‘Last King Of The Cross’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending, Explained: What Happens To Nasa Kalouri?

Episode 3 of “Last King of the Cross” ended with John Ibrahim throwing Fat George out of his job as the leaseholder of Stripperama. He is replaced by Steph. John has thus begun to gain Ezra’s trust. On the other hand, Madame Tien has shaken hands with Mr. Li, who runs the drug business in Cabramatta, to spread the business; their target is King’s Cross. Meanwhile, Nasa Kalouri has warned Ezra of the consequences if Kings Cross falls prey to drugs. “Last King of the Cross” Episode 4 will prove if Nasa is right or wrong.


Spoilers Ahead

New Business Or Not

It is a bright and sunny day. John has bought the sea-facing villa he spoke to Tony Caruso about. He brings Molly over and tells her that she can come here whenever she feels like it. But Molly leaves, telling him that he will never be satisfied with her alone. His attitude has become such that he wants more of everything. John remains in his large villa, drinking from a bottle of champagne that he bought to celebrate with Molly and staring at the sea alone.


A meeting is fixed between Joey Romano and Nasa at a cafe. John and Sam are also present, along with Detective Mooney. Detective Crellan is waiting outside in his car on the opposite side of the road. Nasa questions Joey about his drug dealing, and Joey makes it clear that he would rather speak to Ezra himself than sort things out with Nasa. Coca-Cola is here to stay, and if Nasa cannot accept it, he is “stupid.” An enraged Nasa pulls a gun on Joey immediately. Mooney tells Nasa to put the gun down, but he is all set to teach Joey a lesson for running his mouth. A woman who was passing by the café watches a man being held at gunpoint and barges into the café with her own gun. She introduces herself as Detective Liz Doyle. Mooney realizes that things can only get worse from here and softly asks Nasa to hand over his gun. Nasa does the same. Mooney then brings Nasa out, and he is sent home. Mooney and Crellan then try to sort things out with Detective Liz, pretending that the meeting was part of their operation, which she has royally sabotaged. She tells them that she had no idea about it and walks away.

Joey offers Sam a job to keep unwanted people away from his drug business. He can offer ten times more money than Nasa, as well as all the cocaine he wants. Sam looks at the cocaine pill that Joey just handed him and, after a couple of seconds, returns it, denying Joey’s offer.


A New Shot-Caller

Madame Tien meets Ezra at an eatery and offers him a better supply of cocaine than Joey Romano. Ezra tells her that he doesn’t do business with the Cabramatta folks. Big Tony tells her to leave. Tien leaves her phone number on the table before walking out. The same night, a couple of guys in face masks attack Joey’s parlor, steal all his cocaine and money, and escape before Joey gets there. He is almost deranged due to the loss he has just suffered. Back at Cabramatta, Madame Tien and the boys celebrate their latest success. Ezra is no longer in the drug business, at least temporarily. Ezra calls for John and tells him to talk to Nasa and convince him to step down as the shot-caller. John and Sam shall be the new shot-callers of Kings Cross. John has the whole night to think about it.

The next day, as John and Sam are training at the former’s new villa, they discuss the new offers that were made to each of them the previous day. As they are talking, a giant of a man walks in. His name is Tongan Sam. According to Sam, it is John’s new bodyguard who will look after him in Kings Cross. John visits Nasa at his home and asks him to talk to Ezra and clear up his differences with Joey Romano. Nasa gets very annoyed, to say the least, and abuses Ezra. John requests that he think about it before things get out of hand. Nasa tells John to leave. John leaves quietly. It is nighttime when Nasa arrives at Club Seventy-Seven and approaches Ezra, making it clear to him that as long as he is the shot-caller at Kings Cross, there can be no drug dealing. Ezra doesn’t reply to him but just tells him to go away. Nasa, further annoyed, leaves silently. Later on, Big Tony tells Detective Crellan to send Nasa a message—one that John Ibrahim failed to convey to him. John should also be present. The same night, Nasa receives Crellan, Mooney, and John in his office. The detectives arrest Nasa on charges of illegal drug possession. John gets in their way and tries to stop them, but he, too, is arrested by Mooney. Meanwhile, Sam, who is in his room with his girlfriend, is offered drugs by her. [We do not see if Sam takes them, but it seems that he does.]


John is released the next day. He is outside when he sees Nasa walking out of the police station, surrounded by the media. He declares that the cops are the real criminals before leaving in his car.

A Federal Touch

Detective Elizabeth Doyle AKA Liz Doyle of the Australian Federal Police arrives at her new Taskforce headquarters, where she meets Inspector Doug Kemp and Luke O’Neil, a federal officer from Western Australia. Liz and Luke will be partners. It seems that the feds are about to begin their work on Kings Cross and its illegal businesses. Liz takes Luke on a tour of Kings Cross and shows him how the place functions like an ecosystem. The two then pay a visit to Crellan and Mooney, asking them about the incident in which Liz got herself involved. Crellan doesn’t reveal anything other than the name “Nasa Kalouri.” Also, Liz is interrupted multiple times by Mooney while questioning Crellan. Liz and Luke leave after realizing they won’t get any more answers. It is clear from Liz’s face that she has already begun pinning doubts on Crellan and Mooney. Later, we see Assistant Commissioner Bill Allen visit Ezra at his home and tell him about the feds who recently spoke to Crellan and Mooney. The federal department following up on a couple of state officers does smell like trouble. That night, Ezra calls John again and tells him to visit Madame Time and remind them to stay away from Kings Cross.


John visits the Tiens with Tongan Sam. The Tongan waits outside while John heads in and meets Tien. He makes it crystal clear to Madame Tien that they shouldn’t step into Kings Cross with their business. Madame Tien tries to make him understand that they should work together, but it does not affect John. He tells her to take his word as a warning and leaves. At night, while he is at his villa, Sam tells him to turn on the TV. Nasa is going public, alleging that the whole of the New South Wales Police Force is corrupt, and he has a list of all the cops he used to pay off who are working with drug dealers.

‘Last King Of The Cross’ Episode 4: Ending Explained – What Happens To Nasa Kalouri?

John and Sam meet Nasa again, but this time they just want him to take his wife Arianna and leave the country, as it is no longer safe for him in Kings Cross. But Nasa believes that no one can harm him in Kings Cross because if something happens to him, the world will know who did it. John keeps trying to make him understand, but Nasa is not ready to listen. He ultimately tells the brothers to leave. He understands just how concerned they are, as is evident from their faces. It is as if they know what is going to happen, just as Nasa does. John and Sam leave. Nasa, too, returns home and is walking to the door when a couple of masked men arrive in a car and shoot him down. Nasa Kalouri is dead.


It was Madame Tien’s men who killed Nasa Kalouri. She took advantage of Nasa acknowledging on television that the police are involved with the drug dealers at Kings Cross. Now, everyone, including the feds, will think that it was Ezra who had Nasa killed and will come after him and his men. This will also start a war between Ezra’s men and Madame Tien’s men. Nasa’s death will turn Kings Cross into a war zone.

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