‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ Season 2 Episode 11 Recap & Ending Explained: Do Fushiguro And Itadori Defeat Jiro?

The eleventh episode of Netflix’s Jujutsu Kaisen was released today, and this week, Shibuya becomes the playground of the young sorcerers. In the previous episode, Gojo Satoru was sealed inside the prison realm, and Nanami advised Itadori Yuji, Megumi Fushiguro, and Ino to save as many innocents as they could. Now, it’s up to the students of Jujutsu High to save the trapped people while taking down the casters of the curtain that covers Shibuya like a net. What dangers do the sorcerers encounter, and can they escape the situation? Here’s a detailed recap of the 11th episode of the second season of Jujutsu Kaisen.


Spoilers Ahead

Where are the Curse users? 

The episode opens with Itadori, Fushiguro, and Ino trying to understand how to make their way through a curtain that’s been lowered into Shibuya station. Itadori hits the curtain with a resounding punch that makes Ino compare it to that of Nanami, but the veil doesn’t budge. The young sorcerers put their minds together and deduce that the strength of the veil was intensified because the caster was outside the curtain, and although that made them more conspicuous, the veil itself was doubly strengthened. By that logic, the caster would need to be in a very visible area, and like clockwork, the sorcerers look towards the top of the Shibuya tower, where three people are waiting.


Who were the Curse users?

Jiro, Ogami, and her grandson are the three curse users who have lowered the veil and are now waiting to see if the sorcerers find out about their plan. They feel pretty smug because the path to the tower is strewn with transfigured monsters ready to attack anyone coming up, but suddenly, a wire ties up all three into a pile. This wire, as shown by Maki Zen’in, is a very durable cursed tool that can tie up anyone. While Ogami and her grandson escape the wire, Jiro is dragged downward by Itadori, still tied to the wire. Itadori disconnects himself from the wire, while Jiro crashes to the ground, straight from the 41st floor. Weirdly, there are no wounds or injuries on the curse user’s body, and as Fushiguro and Itadori start attacking him, they notice something strange.

Why can’t the sorcerers harm Jiro?

No matter how hard the two sorcerers hit Jiro, their blows seem to be doing no harm to the curse user, and instead he returns blows that are twice as strong. This confuses Fushiguro, who wonders what the foe’s technique could be that keeps him from taking damage. He tries a trick and reminds Jiro that Gojo Satoru is in Shibuya station, so it’s best if Jiro packs up and leaves. However, Jiro reminds the sorcerers that Itadori had been screaming on top of his lungs moments ago, “Gojo Satoru has been sealed.” He adds that if Gojo were still out and about, Jiro would’ve never stepped outside. Fushiguro launches a rabbit stampede, where thousands of rabbits come out and cover the curse user in a massive tent while the two sorcerers plan their next move.


What is Ino’s ability?

Meanwhile, on top of the tower, Ino pulls his cap low over his face and launches his attack. His ability is to summon four auspicious beasts by covering his face and acting as a medium. Ogami’s grandson really starts struggling against Ino, but he’s more focused on defending his grandma, who’s busy chanting an incantation, than on launching an attack. Ino thinks back to the time when he requested Nanami’s green signal to promote him to Grade 1 because he looked up to his Sensei. Determined to impress his teacher, Ino launches a fresh attack just as Ogami finishes her chanting and grants her grandson a small vial. The man swallows the vial, and in moments, his face turns to that of Toji Zen’in, the same person who’d killed Gojo Satoru several episodes ago.

What is Ino’s fate?

In a flashback, it’s revealed that Ogami and her family possessed the powers of an Itako, using the bodies of the dead. Back in 1989, a younger Ogami was shown to disguise herself as a young girl and stab the father of the girl she was impersonating. Additionally, we’re shown how Ogami and others tried killing a young Gojo, but one look from his eyes made them freeze up and convulse in fear. As long as Gojo was around, the curse users had to live in hiding because if they tried anything, the six-eyed sorcerer would exterminate them. Thus, now that the strongest sorcerer has been sealed, the balance of power has shifted, and these curse users can once again wreak havoc. Unaware of the backstory, Ino prepares to attack once more, but in the blink of an eye, Ogami’s grandson, now in the shape of Toji, is standing behind Ino. With one fell swoop, he removes Ino’s cap and then lands a massive punch against the sorcerer’s face. What follows is a barrage of punches so hard that all we see is blood splattering on the floor. Ino’s fate remains unknown for now, but given how freakishly strong Toji was, his spirit could very well have murdered the young Ino. To find out what becomes of him, we have to check back next week.


Do Fushiguro and Itadori defeat Jiro?

Back to Fushiguro and Itadori, the rabbit blanket has been undone, and Jiro prepares to go all out. He thinks of his own technique, “Inverse,” where the stronger an attack, the lesser its impact on the user. He’s pleased to see the two sorcerers about to bring their deathblows on him because he knows such powerful attacks will barely have an impact, but instead, he’s blown away by the attack. Previously, when Jiro was covered by rabbits, Fushiguro realized the technique of the opponent and decided with Itadori that they needed to limit their attacks. The attacks couldn’t be too strong, but neither could they be too weak. Only the middle path would be the best way to deal with Jiro’s “Inverse.”

How Does The Episode End?

The sorcerers start landing punch upon punch as Jiro is bounced around, unable to deal with this oncoming onslaught. Using moderate punches nullifies his technique, and now he’s just any other bad guy who can be beat up by two powerful sorcerers. Itadori prepares his final blow, and his fist glows with cursed energy, and he brings it to Jiro’s face but stops inches away from impact. The air pressure built by the attack is magnified several times, and the curse user is blown away by the impact, crashlanding on the guardrails nearby. With Jiro defeated, the two sorcerers move onto the next set of opponents, unaware that their teammate has been beaten to a pulp and, in all probability, is dead by now. Does the team of Fushiguro and Itadori defeat Ogami and the reincarnated Toji, or is there some other danger lurking for them inside Shibuya? The answers to these questions will have to wait until the next episode.

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