‘Kings Of Jo’Burg’ Season 2: Recap And Ending, Explained: Was Simon Dead Or Alive? Will There Be A Season 3?

“Kings of Jo’Burg” is essentially an eight-part television series about a gold truck traveling from place to place before finally coming to a dead end. Following Shona Ferguson’s untimely death from a COVID complication in 2021, his wife, Connie, took over to continue the second season of “Kings of Jo’Burg.” Season 2 of “Kings of Jo’Burg” picked up where season 1 left off. We previously saw how Simon was tormented by the mermaid’s constant demand for a blood payment. When Magic Turner abducted Simon’s mistress and son, Simon had to intervene to save them, but in order to preserve the magical power, he sacrificed his own son in front of Mo. To break the curse, Mo shot his own brother; however, it was discovered in season 2 that the mystical power of the mermaid was now housed in Mo’s body. Let’s explore how his magical prowess might enable Mo to prosper and become the new king of Jo’Burg.

Spoilers Ahead

What Was The Secret Of The Masire Mermaid?

“Kings of Jo’Burg” opens with Mo being tortured by the mermaid’s demonic growling while she is still inside Mo’s body. As we can see, after Simon vanished, Angela, Simon’s wife, had suspicions about Mo. She assumed Mo was covering something up regarding Simon’s disappearance, which was accurate given that Mo had actually killed his brother after witnessing what Simon did to his son. The new king of Jo’Burg was Mo, who was now the leader of their gang. Tlotlo, his son, was committing a heist. They had a deal with Danny Steenkamp, who would be buying the gold stolen by Mo and his gang. But there were many sights focused on the gold truck. As an example, Zaza wasn’t simply looking to get revenge on the Masires; she was also playing Mimi as a card to get Tlotlo to provide her access to the gold.

While everything was going on, Akilo Bajo, who had been shot in season 1, was seen to be miraculously alive. He kidnapped Sonia Themba, also known as Phumzi, who we knew to be a special undercover spy. After Sonia and Mo were married, she confessed her identity as being an undercover agent to Mo. Akilo Bajo wasn’t by himself, though. He was employed by an entity and planned to abduct Phumzi. Victor was the new officer who had been transferred into the city. Ho forced officer Stan to resign and took control of the police force. But as time went on, we learned that he wasn’t even a trustworthy officer because Victor was subordinate to the same man Akilo Bajo was employed by, and both of them had their sights set on the gold truck. In “Kings of Jo’Burg,” the enigma of the Masire mermaid was eventually cleared up. Simon and Mo’s mother, who was the first victim of the mermaid’s curse, wanted to kill every member of the family. But Simon killed her in order to put an end to the curse, but instead, he was possessed by the mermaid. “Kings of Jo’Burg” Season 2 also revealed that Simon and Mo had a sister named Veronica, who was not related to them by blood. She had been adopted by Taledi Masire, Mo’s uncle. She used to work as a prostitute on the streets, where Taledi rescued her and took her home. Veronica respected and adored Taledi the most because it was Taledi who taught her how to be self-reliant and resilient. However, it ultimately became clear that Taledi Masire was the primary antagonist of the story.

‘Kings Of Jo’Burg’ Season 2: Ending Explained: Was Simon Dead Or Alive? What Happened To Mo?

Magic Turner was seen receiving tips from a person who was none other than Veronica. She had been employed by Taledi the entire time, and at his request, she attended Mo’s wedding. Meanwhile, Simon’s passing was confirmed once his body was discovered. Akilo Bajo and agent Victor were actually working for Taledi. We learn that Akilo Bajo had abducted Mo’s wife, Phumzi, in order to confront him so that Taledi could take over his gang. Taledi was the one who hired assassins to murder Mo’s father and now it was his goal to take over Mo’s illegal enterprise. He wasn’t, however, loyal to Veronica. He trained Veronica to be a fighter so that she could defend him, but he ordered Akilo to kill all of the Masires, including her. He wanted to clear his path since he didn’t want any barriers on his mission to entirely take the reins. Magic, though, unexpectedly turned out to be Mo’s collaborator. He sent Veronica a recording of Taledi’s voice. Many things became clear once the gold truck was ultimately delivered to Taledi. We observed Veronica turning the tables on Taledi and siding with her family. She played the tape on which Taledi gave Akilo the go-ahead to murder them.

Along with killing Taledi, Mo also shot Akilo. When Victor got there and saw that Taledi was dead, he broke down. Victor’s true identity as Taledi’s son was revealed when the officers later arrived on the site and arrested him. Mo was also detained along with Victor, maybe for carrying out the heist or murdering his own brother. We can only assume, as nothing was cleared in the series. We saw Akilo Bajo still alive and in possession of some sort of evil power at the end of “Kings of Jo’Burg” season 2, but it wasn’t specified what that evil power might be, and to be honest, we are probably better off without a subsequent season of this show to explain it. Additionally, we see that Mo’s son and Veronica both acquired the mermaid’s magical ability. When Phumzi arrived to visit Mo in prison, we noticed that his son had a glow in his eyes that suggested he might have the same supernatural power as his father.

Final Words

Though the series’ creators attempted to add a unique twist with the supernatural aspect, it did not turn out as well as expected. The performances were far too dramatic, resembling a TV soap opera rather than a Netflix crime drama. No character even had a moral dimension to their existence, and their progression, along with the storyline, didn’t look intriguing. The actual story of the series should have been delivered in fewer than four episodes, but unnecessary plot twists and flashbacks made the story drag. It was intolerable to watch the same gang dealings and their warfare at the end of the series. The show ended with various loose ends, which appeared to be a hint that “Kings of Jo’Burg” season 3 was on the way, but in all honesty, I don’t think this franchise should be continued if its makers don’t bring any appealing innovation in the narrative.

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