‘Loot’ Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: Who Did John Novak Dedicate His Space Program To?

Season one of Loot ended with Molly waking up to the nightmare realization she’d slept with her ex-husband, John Novak. There was no clarity on how they met in Corsica or what led to this scenario. The second season would have Molly and Sofia taking ‘The Wells Foundation’ forward by completing the community project that was greenlit by the city mayor in the first season. A lot about Molly, Sofia, John, Arthur, Howard, and Nicholas will be uncovered in the second season.


Spoilers Ahead

Were The 73 Questions A PR Disaster For Molly?

The episode began with Molly taking part in the famous segment of a very popular magazine called ‘The 73 Questions’. Molly took part in it to promote her new home, which she claimed to have downsized to from her previously larger home. Since her announcement about donating her money to charity, this PR exercise has been the only way to stay relevant and keep her life and ‘The Wells Foundation’ floating.


‘The 73 Questions’ was a satirical take on Vogue’s segment asking various celebrities questions while walking through their plush homes. This exercise did not work in their favor, as the social media reaction was negative, and they commented on her luxurious home, which means she’d hardly downsized her lifestyle. The segment was indeed a PR disaster, and they had to find solutions to solve the situation.

Why Did John Send Exotic Flowers To Molly?

Molly was in for a horrible surprise when John Novak, her ex-husband, sent over exotic flowers as his way to apologize for all the mistakes he made in the past. John was under the impression that he and Molly could reconcile after having slept with each other in Corsica. John rang Molly, and she was straightforward about what the one night of intimacy meant to her. Molly regretted the night she spent with John, but her ex-partner was unwilling to let go of her. Molly put her foot down and asked him to back off and give her space. Molly wanted to be known as someone who made it on her own terms instead of living with the tag of being John Novak’s ex-wife. Molly was happy with being single and the trajectory her life took right after the divorce. She was not keen on going back to being someone who always supported him with no gratitude in return.


What Is The Bad News That Befell Sofia And Molly?

Sofia was furious to learn the mayor and their office were backing out of the Alameda Street project, which was approved by them in the first season. The mayor’s office gave a vague reason, but their backing away would mean ‘The Wells Foundation’ would have to come up with another plan to salvage the street project.

Molly cannot be seen dropping out, as she had pledged her money to this and many other local projects. With the city mayor losing interest in it, the foundation would lose its credibility. This would mean they would have to go back to the drawing board and come up with a better plan that would not be a train wreck in execution. After sharing the details of the bad news with the team, no one could come up with an idea that seemed useful. Sofia and Molly were wasting time as they were out of ideas as well. Sofia and Molly would not give up on the project as this was ‘The Wells Foundation’s’ flagship work. Molly and Sofia’s success as independent women would depend on how useful this project would be for the homeless.


What Was Sofia’s Plan Of Action?

Sofia was quick to get back into action and work towards finding someone who would help bring down the budget of the project. Sofia familiarized Molly with Noah Hope De-Vore and the work he does to help solve world problems with the help of algorithms. These algorithms would help them find an optimal solution to execute. Noah was invited to Molly’s home, surrounded by their team, so they could understand how the Alameda project could be executed without any hassle. Noah was happy to be around people who believed in actions and not just words. Sofia and Molly hoped Noah’s work would be the only plan of action that could help them with the project.

Was Noah Hope-Devore A Fraud?

Noah turned out to be a fraudster who funded his philanthropic venture through money laundering and other financial scams. Noah was a young man who was arrested by the FBI at Molly’s home, and the man immediately confessed to his crimes. His arrest was a big dent in the Alameda Street project, as Sofia and Molly were now out of ideas. It was careless of Sofia to have agreed to offer him the chance to work on the 120-million-dollar project without any proper background check. Sofia and Molly were desperate to see their baby project come to fruition but were somehow saved by the FBI’s intervention.

Why Was Howard Living In Molly’s House?

Moly was surprised to find Howard living in her guest room without her knowledge. As mentioned in the first season, Howard and Molly were cousins, but that meant she was perplexed by his move to stay in her place without informing her about his issues. Howard was happy living in the place without her knowledge, as he was too embarrassed to share news of his financial difficulties ever since he broke up with Tanya. This was an indication that Howard was not receiving good pay at ‘The Wells Foundation.’ It also throws light on the kind of lives Molly and Howard have led so far. Molly was willing to pledge her money to charity while her family was struggling to meet their daily necessities. Molly was kind enough to let him stay at her palatial home. Howard was mesmerized by her home, which had plenty of rooms and bathrooms for him to use.

What Was Molly’s Plan To Save The Alameda Street Project?

Howard’s statement about her large home with many rooms that sheltered only a few was the genesis of an idea that could save the Alameda Street Project. Since she has been working full-time for her charity organization, Molly has made some significant contributions thanks to her wealth. There were several mistakes she made over time, but she was only learning the job on the go. Molly came up with the idea of purchasing a few empty hotels in Los Angeles that could be turned into homes for the unhoused.


Molly had the financial backing to purchase the old hotels, which could be turned into something that could be of use to the homeless.  This was a brilliant idea because they wouldn’t have to build any building from scratch. They would only have to make some repairs to the buildings that could be ideal for people to live in and thrive in. This was a good idea that Molly had come up with, and she was proud to have made an important contribution to taking the Alameda Project forward.

Who Did John Novak Dedicate His Space Program To?

The episode sadly ended with an event that overshadowed Molly and Sofia’s news. Molly was made aware of John’s plan to take his team to space, and that he’d dedicated this mission to Molly. Molly was horrified by his very public display of affection, which was the opposite of what she was asking of him. John took ‘give her space’ literally, which proves he does not understand nuances and intimacy because of his obsession with the money he makes daily. John should have tried to listen to her instead of pulling some stunt of his own. Molly’s anger was further aggravated as she had no clue how to salvage this situation.


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