‘Look Both Ways’ Ending, Explained: Did Natalie Find The True Purpose Of Her Life?

The word “decisions” appears to be so tiny, but it impacts a person’s life to the fullest. Throughout our whole life, we are guided to make the right choice, as these consequences can change the whole course of a person’s life. “Look Both Ways” on Netflix is a 2022 American rom-com drama film that will make us believe in the importance of choosing the right path. Moreover, this film is a Wanuri Kahiu directorial; she made sure that viewers are accompanied by two different situations in the storyline. To begin with, Look Both Ways revolves around the lives of Natalie Bennett (Lili Reinhart) and Gabe (Danny Ramirez), who are two best friends on their way to graduation with great plans ahead. But an unexpected visitor struck their lives, causing them to sacrifice their dreams. Another interesting fact about this film would be its ability to project two different realities of the same person. Throughout the movie, viewers will be adorned with exciting twists and guesses on how Natalie’s life could’ve turned the other way. The actors in this film are amazing as they beautifully present all the necessary emotions. Well, young mothers and aspiring individuals can learn many valuable lessons from this movie.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The ‘Look Both Ways’ Film?

The movie begins with Natalie and Gabe. Both of them are excited to graduate and set their goals for a lifetime. Moreover, speaking of them individually, Natalie is all set to explore her life in Los Angeles as an animation artist, whereas Gabe is looking forward to becoming a musician. But things take a different turn when Natalie turns out to be pregnant on the night of their graduation party. Natalie confides in her best friend Cara (Aisha Dee), and together they decide that it’s best to inform Gabe. On the other hand, Gabe is extremely supportive and lets Natalie decide the outcome of this situation. Well, the next morning, Natalie comes up with the plan to keep their child and has a heart-to-heart conversation with Cara. Both of them had plans to stay in Los Angeles together, but now Cara will individually carry out these plans. Natalie comes back home and confronts her parents, and guess what? They’re not happy about it.

Natalie’s parents, Rick (Luke Wilson) and Tina (Andrea Savage), are absolutely worried about her future since she wanted to become an animation artist. But there was no other choice, as this was something Natalie and Gabe had decided. Moreover, both of them had no plans to marry each other as they were still good friends. Director Wanuri Kahiu will depict her life in two different worlds. In one, she is a pregnant young mother who’s trying to figure out her life, and in the other, she has finally acquired her dream job in Los Angeles. With each passing day, Natalie becomes depressed since her life has completely gone downhill. But in the other, Natalie is enjoying her time working under her favorite artist, Lucy Galloway (Nia Long). And also, in this reality, Natalie has met this amazing guy named Jake, and gradually things are working out for her the way she wanted them to.

Furthermore, Natalie gives birth to a beautiful girl and names her Rosie. Years go by, and things are getting bitter between Gabe and Natalie. Gabe wanted to get more involved in Natalie’s life, but instead, she tells Gabe to move out and find himself a woman that he loves. On the other hand, Jake and Natalie are making huge progress in the other timeline; they’re getting along and having the best time of their lives. Well, Natalie finally decides to visit Cara, but she has to end her trip soon as Gabe left Rosie with Miranda’s sister. Miranda is Gabe’s girlfriend, and the fact that he was planning to marry her was devastating for Natalie. On the other hand, Natalie broke up with Jake and left her job because she was blamed for copying other artists’ work. Since Jake is in Nova Scotia, they couldn’t work it out. In both realities, Natalie’s life was going downhill, and now she had to figure out a way to pick up the broken pieces.

‘Look Both Ways’ Ending Explained: Did Natalie Find The True Purpose Of Her Life?

Cara visits Natalie, and while they’re having a conversation, Natalie apologizes for leaving Los Angeles abruptly. But Cara reassures her that her life will get back on track. Now in both realities, Natalie is working hard to get a better job, and she has begun drawing again. Soon, Natalie’s life begins to go uphill since her comic Night Owl hits the top-rated list! In a different universe, her short film Indigo has been selected for the New Voices Competition of the South by Southwest Film Festival. And guess what? The Night Owl comic allowed her to hit the panel at the Southwest Festival. The creators of this film beautifully brought the inspiring parts of Natalie’s life into co-existing timelines. Finally, Natalie attains success in both her lives. Moreover, things turn out to become even happier for her when Gabe confesses his love to Natalie.

Natalie was confused because she didn’t spot Miranda anywhere at his concert, and that’s when she realized that they had broken things off. On the other hand, Jake travels back from Nova Scotia to attend her show. So, things are back on track with Jake as well! Moreover, Lucy invites her back to the company as she wants to get more from her work, and Gabe and Natalie get back together as a couple. They were both worried about their relationship status since it could heavily affect Rosie’s upbringing. At some point, Natalie thought that both of them were holding each other back from their goals. But that was not the case! Instead, Gabe had been a huge support to Natalie, and she knew the exact reason why she had loved him for all these years. The movie ends on a good note with several lessons to be learned. It’s good to see how both Natalies are finally facing their fears.

Together, they visit the same place where Natalie finds out that she was pregnant. Towards the end, Natalie looks at her reflection, and she is proud of herself as everything’s back on track finally! Look Both Ways will enlighten your hearts with a lesson that no matter where life takes you, always remember to have immense faith in yourself. It is you who can change the whole course of your life. Life will bring you multiple challenges and surprises, but make sure you face them and accept them with an open heart. Even though there will be times wherein you’ll find that life is taking a huge toll on you, it is going to work, and that is a great message for young and hardworking people who are very close to shutting down everything. But guess what? Giving up should never be an option. Always get back up to claim your position in the circle of life.

“Look Both Ways” is a 2022 Romance Drama film streaming on Netflix with subtitles.

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