‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ Season 2 Episode 12 Recap And Ending Explained: What Awaits Itadori In the Shibuya Station?

The 12th episode of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 was released today on Netflix, and it’s unmissable. From immaculate fighting sequences to animation that gives a beloved character a never-before-seen look, this episode is fantastic. In the previous episode, Itadori and Fushiguro had jointly succeeded in defeating a cursed-object user named Jiro, while the other sorcerers tried saving the innocents. Here’s a detailed recap of this week’s episode of Jujutsu Kaisen and why you should check it out at the earliest.


Spoilers Ahead

Is Ino Alive?

With the defeat of Jiro, Itadori and Fushiguro have successfully destroyed one of the veils lowered in Shibuya, and now only the ones covering the local people in the station and Gojo Satoru remain. The young sorcerers are wondering what’s taking Ino so long when Fushiguro notices something strange and rushes towards Shibuya Tower, releasing Nue, the divine spirit bird. Itadori arrives just in time to catch the limp body of Ino after Nue used its back to slow the fall, barely saving him from certain death. Fushiguro notices that Ino is alive but in terrible condition, so he has to take him out of the area, while Itadori offers to venture deeper inside. With one last glance at his classmate and promising to unite later, Itadori goes right inside the lion’s den.


Meanwhile, the grandson of Ogami looks down from the tower, now in Toji’s body, with the old woman asking after him. The grandson’s body convulses for a second, and then he darts a nasty look back at Ogami and asks her to shut up. She’s terrified to see a different version of her grandson, and then this refreshed Toji announces that he’s taken over the weak soul of her grandson. She demands that he go and kill the sorcerers, but he reminds Ogami that she is a sorcerer as well. Before she can react, he lands a killing blow, and blood and the rosary beads in her hands are splattered across the roof.

Whom Do Nobara And Nitta Encounter?

Nanami walks through the streets, across the corpses of the suit-wearing supervisors strewn around, until he encounters Ijichi’s body. He lifts the barely alive man’s body on his shoulders and starts walking towards the exit to get to him at a safe distance. Maki Zen’in is busy killing transfigured monsters, and she commands Nobara and Nitta to go check out survivors in Shibuya because going further inside could be risky for the girls. The women are searching the streets when they come across Haruta Shigemo and his sword with the palm-shaped hilt. Nobara asks Nitta to flee and hide inside one of the shops while she takes on this intruder. Haruta throws the sword at the women, and Nobara quickly dodges, but the sword chooses to chase after the fleeing Nitta. Unaware, Nobara starts hammering the cursed nails at Haruta, who gleefully avoids them all while stringing her along.


Who Saves Nobara And Nitta?

Nitta is almost out of the shop when Haruta’s cursed sword slices her tendons, and she collapses to the floor, and Haruta comments that his prey couldn’t go far enough. Nobara enters the shop to find Nitta on the floor, and she tries repeatedly to attack the cursed object user, but one fist-shaped blow from the sword makes Nobara collapse on the floor. Haruta now plays with choosing between the two women as to who he kills first, while repeatedly stabbing Nitta in the back, thighs, and spine while cackling. In the background, the footsteps of someone we recognize can be heard. Nobara is trying her best to stay on her feet while continuously dodging Haruta’s attacks. Suddenly, the glass windows of the shop are smashed, and the terrifying figure of Nanami is seen in the frame. He asks Haruta if he was the one who killed all the suited supervisors, and before the yellow-haired punk can respond, a punch that could make Mike Tyson proud lands on the cursed user’s face. Haruta flies across the shop and crashes into one of the glass showcases. He would’ve been dead already had it not been for his cursed energy. We see a version of Nanami that’s foreign to Jujutsu Kaisen fans, as his face exudes pure wrath. He lands two more blows on Haruta’s face, and in all certainty, the user is probably out of commission for the rest of the anime.

What Does Mei Mei Deduce About Geto?

Nanami asks Nobara and Nitta to stay back and says that it’s dangerous for sorcerers that aren’t at least as strong as him to take on the antagonists. Nobara offers to accompany him. Nanami says they’ll only get in the way. Mei Mei and her brother Ui Ui are walking along the train tracks, stalking a cursed-object user who has already lost a leg. She plays with her prey for a few moments before decapitating him, and then encounters the imposter Geto. It takes her only a few seconds to deduce that the one before her is an imposter because there isn’t any way that Gojo Satoru would’ve failed to kill one of his targets. The one posing as Geto releases a monster that he calls “Smallpox Deity” and asks Mei to deal with it. If she succeeds, she can meet Geto at the next stop. The monster uses its domain expansion, and the sorcerer and her brother are transported to the graveyard, where a sarcophagus covers Mei and a massive rock buries her underneath. She slices out of the contraption in seconds and is excited because it’s been a while since she’s faced a real challenge.


What Awaits Itadori In The Shibuya Station?

Elsewhere, Yuji Itadori sprints across Shibuya and finally descends the stairs to the station, where he finds Choso. Immediately, Choso’s eyes burn with hatred as he remembers that the young man before him is the one who killed his two brothers. Choso isn’t someone to be trifled with, and Itadori is about to find out about the cursed-object user’s retribution soon enough. Does Itadori succeed in defeating this new threat, or does the main character of Jujutsu Kaisen bite the dust way too soon? We need to check back next week to find answers to this question and so many more.

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