‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ Season 2 Episode 10 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Gojo Escape From The Prison Realm?

The tenth episode of Season 2 of Jujutsu Kaisen was released on Netflix, and it shows that the sorcerers aren’t exactly sitting on their hands in the face of pure evil. In the previous episode, Gojo Satoru, the strongest sorcerer to ever live in recent times, had been sealed inside the Prison Realm by an impersonator of his best friend, Geto Suguru. Now, it falls upon every other major sorcerer to save the helpless humans from the merciless curses and try to rescue Gojo.


Spoilers Ahead

What Does Mechamaru Tell the Sorcerers?

As Yuji, Mei Mei, and her brother Ui Ui are running through the underground subway station, a mechanical earpiece attaches itself to Yuji’s ear and announces that Gojo Satoru has been sealed. Although Muta had been killed, he’d set up insurance previously in case such an event happened. He’d organized three such mechanical devices, or three small Mechamarus, to activate after his death and to keep track of the chaos the cursed spirits would unleash on the human world. Mei advises Yuji to go outside and inform Nanami and the other sorcerers that Gojo has been sealed. The mechanical device also informs them that, in total, four veils have been lowered around Shibuya. One is to keep the Halloween partygoers inside; the second one traps Gojo; the third is to prevent the other Jujutsu users from invading; and the final veil acts as an added shield to the first. Meanwhile, two cursed spirits come crawling out of the darkness of the subway as Mei unleashes her massive axe. Before the two sorcerers part, Mechamaru urges them to fight with their lives on the line because, without Gojo Satoru, the human world will be overrun with monsters previously unknown to mankind.


What Happens To Geto’s Body?

Inside the station where Gojo has been bound by the multiple binds of the Prison Realm, he asks the monster posing as his best friend, “How long will you let others manipulate you, Suguru?” Something shocking happens as Geto’s hand springs up and starts strangling his throat as the monster is pleasantly surprised and calls Mahito to tell him that Suguru’s spirit is fused with the body. This means that with the right amount of motivation, Suguru could regain control of his body. However, the monster doesn’t wait for Gojo and orders the Prison Realm to shut down, trapping the strongest sorcerer inside.

Why Does The Impersonator Stay Back?

With Jogo and Choso coming to their senses from the infinity of Gojo, the small cube in the Geto impersonator’s hand sparks stunningly blue eyes and slips from his hand into the subway, smashing the concrete floor. As the cursed spirits look on with terror inside the prison, Gojo is lying casually on a bed of skeletons, flipping his blindfold. He realizes that physical time doesn’t pass inside the Realm, so he won’t die inside it unless he takes his own life. However, he also understands that he’s underestimated the monsters and wishes that everyone else does their part until he can escape this prison. Meanwhile, the monster informs Jogo and others that the Realm hasn’t fully adjusted to Gojo and is still under process, so they can’t move the box yet. Mahito smashes a second Mechamaru device that’d recorded the impersonator’s words about Gojo, and then all of them are instructed to go ahead with their individual missions. Mahito theorizes that without Satoru, the sorcerers will be weak anyway, so they don’t need Sukuna anymore, and therefore, it will be okay to kill Itadori Yuji, to the loud protests of Jogo. Even Choso agrees to kill Yuji because he and Nobara killed Choso’s siblings in Season 1. With all the spirits rushing out, only Geto’s impersonator stays back with the box when it notices two little girls hiding amidst the dazed people. They’re Mimiko and Nanako, the two children Geto had saved after they apparently used cursed energy to kill a human. They demand Geto’s body back, having helped kill humans, but the monster simply refuses.


What Happens To Ijichi?

While delegating plans to the other sorcerers, Ijichi, or the bespectacled and suited man who used to chauffeur Fushiguro around, is stabbed repeatedly from behind by Haurta, a curse user we’d last seen in Season 1. A strange woman stands behind Haurta, who instructs him to hunt down every other suit-wearing human around the veil, and only then can he go inside. Nanami, Fushiguro, and Ino plan to enter the veil, and while their senior chalks up a plan to defeat the one who has lowered the veil around the station, the students are tasked with protecting the helpless humans. Meanwhile, Itadori breaks free of the first veil, enters the area where humans were trapped, and is immediately attacked by transfigured humans. With brutal punches and kicks, he defeats several of these monsters and then climbs to the highest of the buildings. He then shouts at the top of his lungs to Nanami that Gojo Satoru has been sealed. Immediately, Nanami abandons his former plan and decides to unite with Yuji, along with the two students.

What Does Nanami Plan?

Upon meeting up, Nanami is informed by the Mechamaru device on Itadori’s ear that something inside Geto’s body has gained complete control of the cursed spirits and users, along with the transfigured and normal humans in Shibuya station. Nanami decides to attack the curses from the nearby stations and needs Ijichi’s assistance in asking for more Grade 1 sorcerers. Before leaving, he instructs Ino to take care of Fushiguro and Itadori, and the three teens prepare themselves to go out into the unknown. Ino informs the others of two major events that will follow Satoru’s sealing. Firstly, with him gone, the Satoru clan is virtually wiped out because he is the only living member of his clan. He also informs us that with Satoru’s sealing, the massive vacuum in power will only mean diabolical curses coming out and wreaking havoc on the human world. Now, the three young men set out in the night to save the innocents and take down the monsters.


Does Gojo Escape From The Prison Realm?

Gojo can’t escape the Prison Realm as of yet because the jail that holds him is filled with ancient magic that’s far too strong to diminish. However, given Gojo is the only “honored one” in the world, the prison is taking a while to lock him down completely, which is why Geto’s impersonator shall have to wait for a bit longer in Shibuya station, which seems to be the clashing ground for next week’s episode of Jujutsu Kaisen. What happens when Nanami realizes Ijichi has been stabbed and a maniac is going around killing the connections of the sorcerers to the outside world? Do the Grade 1 sorcerers win the battle? We’ll have to tune in next week to find out.

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