‘Kacchey Limbu’ (2023) Ending, Explained: Does Aditi Win The Cricket Match? What Happens To Akash?

Shubham Yogi returns with another captivating film that takes a woman-centric approach, shedding light on the societal stereotypes that often dismiss women’s talents in sports. Kacchey Limbu fearlessly explores the challenging reality where parental expectations collide with the dreams of their children. It vividly portrays the struggles of two siblings, Aditi and Akash, who find themselves entangled in a web of conflicting desires and societal pressures.


Akash, driven by an unmatched skill for cricket, aspires to become a professional player. His unwavering determination and remarkable abilities set him apart. In contrast, Aditi possesses a deep fondness for cricket but dreams of pursuing a career in fashion design. However, Aditi’s aspirations are overshadowed by the weight of her parents’ expectations, compelling her to constantly seek their approval.

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How Do Parental Expectations Influence The Lives Of Aditi And Akash?

In the context of Aditi and Akash’s middle-class family, the portrayal of their internal struggles is relatable and poignant. Despite the appearance of a happy family, both siblings carry their own burdens, unable to confide in anyone about their true desires and conflicts. These unspoken challenges can be emotionally draining, creating a sense of isolation within the walls of their home. When Akash discovers Aditi’s interest in fashion design, he chooses to disclose it to their parents, perhaps believing that their desires should be known and considered. But, Aditi’s father gives an expected reaction. He perceives children’s dreams as fleeting whims and believes that they often stray from the ‘right’ path during their formative years.

Aditi’s father’s response reflects a common mindset prevalent in many households, where parents may not fully comprehend or support their children outside of traditionally respected professions. The expectation for children to pursue secure and financially stable careers, such as medicine or engineering, often overshadow their individual passions and talents. Well, Aditi who is aware of her father’s beliefs, chooses not to question or confront her parents’ wishes openly. Instead, she silently acquiesces, internalizing her true thoughts. The corner of her bed becomes a sanctuary where she contemplates these thoughts, bearing the weight of her unexpressed dreams.


On the other hand, Akash’s decision to wait for a promising opportunity in cricket before considering a corporate job reflects his interest in the game. Akash refuses to conform to his parents’ expectations, he finds solace in the idea that a breakthrough in his cricket career could prove his abilities and passion to them. The turning point occurred when Akash’s cricket skills gained significant attention on social media after Sachin Tendulkar, a legendary cricketer, shared his videos. This sudden surge of recognition and exposure gives Akash a renewed sense of validation. He sees it as the perfect opportunity to confront his father, hoping that this success will change his parents’ perspective on his cricketing ambitions.

However, despite the viral videos and the potential opportunity to play in the ‘Underarm Premier League’ alongside prominent cricket personalities, Akash’s parents remain unconvinced and uninterested. Their lack of enthusiasm and support deeply affects Akash, leading to a sudden breakdown. He feels dejected and believes that his parents have given up on him, questioning their faith in his dreams.


How Does The Sibling Rivalry Between Aditi And Akash Manifest Throughout The Movie?

As Aditi realizes that Akash is adamant about focusing solely on his cricket dreams and not considering the importance of balancing work and life, she becomes determined to help him find a middle ground. She understands her brother’s potential and believes that he can excel not only in cricket but also in other areas. Also, Aditi wants Akash to explore his talents in parallel fields, allowing him to pursue his passion. However, Akash remains resistant to the idea, and this divergence in their perspectives creates a conflic between the siblings.

In a fit of rage, Akash proposes a bet as a means to challenge his sister. In this bet, Akash suggests forming teams and competing against each other in a social match. If Aditi’s team emerges victorious, Akash agrees to take a job. However, Aditi’s desperate attempts to form a team lead her to gather a group of misfits, each with their own unique talents. As the cricket tournament progresses, the journey of Aditi’s team, Kacchey Limbu, and Akash’s team, the Tenners, becomes a blend of bonding and rivalry. The tournament serves as a pivotal moment in their sibling relationship, allowing them to respect each other’s boundaries while engaging in healthy competition.


Throughout the entire match, Aditi and Kabir (team members) take on the responsibility of training their team members, who are initially unaware of how cricket works. Aditi’s regular interactions with her team members, Sudhakar, Yuvi, and Zakir, provides Aditi with the opportunity to impart her knowledge regarding cricket. Kabir, Akash’s good friend and companion, brings his own expertise and supports Aditi in training the team. The face-offs between the Tenners and Kacchey Limbu create moments of bittersweet rivalry. The matches are played with proper rules and conditions, showcasing fair play. Akash and Aditi, while driven to win, also display an opportunity for self-discovery. The finals mark the culmination of their journey, where Akash’s Tenners and Aditi’s Kacchey Limbu face off in a highly anticipated match.

‘Kacchey Limbu’ Ending Explained: What Happens To Aditi and Akash?

In the final match, Akash wins the toss and chooses to bat, setting the stage for an intense showdown between his and Aditi’s teams. The match unfolds with a series of thrilling moments featuring impressive sixes and fours from both teams. But the Tenners prove to be formidable opponents, taking three crucial wickets against Kacchey Limbu. With 19 more runs needed to secure victory, Aditi takes charge of the final over. Instead of solely focusing on winning the match, she decides to give Yuvi the opportunity to score a sixer. This decision reflects her understanding and the importance of encouragement. She recognizes that the true essence of competition lies not just in victory but also in nurturing the potential of each individual.


Yuvi, seizing the opportunity, hits a massive sixer, eliciting jubilant celebrations from the entire team. While Aditi’s team may not have ultimately won the match, she experiences happiness knowing that she was able to inspire someone to exceed their own expectations. This act reinforces the notion that success is not solely measured by the final outcome but also by the impact one has on the lives of others.

In the heartwarming conclusion of Kacchey Limbu, Aditi and Akash lead a positive transformation in their lives and relationships. While the Tenners may have won the cricket match, Aditi’s unwavering support for Akash brought about a significant change in his perspective. Inspired by Aditi’s understanding, Akash comes to the realization that he can pursue his passion for cricket and work simultaneously. This decision marks a significant turning point for Akash, as he acknowledges the importance of balancing his dreams with practical responsibilities. The competition between the siblings also serves as a catalyst for improved communication within their family. Through the ups and downs of the tournament, Aditi and Akash learn to respect each other and recognize the love and care they have for one another, transcending their differences and embracing their shared bond.


Moreover, the tournament acts as a means to bridge the gap between Aditi, Akash, and their parents. As the siblings demonstrate their dedication, their parents begin to understand the importance of allowing their children to follow their individual paths. Aditi’s decision to deviate from the expected paths of fashion design and medicine serves as a moment of empowerment for her. She gains the strength and confidence to choose a career path that aligns with her true passion. Ultimately, this experience allows Aditi to break free from societal expectations and find her own way.

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