had arranged for Nicholas’ parents turned out to be awkward, as his parents barely knew anything about their son and the work he does in Los Angeles. Molly was in no place to make things right that evening, as it ended badly for everyone.

Why Did Nicholas And Molly Argue?

Since Nicholas and Molly were good friends, he took the liberty of accusing her of inviting his parents without informing him. Molly was like a big sister to him, which allowed him to be angry at her for taking matters into her own hands without realizing the consequences of her actions. Molly asked him to allow his parents to get involved in the work he does, as they should be happy with who he is. She asked him to work towards becoming emotionally available to his parents, but Nicholas disregarded her suggestion. He pointed out that Molly had done no physical work on her own since she had become uber-rich. 


Nicholas asked her to work on being alone and carrying chores out by herself before lecturing him. This was probably the first argument they had had in years. Molly took his accusation as a challenge and gave her staff a night off to prove her best friend wrong. Molly was so rich that she had gotten used to having her staff around for everything. She practically lived like royalty, and Nicholas gave her a reality check, which forced her to live on her own for the night. 

Was Molly Able To Live The Night Without Help?

With Molly all alone in her new mansion, she was happy to have carried out a lot of the chores on her own. On her way to bed, she heard her fire alarm beeping nonstop. Since she wasn’t used to tweaking or repairing any battery-operated or electronic devices, Molly tried to break the fire alarm. In pursuit of breaking the device, she headed to the panic room and placed the device in a locker. Molly hoped this would be the end of her ordeal; unfortunately, she got stuck in the panic room without knowing the PIN code to exit. 


Why Was Sofia Hiding Her Interests?

Howard reached Sofia’s home after completing the work he was assigned in the hope of making amends with his boss after putting her through a weird day. Sofia accepted his apology, but soon Howard noticed many Taylor Swift records placed inside covers of other artists, which confirmed his doubts. Sofia was still trying to defend herself but soon she finally gave in. Sofia comes across as a serious career-oriented person, and having an interest that does not suit her personality made her keep it a secret for all this time. She was the boss who was expected to be stern with her team, and them knowing she is a Taylor Swift fan would put her image on the backfoot. Howard was just happy to have found a common interest between him and his boss. He was probably feeling lonely after his breakfast and wanted to involve Sofia in his plan to attend the concert. 

Who Saved Molly?

Molly woke up in the panic room after hearing a voice from outside the door, only to wake up after passing out after she had gotten drunk. Molly realized she was helpless without her staff and she should either work on herself or accept the fact that she lived with a lot of privilege. Nicholas rescued her after he received a notification that someone had entered the room. He came to rescue her for he knew Molly would not know how to get herself out. Nicholas was a good friend who set aside his differences with Molly to rescue her. She apologized to him for trying to lecture him on how to live his life. Both sorted out their differences immediately without getting into the nitty-gritty of their actual argument.


Did Nicholas Try To Make Amends With His Parents?

After sorting out his differences with Molly, Nicholas headed to the motel where his parents stayed. He seemed to have taken Molly’s advice seriously, and open communication with his parents was probably going to be his first step towards making amends with them. Nicholas had lost hope that he would be able to have a normal conversation about his life with his parents. Since he had changed his plans, he believed talking to them in their style would probably help him have a healthy relationship moving forward. His first step towards getting to know them better was to take them to a diner of their choice. Nicholas probably felt lonely in Los Angeles, and having his parents around was the best thing he felt emotionally in a while. The episode ends with Nicholas and his parents heading out for dinner in the hope of normalizing their ties after a long time. 

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