‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ Season 2 Episode 14 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Toji Jump Inside The Domain?

The latest episode of Jujutsu Kaisen has been released, and it features two big fights between sorcerers and cursed spirits on separate battlefields. The previous episode showcased a massive encounter between Yuji Itadori and Choso, where the latter was left dazed and confused after Sukuna played tricks on his mind. This week’s episode features the continuation of the fight between Mei Mei and the demon entity that the imposter Geto had unleashed upon her and her brother.


Spoilers Ahead

What Does Mei Mei Figure Out About The Domain?

The episode opens with Grade 1 Sorceress Mei Mei and her brother Ui Ui trapped inside a domain expansion of a nefarious monster released by the imposter Geto. Inside, Mei quickly figures out the workings of the domain and how the victim is trapped inside a coffin first, and a boulder is dropped on them, after which they get exactly 3 seconds to escape the contraption. If they fail, they’ll be killed by smallpox. It takes Mei a few attempts to figure out that she can’t survive more of those boulders, with her hand already starting to bruise from shattering such huge rocks. This is when she falls back on the unwavering devotion of her younger brother and asks him whether he’d accept death instead of her.


How Does Mei Defeat Her Enemy?

Ui, the blind worshipper of his sister, gladly offers himself up to the monster by altering his cursed energy. Apparently, the monster targets the opponent with the highest cursed energy, so Ui increased his cursed energy to a higher amount than that of his sister and was trapped inside a sarcophagus. Mei used the mere seconds before the boulder dropped to slice off the monster’s hands. However, that wasn’t enough to take down such a massive enemy. Therefore, she used her special ability, Bird Attack, where a manipulated crow flew through the monster, charged with Mei’s cursed energy that gave it the speed of a cannon, bursting the enemy into two. With the domain creator dead, Mei and Ui were transported back to the Shibuya station, where they met the imposter Geto once more.

What Is Naobito’s Technique?

Meanwhile, Maki, Nanami, and an older Grade 1 sorcerer named Naobito descend the stairs of the Shibuya station to look for Gojo Satoru as well as any survivors. Naobito comes across a weakling of a cursed entity hiding behind one of the pillars and unleashes his technique. This old man with a love for alcohol could use a rare technique called projection sorcery, where he could divide a single second into 24 frames and follow its trajectory. Moreover, he’s also able to understand the frame that the entity he touches and can make them move in the desired direction. Failure to comply with Naobito’s decided path leads to the opponent being trapped inside a frozen frame for a second, when they’re ready for the sorcerer’s massive fists. Naobito uses the same technique on the cursed spirit and smashes its frame, but it regurgitates the skeletons of uncountable humans and takes its real form. The spirit calls itself Dagon and is particularly upset that Hanami has been killed, thus beginning a fight between two sorcerers and one cursed spirit. However, despite Nanami and Naobito’s combined strength, they can’t exorcize this spirit, which shows just how severely strong the entity is.


Where Are The Sorcerers Transported To?

Nanami’s constant attacks and Maki’s slices with her cursed object don’t even leave a dent on Dagon, while Naobito’s constant attempts to punch and kick it leave no lasting impact. Instead, Dagon can simply walk past the sorcerers using an impenetrable armor of water until Naobito launches a gut-bursting punch. However, it’s too late because Dagon has unleashed its domain expansion, “Horizon of the Captivating Skandha,” and Naobito finds himself on a vibrant and colorful beach with shining water and beautiful palm trees. In the water, Dagon stands and prepares for an attack. Nanami and Maki are also on the beach, and before they can make sense of their surroundings, they’re attacked by two flying fish that make their presence felt only when they touch the enemy.

Who Enters Dagon’s Domain?

Dagon unleashes Death Swarm, where rows upon rows of cursed spirits in the shape of fish attack the three sorcerers, and they engulf both Nanami and Naobito. Dagon declares Maki the weakest and is about to finish her off when the sky is overcast with black smoke and Megumi Fushiguro makes his grand entry, together with Maki’s cursed nunchucks. While Maki fights Dagon with the new tools, Fushiguro holds his ground at the center of the sea, and Dagon perceives that as the young sorcerer’s attempt to launch a domain expansion inside this domain. Nanami returns to the scene with his left eye closed shut with the incessant bleeding, and approaches Fushiguro, who reveals his true plan. Instead of launching his own domain, he’s trying to escape Dagon’s domain, and the entry point is right under Fushiguro’s feet. He can hold it open for a few seconds, so the sorcerers need to slide past to the other side, and that’s how Dagon can be defeated. Nanami barks orders for the other two to gather, and Naobito returns with his right hand missing. The sorcerers run towards Fushiguro to escape through the domain’s breaking point, but Dagon catches on.


Who Jumps Inside The Domain In The End?

With Fushiguro barely being able to hold on to the crack in Dagon’s domain, he has to let three sorcerers pass through such a small opening while also ensuring that he himself isn’t left behind. On top of that, Dagon is rushing towards them at full speed, determined to kill Fushiguro first before taking on the other sorcerers. With moments left for Nanami and others to escape, the opening of Dagon’s domain expands, and an unexpected entity enters. It’s none other than Toji Zen’in, one of the strongest cursed object users, who came close to killing Gojo Satoru. However, in all probability, this isn’t the very same Toji, but the one who had been called back by grandma Ogami on top of Shibuya Tower.

Final Thoughts

After disposing of the Itako, the former grandson of Ogami, whose soul had been consumed by that of Toji, went missing from the screen for a while. He’s finally made his big return once more, and this can’t be good for any of the sorcerers present. Not only is the new and improved Toji a lot stronger, but he’s definitely immensely ferocious. Someone who can kill an elderly woman with one punch won’t show much mercy to young sorcerers like Maki. However, there’s a catch. The one holding the domain open was Megumi Fushiguro, the very son of Toji Zen’in, so what are the odds that the new Toji recognizes his son? Furthermore, will Toji switch sides, or will he not care who he kills because he’s no longer the man we knew? These questions will be answered in next week’s episode, so make sure to check in at the earliest.


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