‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ Season 2 Epsiode 13 Recap & Ending Explained: What Memories did Choso See?

The newest episode of the second season of Jujutsu Kaisen was released today, and after a very long time, it’s one where Yuji Itadori is the central point of focus. So far, Itadori, the original MC of JJK, has been sidelined to let the other central characters shine, but as it turns out, Itadori has finally received his shot at the spotlight. In the previous episode, we saw a side of Nanami that we’d never seen before as he rescued Ijichi, Nobara, and Nitta from a murderous cursed tool user. In the latest episode, Itadori goes deeper inside Shibuya Station to see if he can save more people and hopefully find out what became of his teacher, Gojo Satoru.


Upon arriving at Shibuya, Yuji Itadori is shocked to see the reckless waste of human life as helpless people fall prey to the transfigured monsters, being killed or eaten alive. He wanted to save them, but such a magnanimous task would take him all night, when time was of the essence, especially since saving Gojo Satoru was the main goal of the sorcerers. Suddenly, Itadori was alerted to a familiar voice, and it was Toge Inumaki, the Jujutsu High senior with cursed speech. Gesturing Itadori to carry on forward, Inumaki unleashed his cursed speech, keeping the transfigured monsters transfixed at one spot.

Itadori was jumping over barricades and running down flights of stairs, two steps at a time, when suddenly he came across an entity. This was a stranger for Itadori, but the newest appearance had already formulated a plan to eliminate this young Jujutsu sorcerer months ago. This was Choso, who was already on his way to locate and kill the guy who’d murdered his brothers back in Season 1. However, watching his target zoom down a flight of stairs right in front of him surprised Choso for a bit, but he quickly remembered his goal and launched his attack. Before beginning his onslaught, however, Choso asked one question to Itadori: did his brothers have any last words for the sorcerer? Yuji responded that instead of words, the curse users had tears in their eyes.


That was enough for Choso to launch his attack, Piercing Blood. Armed with blood manipulation techniques, Choso could use his own blood as a weapon in various ways, one of the most lethal being the Piercing Blood. The attack allowed Choso to use his blood as a controllable projectile that could reach the speed of sound at its maximum. The first attack took Yuji by surprise, leaving a hole in the hand he used to block the oncoming weapon. What followed next was a rare sight of Itadori being battered and bleeding repeatedly, as he had a hard time dodging the projectile that could carry on without tiring. Moreover, the blood being a part of Choso’s body, he could just draw it back inside his body to release it afresh. It took Itadori a while to realize that the blood was the fastest when it was first launched and then slowed down with time, so he had to time it just right so that he could dodge the very first blow. Even if he did dodge the most lethal of the attacks, he still ended up with even more wounds on his body, until a strange voice surprised him.

It was Mechamaru, the small device that had been attached to Itadori’s ear a few episodes ago. Mechamaru warned Itadori that blood manipulation was one of the most well-guarded techniques across the families that could use this power, so it was a must for the young sorcerer to not get hit on the vital organs by the attacks, or he’d die. Now the robotic voice had one tactic for Itadori, which had a mere 10% chance of working, the highest for him at that point. Mechamaru asked Yuji to rush to the bathrooms, and when Choso hesitated following Itadori inside, he egged the curse technique user with taunts, calling him a coward, just like his brothers. When Choso rushed inside, he found all the showers broken and water spraying everywhere, and his Piercing Blood flopped.


Apparently, water could undo Choso’s blood attacks, and even if Itadori didn’t understand the science behind it, he knew this was the only way he could win. With curse techniques out of the way, Choso and Itadori started exchanging blows like regular martial artists, and Choso noted in secret that just three attacks from his opponent had loosened a tooth, such was the young sorcerer’s strength. Itadori made one mistake, however. He felt confident in his options and believed that he could win. Just a moment’s distraction was enough for Choso to launch a completely new attack, Meteorite Blood. Hardening his blood to the level of a rock, he launched it at his opponent, and the target made its mark, piercing Itadori’s liver and exiting from the other end.

The wound severely hampered Itadori, and from that point forward, it was a losing battle for the young sorcerer. The final kick that Choso hit Itadori with made him fly across the room and strike the wall with such force that had it been any normal human, he’d have been shattered to bits. Yuji collapsed to the floor with blood splattering from his mouth, but he was still breathing. Choso prepared his final blow with one last taunt to ensure that the killer of his brothers met them in the afterlife, when something changed. A malevolent entity chuckled maliciously and blinked twice, and Choso’s entire world came crashing down.


Choso couldn’t bring the attack down on Itadori. Instead, he blinked repeatedly, and in his eyes, he saw memories that felt like he’d lived them and enjoyed them, but those memories weren’t real. Sukuna, the curse living inside Itadori, manipulated Choso into getting false memories, and the curse technique stunned the user because of how real the moments felt. In his memory, it was a picnic with a white tablecloth and a large bowl of noodles. Itadori, a brother of Choso, was feeding noodles to the other two siblings, and it was one big, happy family. Finally, it was Choso’s turn, and Itadori requested that his elder brother open wide, and Choso complied, but we don’t see how the memory ended. Instead, Choso was struggling to walk back because he wasn’t sure what he saw, nor did he know whether he could believe it, but it had definitely impacted the blood manipulator severely. However, did the manipulation of Choso’s psyche work, and did he spare Itadori’s life? Also, can the young sorcerer come back from those wounds? We need to wait for next week’s episode to find out more.

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