‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ Season 2 Episode 15 Recap & Ending Explained: What Did Sukuna Offer Jogo?

The latest episode of the second season of Jujutsu Kaisen has been released on Netflix, and it’s horrifying. Right off the bat, you should know that it doesn’t end well for a lot of fan favorites in this episode, but probably that’s what makes anime interesting. In the previous episode, Fushiguro, Nanami, Maki, and Naobito found themselves in a domain expansion by a cursed spirit named Dagon, and just as they were about to escape, an entity slipped inside. Here’s everything that follows in the latest episode of Jujutsu Kaisen, but brace yourselves.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Enters Dagon’s Realm?

Nanami commands Maki and Naobito Zen’in to gather near the exit point of Dagon’s domain so that Megumi Fushiguro can stretch it long enough for them to escape. However, just as Fushiguro is about to help his fellow sorcerers through, someone else enters, and it’s Toji, in someone else’s body. Thanks to Ogami’s grandson, Toji had overtaken his body and was now inside Dagon’s domain, but only through his killer instinct. Toji lacked cursed energy and relied only on his magnanimous speed and superhuman strength, which he used to snatch the nunchucks from Maki. In his current state, Toji couldn’t differentiate between friend and foe and just went after the strongest entity, which happened to be the cursed spirit, Dagon.


What Happens To Dagon?

The beatdown that followed simultaneously exhibited how stupendously strong Toji was and how much Mappa must’ve spent on animation. Each blow from the nunchucks and every crash and collision that Dagon suffered as Toji landed his attacks brutally on the spirit were presented with such insane details that the audience could swear they were watching it happen in person. Maki asked Naobito who this man was, and judging by his dark iris, Naobito declared him ‘a ghost.’ Toji proceeded to sharpen the nunchucks into pointed shafts, with which he stabbed the octopus-like cursed spirit maliciously. The final strike was through Dagon’s head, with which the scene changed into the Shibuya station as the cursed spirit was exorcized.

Where Does Fushiguro End Up?

Nanami wondered whether this man who’d just helped them escape almost certain death was friend or foe when Toji started advancing towards them. Before Fushiguro could make sense of what had happened, he was outside, on the streets, with Toji standing before him. Stunned as to how fast he had been shoved out of the station, at a speed that the human eye can’t clock, Fushiguro stared bewildered at this man, who seemed less of a man but more of a terror, personified. Inside, Maki noticed Jogo, or volcano head, slowly approaching the remains of Dagon as it was turning into smoke. He bid his fellow cursed spirit farewell and promised to meet him a century later in the wastelands before turning his attention to the three people present. What followed would leave ardent fans of Jujutsu Kaisen shocked and traumatized for at least a week because of how unexpected and horrifying the events were.


What Became Of The Sorcerers?

Jogo touched his palm on Nanami, incinerating the skilled Grade 1 sorcerer in a matter of seconds. Maki was next in line, and before she could react, she’d been engulfed in flames. Naobito tried his best to use his technique to take down this monster, but his speed had been greatly impacted now that he only had one arm. Naobito was trapped between two openings that spat lava at him, burning him to a crisp. Jogo casually placed his hand on Naobito’s charred body when an unmistakable feeling rocked him severely. This was a feeling of Sukuna’s finger being present in Jogo’s vicinity, and just as he’d thought, two girls were feeding a Sukuna finger to the unconscious Itadori Yuji. Jogo rushed in just in time and demanded to know how many fingers they’d fed Yuji, but they refused to reveal it. Just before being burned to a crisp, Nanako and Mimiko, the adopted daughters of Geto Suguru, used their cell phones for something.

Why Did Jogo Feed 10 Sukuna Fingers To Itadori?

Jogo proceeded to unwrap a roll containing 10 mummified fingers of the strongest curse to exist in history, Ryomen Sukuna, while remembering what Geto had told him. Yuji would be able to continue with his daily life even if he ingested 20 fingers of Sukuna, one a day. However, if he was force-fed multiple fingers together, Sukuna would break free of Itadori’s control, even if temporarily. Jogo fed all 10 fingers to Yuji and prayed for him to come back. He was distracted by the two girls he’d just killed dusting themselves off. Jogo realized that this mobile phone was probably how they saved themselves, and he was about to kill them a second time when he found his right hand missing. Sukuna was staring back at him and allowed him one second to stop crowding him. Jogo darted away and trembled in fear, while Mimiko and Nanako were too scared to even breathe in Sukuna’s presence. Irritated that these lowly creatures were standing in his presence, Sukuna ordered them to kneel, and Jogo lost the top of his head for taking just a knee. Such was the malevolence of Sukuna.


How Does Sukuna Terrorize Everyone?

The embodiment of evil approached the two girls, cowering in fear, and offered them one finger’s worth of time. Mimiko begged Sukuna to eliminate the entity impersonating Geto Suguru, as she thought of the time when the real Geto had said that Gojo Satoru was his only best friend. The girls hated Satoru for killing Geto but had accepted the events, but with the monster living inside the deceased sorcerer’s body, they wanted it sent to hell. Here’s where they messed up, however: by proposing a situation where they’d lead Sukuna to one more finger if he eliminated the impersonator. A magnanimous prima donna, Sukuna, was offended by the fact that mere humans were giving him conditions, and he proceeded to slice Mimiko’s face clean off. Nanako tried using her cursed technique at him and suffered a worse fate, where her entire body was sliced into tiny cubes that exploded. Jujutsu Kaisen can be rather visceral when it wants to be, and this is the proof.

What Does Sukuna Offer Jogo?

Next, Sukuna turned his attention to Jogo and asked what he needed. Jogo didn’t want anything, but instead, he wished Sukuna to be a part of their league. Jogo realized that without a contract with Itadori, in whom Sukuna resided, he couldn’t come out on his own. So Jogo asked Sukuna to hold Yuji’s friends scattered around Shibuya as hostages and force him to sign a contract with Sukuna so that Yuji would surrender his body forever to this malice, personified. Sukuna rejected the offer and instead proposed that if Jogo could land a single blow on him, he’d willingly work under these cursed spirits. With Jogo considering the offer, the latest episode drew to a close.


Final Thoughts

This was one of the best episodes of this season, undoubtedly. From the animation to the fighting or the sheer shock value, the episode can be watched multiple times and the audience shall be awestruck every single time. Does Jogo take on Sukuna’s offer, and what becomes of Fushiguro now that he’s facing an undead version of his father, one that he doesn’t recognize? All of these questions shall be answered in the coming episodes, but it can be said with certainty, however, that we need to steel ourselves for a lot more heartbreaks now that Sukuna is free. Many more innocents shall die, and a lot more tragedy shall befall. So, make sure to tune in next week but be ready to be heartbroken.

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