‘Koffee With Karan’ Season 8 Episode 5 Recap & Review: The Funniest Episode Of The Season So Far!

The latest episode of Koffee with Karan season five has two actors who were the first babies of Karan Johar, as stated by the director/producer at the end of the show. As they walked in, Karan could not stop gushing over the fact that the two actors he’d launched had reached the pinnacle of success and were still striving to do more. The original Student of the Year cast, Sidharth Malhotra and Varun Dhawan graced the show in this episode, and the entire hour was a hoot.


Recap: Major Highlights Of The Episode

The student-mentor relationship between them was the highlight of the chat show, and Varun Dhawan began by asking if the host Karan would only talk about Alia, even though she was not physically a part of this episode. It was a callback to the backlash Karan received for speaking too much about Alia in the last season. She had also been a guest on the show last week with Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Alia made an appearance in a small video message to talk about the journey all three of them have had ever since Student of the Year was released in 2012. As actors, they have gone through quite a trajectory since their first film and have found a foothold in the film industry. Alia was happy to have been sharing this message with her first co-stars. She feels a little left out since all three made an appearance on the show many years ago, which became famous for all the wrong reasons. Varun and Sidharth also chime in with their kind words for Alia and the diverse work she has been involved in for the past decade. Varun Dhawan, in particular, has done many films opposite her and was genuinely happy for the actress she has become. There was a lot of chatter about Varun and Sidharth working as Karan’s assistant directors on the shoot of My Name is Khan, and their mentor ended up revealing too many secrets about the kind of life the two men led in that time frame.


Karan left no stone unturned in speaking in detail about Varun and Sidharth as the young men flirted their way into the costume department of the movie. Even though the men on the couch were slightly embarrassed by Karan making these incidents public, it is endearing to watch them not get offended by it.  The three of them also spoke in detail about how the casting of their first movie happened. Karan finally revealed that Alia was the last of the three to have joined the Student of the Year cast, and she was terrified of Varun and Sidharth and did not have a friendly relationship with the boss. It wasn’t until the film wrapped up that all of them became friends like family. Sidharth and Varun also worked with Karan Malhotra, the director of Agneepath, and they were one of the few young men who were asked to leave the sets of the Karan Johar film for meddling with the costume department.

Karan also asked both the young men about their married lives and if they missed being single. The loyal partners that they are, their response was quick. There was banter about wedding videos and photos of their respective weddings that were published on social media. Siddharth revealed he was apprehensive about sharing their nuptials with the world. As it turns out, the video garnered not just a lot of views but also received appreciation from fans for showcasing the kind of romance that everyone gushes about. Varun was asked about the statement that he made about wanting to marry someone from outside of the industry and the backlash he received from a veteran actor as well as the public. Varun clarified his statement on the show and cleared the air about his words being misconstrued. Varun and his wife have been together since their school days. He had not dated anyone other than Natasha, which is probably what led him to make such a poorly crafted statement.


Meanwhile, Sidharth was asked about being married to an actor who is at the top of her game as a star and artist. Kiara has also delivered many hits back-to-back. Sidharth proudly talks about the kind of work Kiara is doing, but at the core, both are alike and find comfort in each other. Sidharth and Karan talk in-depth about how Sidharth and Kiara met at a common friend’s birthday party right after Lust Stories was wrapped and they have been together ever since. There was also a mention of Sidharth accidentally breaking Varun’s nose on the sets of Student of the Year, and how Varun’s family was more concerned for Sidharth than their injured son. Varun was keen to know about Karan’s professional relationship with all the competitive producers in the film industry. Karan was nonchalant about his response and claimed to be on very good terms with everyone, including Guneet Monga. All the fun banter was followed by the game-rat race, which no one won, and the quintessential Rapid Fire, which Sidharth won by a large margin.

Review: The Funniest Episode Of This Season So Far!

Koffee with Karan Episode 5 could be one of the best episodes so far in this season. When you bring Varun Dhawan, one can expect some fun banter and laugh-out-loud moments between him, the other guest, and Karan. Bring on the handsome, brooding, and suave Sidharth into this mixture, and we have a Student of the Year reunion for the first time on the couch without Alia Bhatt. No worries on that because the makers involved her in some way through a prerecorded message from Alia herself to the men with whom she debuted on the big screen.


Varun Dhawan’s last appearance in the previous season could be considered one of the best episodes of Koffee with Karan. The man was at his funniest, and it brought out another side of his co-guest, Anil Kapoor. Returning this year with bags of nostalgia around Varun and Sidharth’s days as assistant directors on the film My Name is Khan, no one expected Karan Johar to openly reveal their young bachelor days and their habit of flirting with many women during their shoot in America. The dynamic between the three was fun to watch. Varun giving back to Karan by using stories from his mentor’s past was hilarious because it felt like two old friends speaking instead of throwing dirt at each other.

Varun Dhawan was in his element with witty responses, and he tried to play it safe as well. There were times during the games when he wanted to share too many private matters, but somehow, he did not succumb to his actual instincts. One could also witness a relaxed Sidharth Malhotra, who was more of a buddy and a brother to both throughout the episode. Varun Dhawan’s witty answers and goofy persona would make anyone chuckle, something Karan and Sidharth could also not stop laughing over. Fun people on the couch who let themselves be entertained, which is the whole purpose of Koffee with Karan.

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