‘Loot’ Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: Did Sofia Ask Isaac Out?

The first episode ended with John Novak dedicating his space program to Molly. This was an extreme reaction to Molly asking him for some space. John Novak is an insensitive man, and Molly could not stop him from pulling this stunt. Molly, on the other hand, comes up with the idea of buying empty hotels and converting them into shelter homes for the Alameda Street Project. Sofia is excited about Molly’s idea, and this would take the next episode forward. 


Spoilers Ahead

What Was Molly Celebrating?

Molly was happily dodging every call from the media asking for her comment on John Novak’s space program stunt. Nicholas stepped in to help Molly get rid of the media requests for an interview. Molly was busy celebrating the Wells Foundation’s first step towards the Alameda Street Project, the purchase of the hotels as per the plan discussed with Sofia. Sofia was not a fan of the early celebration, as she believed there was a lot of work needed to be done for the project to be successful. Sofia was nervous about her dream project finally being put in motion and wanted to focus on the completion of the work. 


Why Was Howard Facing A Cash Crunch?

Even though Howard was living with Molly, he was in severe financial strain. He could not find a place to move to because of his tight budget and was considering selling a few dodgy cryptocurrencies to Arthur for a quick buck. Arthur, an accountant at the Foundation, offered to look at his statements to get a picture of how his spending could be reduced. Arthur’s research got him to find out that Howard would spend his money frivolously. Arthur advised him to make conscious purchases to make sure there was something left for him at the end of the month. Howard was immature and could not come to terms with these changes, which could have been game-changing for him.

How Does Arthur Plan To Help Him?

Arthur went through Howard’s home to find countless wrestling memorabilia, which the latter had been collecting since his childhood. Arthur reminded Howard that these memorabilia could be worth something that might help him make extra money. People would be willing to pay a good amount for the vintage pieces. Howard was in two minds about selling these objects that were a part of his childhood. Even though he was vocal about not wanting to sell these collectibles, he knew it was the only way to sustain himself financially moving forward. 


Did Nicholas And Molly See A Spark Between Isaac And Sofia?

Molly, Nicholas, and Sofia were at the hotel purchased for the Alameda Street Project. Sofia was not impressed with the plush architect brought on board, as she wanted someone who could turn the hotel into a decent living space for the people on the street. Sofia was not used to being around luxury and was keen to know what the celebrity architect would be able to bring to the table. Isaac arrived and was introduced to Sofia, who had several small disagreements with him over the appearance of the rooms as the residents had never really been used to living in grandeur. Sofia believed in simplicity and offering basic facilities, while Isaac was inclined toward aesthetic beauty, which would be a change of pace for the people who have lived without shelter all this while. Since Molly and Nicholas were fans of romantic comedies, they sensed a spark between Isaac and Sofia and wanted to know if they were into each other. 

Why Did Molly And Nicholas Set Them Up?

Nicholas and Molly were keen on making this setup a success, and since they sensed Sofia and Isaac might like each other, they decided to fake an emergency to make them meet. Sofia and Isaac fell for that innocent trap and met for a party set up by Molly and Nicholas, as they wanted to put them in a romantic situation to get them talking. Molly was done looking for dates and love, and to distract herself from it, she indulged in some matchmaking, hoping to bring some positive changes to people she liked. Sofia deserved to go on a date with an intelligent man with excellent sensibilities for art and architecture. Molly and Nicholas were trying to replicate stories from the romantic comedies they watched and hoped they would put harmless manipulation to use to bring Isaac and Sofia closer. 


Where Does Howard Plan To Sell His Wrestling Memorabilia?

Howard and Arthur were at a wrestling match and chose this spot to sell his memorabilia. Arthur, for the first time, could notice the love Howard had for the sport and how he was aware of the history of many wrestlers who were not fighting anymore. Howard was also too attached to the memorabilia and made a fuss after every sale, while Arthur tried to pacify him. Howard met his favorite wrestler from an older league and was upset about him not getting any more gigs. The wrestler Howard admired was reduced to making appearances and signing his posters. Howard truly believed his favorite wrestler could make a good comeback if given a chance. Howard’s knowledge of the game was brilliant, and Arthur realized it could be used to make his colleague make some extra money. 

Why Did Sofia Plan To Confront Isaac?

Sofia had a good time with Isaac at the party set up by her boss and Nicholas. She admitted to having liked him and enjoyed the time she spent with him. Molly encouraged her to text him if she wanted to pursue this man. Sofia was not used to asking men out, but she took the leap of faith by texting Isaac. 


On receiving no replies to a spree of texts, Sofia was embarrassed and wanted Molly’s help to salvage the situation before Isaac decided to break things off over her nervous nature. Sofia was probably overthinking the matter, but since she was keen on seeing Isaac, the issue had to be resolved. Molly and Sofia were good friends, and the former wanted her to have a good life outside of work. Molly was quick to find Isaac’s current location, and Sofia was furious to know he was in town and had chosen to ignore her texts. She decided to confront him about the situation, for it would offer her clarity on what both wanted from this relationship. 

What Was The Investment Plan For Arthur?

Arthur was moved by Howard’s love for wrestling and wanted to do something right for the friend he found in him. Arthur himself was having tough times personally, and helping Howard meet  his financial goal was a project he wanted to get going. 


Arthur agreed to invest his money in Howard, who could begin his wrestling league and hire players who were considered obsolete by the bigger leagues. This was a risk Arthur was willing to take because he wanted to do something different with his mundane life. As an accountant, he could aid Howard with the money that would go into and come out of the league. He hoped Howard would not misuse the investment, and this would be a good way to venture into new challenges that would benefit both in the long run. 

Did Sofia Ask Isaac Out?

Sofia reached the bar Isaac was at, only to find herself at a memorial birthday celebration for Isaac’s friend. Sofia expected him to be having fun with his friends, but she was glad to be proven wrong. Sofia and Isaac were happy to have bumped into each other because there was some chemistry between them, and they wanted to explore what they could mean to each other. Sofia did share the mishap regarding the texts with him and chose to be honest about her tendencies, as she has a peculiar nature. Isaac was impressed by her honesty, and her interest in him made the second meeting captivating.


Sofia and Isaac, at the end of the episode, end up having a good time with each other. Sofia informed Molly about her asking Isaac out on a date, and that made all the difference. Molly and Nicholas were happy to have made two of her favorite people meet each other. Molly was happy for Sofia, but her last expression made the audience wonder if Molly was doing this to fill the void in her due to her single status. Molly was not happy with her personal life and probably wanted to live vicariously through Sofia and Isaac. 

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